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Funniest Dry Humor Jokes

Funny Dry Humor Jokes

I would tell you a joke about Nebraska But it's too corny.

If you like dry humor though, I have a good one about Arizona!

What's a Californians favorite type of comedy? Dry humor

Why does water never laugh at jokes? It isn’t a fan of dry humor.

There's only one kind of humor in Africa... Dry humor.

A recovering alcoholic asked me if I wanted to hear a joke... I said "Nah man, I don't do the dry humor."

What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator...

*dry humor is dry*

I told my friend a joke about a desert, but he didn't laugh. I guess some people just don't understand dry humor.

John Malkovich is like a comedy towel. Everything he touches becomes dry humor

I finally thought of a joke with just the right amount of dry humor I’ll post it soon

What’s small, green and climbing up a wall A cucumber

Edit: Romanian joke, hope the humor crosses over with translation. We’re big fans of “anti-jokes”. It’s called “dry humor” here

What do you call it when a programmer tells you the same joke more than once? DRY humor!

I wanted to make a joke about my eczema... but I wasn’t sure if this sub liked dry humor.

My girlfriend needed a laugh so I took her to a desert. She loves dry humor.

Why is it always tricky to understand an incels' joke. It's always dry humor.

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Long Dry Humor Jokes

Dry humor about water.

So these two guys are in a cabin in the woods by a small pond in Vermont.

One says, "Hey, go fetch some water to drink."

So the other takes a pail and wades out into the pond to get water. He looks up and there is a bear across the pond looking at him and growling!

The guy drops the pail and runs back to the cabin.

He bursts into the cabin and shouts, "There's a bear in the lake!"

The other guy looks up and says, "Relax, he's probably more scared than you are."

The some what wet guy says, "Oh, then you wouldn't want to drink the water anyway."

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