Sarcastic Jokes

What's the most sarcastic body of water on earth? The Crimea River.

Score: 8744

My interviewer kept getting annoyed at me... ...when I kept responding to each question with the same question - only in a really sarcastic way.

Apparently, I don't know what a "mock interview" means.

Score: 81
Funny Sarcastic Jokes
Score: 36

What do you call a sarcastic abyss? A sar-chasm.

Score: 25

Laughing scale Ha – Mildly amusing

Haha – Funny

Hahaha – Sarcastic laugh

Hahahaha – Stayin alive

Score: 20

What do you call a sarcastic crimminal going down the stairs? A condescending con descending.

Score: 11

The world's most sarcastic man stands trial. "How do you plead?" asks the judge.

"Well," says the man. "Usually on my knees with my hands together."

Score: 11

What do you call a sarcastic criminal who's walking down stairs? A condescending con descending.

Score: 8

What's the most sarcastic body of water on Earth ? Crimea River

Score: 6

It was so funny that I forgot to laugh... Said the sarcastic man with dementia.

Score: 4

If a sarcastic stoner is high and dry... And the old plane's future is up in the air...

Then my joke started on a high note til I ended up winging it.

Score: 2

Three things you should know about me: 1. I give a shit

2. I am sarcastic af

3. One out of three times, I lie

Score: 2

My girlfriend told me that I should stop being sarcastic I replied, "what's sarcasm?"

Score: 2

What did the sarcastic left hand say to the right hand? "You always think you're right!"

Score: 2

I opened up a New Sarcastic club recently And it's hard to tell if people are interested in joining my club or not...

Score: 2

A man holds his sarcastic wife at gunpoint. He tells her, "I'm not going to miss you."
The wife says, "It wouldn't surprise me if you did."

Score: 2

Speed is just sarcastic distance It's measured in m/s

Score: 2

You know the 'Done' button you press to exit a video? How come it only sounds judgy and sarcastic after I've finished jacking off?

Score: 2

I just bought a T-shirt with sarcastic sentence. Size /S

Score: 2

Not being able to tell if someone is being sarcastic on the internet isn’t a problem at all. Right?

Score: 1

Have you heard about the sarcastic gambler? He was a real eye-roller!

Score: 1

My wife says she can never tell if I’m being overly dramatic or just sarcastic I can’t tell you how heart broken I am to hear that.

Score: 1

What did the sarcastic chef say when his assistant over-cooked his steak? Well done.

Score: 1

No means no... ...unless she's being sarcastic

Score: 1

What did the sarcastic teen say to Jeffrey Epstein? Ok groomer

Score: 1

What did the sarcastic Canadian say when it started raining? It's a grade-A grey great, eh?

Score: 1

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