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I couldn't join the KKK if I wanted to, my bloodline isn't pure enough. Turns out my parents weren't even related.

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As the KKK are so full of hate, bigotry and want to rid America of others... Should we call them Vanilla Isis ?

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I don't understand why everyone thinks the KKK are racist. Every week at our meetings there's always tons of black people hanging around.

Score: 3116
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What snack will you always find at a KKK rally? Salty Crackers.

Score: 639

Did you hear about the dyslexic KKK member? He went around killing gingers.

Score: 461

The Imperial Wizard of the KKK was just found dead near a river in Missouri... Man, the moment the EPA gets threatened people start dropping white trash in our water.

Score: 305

What's the similarity between Nike and the KKK? They both make black men run faster.

Score: 277

Did you hear about the dyslexic KKK member? He really hates gingers

Score: 230

I saw a midget in a KKK outfit today I think he is a little racist.

Score: 189

Is the KKK a good source of Potassium? Yes, because they're all bananas.

Score: 131

What do Nike and KKK have in common? They both make a black person run faster.

Score: 59

I don't understand why everyone says the KKK is racist. Every night at our meetings, there are lots of black people hanging around.

Score: 58

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney... The only KKK black men are allowed into

Score: 48

Y'know, the KKK actually do have some good points on their hats

Score: 46

Not to sound racist, but.... ...everyone in the KKK looks the same to me.

Score: 24

I don’t understand why everyone thinks the KKK are racist. Every week at our meetings there’s always loads of black people hanging around.

Score: 22

Why did the KKK member buy a night light? He was afraid of the dark.

Score: 22

What do goths and the KKK have in common? They don't have to worry about mixing darks and lights in their washing machines.

Score: 22

Today I met a midget in a KKK outfit. I knew right away he was a little racist.

Score: 21

Your mom is so fat and racist... Her bra size is KKK

Score: 17

If two KKK members get in a fight... And someone else nearby gets hit, do they get caught in the cross fire?

Score: 16

Why is the KKK bad at math? They don't believe in integration.

Score: 16

What is the KKK's favourite football (soccer) club? Blackburn

Score: 14

Breaking: Bus Carrying 53 KKK Members Overturns on I-95 There were some minor injuries, but they're all white

Score: 14

I think my boyfriend is a member of the KKK Because he is a wizard under the sheets.

Score: 13

What is a KKK member's favorite board game? CROSS fire

Score: 12

Is the KKK really that racist? I went to one of their meetings and there were tons of black people hanging around.

Score: 12

What's a white supremacist's favorite cereal? Special KKK.

Score: 11

Why does the KKK wear those pointy hats? White Wizard Hat: +10 to racist spells, -15 to black magic. It's all about the stats, man.

Score: 11

What kind of toothpaste does the KKK use? Crest pro-white

Score: 11

What has a bunch of KKK’s and is still hated to this day? Kim Khloe Kourtney Kris Kanye Kendall Kylie

Score: 9

I went to the KKK rally expecting it to be totally boring. But you know what? It was all-white.

Score: 6

If the KKK owned a town... It would be a ghost town

Score: 5

Now I'm the last person to be racist... Because I'm always late to the KKK rallies!

Score: 4

Who is the KKK's favorite children's character ? The White-Power Ranger

I came up with this after reading a cracked article.

Score: 2

Where do the KKK get their robes made? KKK Mart

Score: 2

what is the difference between Hitler and KKK Hitler cooks with gas.

Score: 2

What does the KKK hate the most during meetings? A blackout

Score: 2

What did the new KKK member say during his training? "Hey, I'm getting the hang of it!"

Score: 2

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You can tell the KKK is not suitable for children Because when people talk about it, they spell it out

Score: 0

I found out that my girlfriend is a member of the kkk I won't break up with her because her head is on point

Score: 2

You might have heard that Mary K. gives their top sales people pink cars. But have you ever heard of the Mary KKK car? It's still pink but it has a white hood and runs over black people.

Score: 1

A black couple saw some KKK members today It was like they saw a ghost

Score: 1

3 members of the KKK walk into a closet They burn down the closet for it being black

Score: 1

What do KKK and intensive training have in common? they both make black guys run faster

Score: 1

What does the KKK use to bake cookies? White flour!

Score: 1

Why is the KKK a good place to find a job? Cos they'll always hook a brutha up

Score: 1

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