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Why was the archaeologist sad? Because his career was in ruins^I'm^so^sorry

EDIT: Possibly funnier than this arguably lame joke, click on the "show comment" that scored below the threshold.

EDIT: Never mind. He deleted his comments, sadly.

Score: 634

The last joke my brother made up, before he passed away this week. Him: "If my name was Ella, and I married Darth Vader. My name would be Elevator". Stupid and corny, but it's exactly the kind of lame jokes he would make.

Score: 513
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Score: 281

Why should you never fight a dinosaur? You'll get jurasskicked!

*Sorry if its lame but my niece just told it and i fell laughing*

Score: 200

What did the sushi say to the bee? WASABI.

Ah, best lame joke ever.

Score: 177

Girls on dating apps get bombarded with too many lame and boring messages For them, finding the good ones is like finding a needle in a hey-stack.

Score: 106

Karma is a lame name... They should rename "Karma" to "Creddit"

They also need to rename the "Share" button to "Spreaddit"

While we are at it we might as well rename the "Delete" button to "Shreddit"

But they never will and I just don't Geddit...

Score: 104

Pretty lame I guess depends on how many of you get it. Knock knock

Who's there?

Door mum

Door mum who?

I've come to bargain

Score: 38

My favorite lame joke And God said unto John: Come forth, and you shall receive eternal life.
But john came fifth, and won a toaster.

I know, it's stupid and overused, but it's my favorite...

Score: 31

Drummers always have such lame jokes... I've heard them all like a Zildjian times.

Score: 30

Favorite lame chemistry joke Argon walks into a bar, bartender says, "Hey, we don't serve noble gasses here".

Argon didn't react

Score: 28

There's a great horse joke I'd like to trot out... But it's lame :(

Score: 22

There were two fish in a tank... One fish said to the other "Who's driving this thing?"

(I know its lame but its the joke our dad has been telling us for years and I thought maybe you guys havn't heard it)

Score: 21

My dad told a lame joke today I told him to stop because he never makes funny jokes.
His replay was - I made you didn't I?

Score: 19

I wanted to make a lame pun thread about fish. But its not the right time or plaice.

Score: 17

I went to a lame reggae concert once It was dreadful

Score: 15

My Jewish wife was mad at me for making lame puns, so she punished me by lacing my chocolate coins with LSD. It was a real gelt trip.

Score: 11

Otherwise You might think this is a lame post
but the title says otherwise

Score: 10

What does a trebuchet in a convent and Bruce Lee have in common? They're both nunchuckers.

Yes lame but it's OC

Score: 9

My new thesaurus is terrible Not only that, it’s also terrible.

Sorry for the lame joke but I thought I’d get that in before Father’s Day is over.

Score: 7

Why did the chicken limp across the road? Because it was a lame joke.

Score: 6

Lame joke of the day. Why did the turkey get ejected from the soccer game?

He had tripped a fan.

Score: 6

Did you hear about the two antennas that got married? The ceremony was pretty lame but the reception was great!

Score: 6

My black friends really enjoy hearing my lame jokes. It's almost like they've never been told dad jokes before...

Score: 5

I had a really lame phrase on my protest sign... I didn't pick it well.

Score: 5

Facebook may not make the lame walk again... But it sure allows the dumb to speak.

Score: 5

Knock knock (Who’s there?)
(Mikey who?)
Mikey won’t fit the lock, let me in...

Sorry it’s lame

Score: 5

What do you call a running gag on crutches? A lame joke.

Score: 4

Today, someone told me that, in the next Avengers movie, the Thor Hammer was replaced with a Thor Axe. My first thought was “What kind of lame weapon is an insect abdomen?”

Score: 4

Lame joke: What is a pilot’s favorite type of bagel? Plain

Score: 4

My lame brother and his friends dressed up as european sausages tonight! He's the wurst.

Score: 3

I don’t know if Facebook has ever caused the lame to walk but it has certainly caused the dumb to speak

Score: 3

A lame German joke in translation At the doctors office:
Did you take my advice and sleep with the window open?
Yes, I did.
So, did the cough disappear?
The only thing that's disappeared is my laptop and my smartphone.

