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Met a woman with braces. Met a wonderful woman with braces at the pub, after a few drinks and harmless flirty chatter we went back to her place. After an eventful night I finished in her mouth, now my kids are behind bars.

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a man walks into a bar...

A man sits in a bar ordering a beer, when suddently a beautiful flirty woman walks upto him. She starts flirting with the man, when she finally revealed that: "for 100$, you can make me do anything" she then touch his cruch, and said "and I mean anything" the woman then told him: "but only if you can describe it in three words" the man took a while, and considered this offer. When he finally took out his wallet, gave the woman a 100$bill, when he said these three words: "Paint my house"

A teacher asks her students what they want to be when they grow up

Sheldon: I want to be a doctor!

Leonard: I want to be a firefighter!

Bernadette: I want to be a mother!

Howard (*in a flirty tone*): I want to help Bernadette become a mother

Bernadette : Great! You can be my wingman then!

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