Self Deprecating Jokes

Funny Self Deprecating Jokes

I love self deprecating humour I'm just not great at it myself

I love self deprecating humour... Too bad i suck at it.

Hits a bit too close to home My favorite type of humor is self deprecating. That way nobody I care about gets hurt.

If only success was measured by how self deprecating you could be... ...I'd still be below average.

I tried using self deprecating humor But I'm not any good at it.

Self deprecating humor is stupid Just like me

I heard that people like self deprecating jokes Too bad I am not good at them

I love self deprecating humor More than I love myself

I want to tell a self deprecating joke but I don’t think I’m good enough to do so.

I gave self deprecating humor a go once... ...I was terrible at it.

I love self deprecating humor... ...but I'm too stupid to understand most of my jokes.

The only thing I hate more than self deprecating humor... myself.

I'm a bit of a self deprecating comedian, I must admit, I'm not very good.

I ask my girlfriend what lottery I won to deserve her. Her(self deprecating as always): the dollar scratch off!

Do you like self deprecating humor? Well to bad. I'm not very good at it.

I hate self deprecating jokes... That's because I am one.

I like making self deprecating jokes... Because all my other ones suck

I tell the best self deprecating jokes Just kidding, I'm not good at anything

Everyone says I'm best at self deprecating humor But I don't think it's very good

I don't make self deprecating jokes... I'm not very good at them.

Speaking as a 28 year old, Millenials are ruining self deprecating humor.

Self deprecating humor would be my specialty... If I was any good at it :(

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