Score: 3

What do you call a lame Greek pun? An Artemiss.

Score: 3

Pikachu evolves into Raichu, what does a lame joke evolves into? Gotchu!

Score: 3

Im not that good at telling lame jokes. they usually just stumble and fall flat.

Score: 3

What do you call someone who tells too many lame dinosaur jokes? I dino-bore! .

I'm sorry.

Score: 3

How did the lame person feel when he was teased by people? He couldn't stand it.

Score: 2

Atoms are all liars... They make up everything!

Credit to wherever my awesomely lame chemistry teacher finds her corny jokes :)

Score: 2

People were screaming at me for showing up drunk to the bar last night. I didn't see at ALL what the big deal was. You show up a little buzzed to take some lame law school exam, and everyone loses their minds.

Score: 2

People made fun of how lame it was when the aliens in 'war of the worlds' died from a plague well look who's laughing now

Score: 2

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New Lame Jokes

Someone made a meme about Justin Ohh, it's justin memer.

yeah, lame ik.

Score: 1

What is it called when a zombie makes a lame joke? A groaner.

Score: 2

Here is a miner's life Edit: OMG thanks for the gold and the silver I didn't expect it to blow up

Yeah thats the joke its lame

Score: 2

An old joke The dumb man tells the deaf man that the blind man saw the lame man running after the bald man to pull his hair

Score: 1

Lame joke Egyptian babies donno that one day their daddy is going to become mummy.

Score: 1

Camping gone wrong Germans got fiesty with me recently. they asked me: "why do you fear germans, what did we ever do to you?"


Me: Well, you do throw some lame camping experiences.

Score: 1

Redditors are like superheroes without any powers They constantly strive to be paragons of righteousness and protectors of good.
They can often be spotted wearing ridiculous costumes.
And they are all totally lame and unrealistic.

Score: 2

What happens when corn traders in the commodity market indulge in greedy but lame practices to profit? Corny capitalism

Score: 1

Finally, all the lame "2020 vision" jokes are behind us. You could say, they're in hindsight.

Score: 1

My model friend and I used to play D&D all the time until he injured his leg. These days he's a pretty lame guy.

Score: 1

What did Apple name its book of lame jokes? The iRoll.

Score: 1

Why are cripples easy to understand? (Dark) Because they only speak in lame man's terms.


Score: 1

The three birds. Three birds were flying.
One of the turned left
The other turned right
The third followed them

Sorry for the lame joke.

Score: 1

my girlfriend said she'd love me more if I got maimed in a car crash she said she loved lame jokes

Score: 2

A Lot of Jokes Are Often Lame Nowadays. Doesn't take a blind man to see it, or a deaf man to hear it. Jokes nowadays just can't stand on their own.

Score: 1

Lame joke 101 One day Apple and Samsung walks into a bar and the bar was named Court.

Score: 2

How do we know Rick is British? He is always looking for Morty!

OC, and yeah, it's lame but you can tell it to kids and not get called into a "meeting" when they tell it at school ;)

Score: 2

Did you hear the one about the injured water fowl? It's really a lame duck joke.

Score: 1

Lame Riddle Use these four words in a sentence:

defeat, deduct, defense, detail

answer in comments

Score: 2

Why doesn't Coffee get along with milk in Germany? Cause it doesn't want to be latte.

Sorry. I just came up with this lame joke. Downvotes ahoy!

Score: 1

I just rewrote history!!!! ~~History~~


im so lame omg...

Score: 1

What do you call a lame horse? Elmer

Score: 2

What rhymes with Jon Snow? He doesn't know.


Sorry for the lame joke, just made it up.

Score: 1

What do you call feeling bad about watching lame reality TV shows? Survivor guilt.

Score: 2

As an urologist I like telling lame jokes to my patients in the clinic Best part is, they can't say "Cut it out doc!"

Score: 1

Lame joke I made one night. What do you get when you mix a cat and a blender? A visit from the cops.

Score: 2

Why did the Chicken cross the road? To get to your house!!!

Alright, that was a lame's another:

* Knock, Knock.

* Who's There?


Score: 2

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