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Desperate Need of Good Jokes Basically I've had the shittiest day/month and I could really do with some cheering up.
Hit me with your cheesiest and amazingly bad jokes :-)))

Funny Cheesiest Jokes

Who is the cheesiest rapper? Feta Wap ?

I would tell you the cheesiest joke in all of history... ...but it is definitely not Gouda nough.

What is the cheesiest line you ever said to anyone? Me: Double cheese margherita with cheese burst crust and triple layer extra cheese.

Who is the cheesiest singer alive? Brie-once

If wotsits crisps were jokes... They would be the cheesiest ones around

Which bear tells the cheesiest jokes? A camembert.

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Long Cheesiest Jokes

My younger brother took his life 3 years ago. Always a comedian, here’s his cheesiest joke

Farmesan the dairy farmer is feeling bleu because of a string of falls he's been suffering. He calls up his doctor, Dr. Edam JaColby, and tells him "Doc, I'm in so much paineer!"and schedules an appointment. So Farmesan carephilly stumbles over to the clinic. "You mozzarella needed to see me cause you don't look so grate," says Dr. JaColby as he examines Farmesan. Dr JaColby remarks, "The problem is you have a dactyly." A confused Farmesan replies,"Please doc, Brie more specific!"
"Sorry," says Dr. JaColby, "that's medical Jargonzola meaning you lactose." Farmesan looks down at his left foot and sees milk spilling out of stumps where his toes should be. "Holey Cheesus, the whole of my foot is Swiss, how Gouda have missed this?" Looking down at his milk-spilling foot, Farmesan wells up. "Don't cry over that, it's really nacho fault. I know a whey to fix this." says Dr. JaColby. "O queso what are we going to do?" asks Farmesan. "Ricotta coagulate the Milk coming out of your foot to Gruyère new toes." Doctor JaColby drops some coagulant on each stub and five chee-toes form on his foot. "Casein point, you're all cheddar now!" Dr JaColby exclaims. "I'm curd!" proclaims Farmesan. Farmesan walks back to his cottage fetas a fiddle.

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