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Funniest Transgender Jokes

Why did the transgender person disappear after they gave birth? They became transparent.

Funny Transgender Jokes

My transgender uncle is a superhero... We call him Aunt-Man.

Why are transgender people rarely seen with their children? Because they're transparent.

What do you call a transgender vegan? A herbefore.


Thank you to the redditor that pointed out the mistake I made the first time round. I do know the difference...honest.

What do you call Iron Man's transgender cousin? Fe-male

Why do you never see transgender people with kids? Because they're transparent

What do you call a transgender in Japanese? Hiorshi

What do you call a group of transgender female superheroes? The Ex-Men

Why was the transgender person upset about people getting their name wrong? Because it was hard to pronouns.

What do you call a transgender wolverine? An eX-man

What do you call a group of transgender women? The X-Men

What did the Transgender Brontosaurus that formerly ate meat say, when visiting his old place? "I've been herbivore."

Since my son came out as transgender I can't stop revealing all my secrets. I guess it's because I'm transparent now.

Why do cannibals hate Transgender people? Too much trans fat

A transgender four year old is like a vegan cat. We all know who's making the lifestyle choices.

Why couldn’t the transgender find his parents? Because they were trans-parents.

What do you call a group of chubby transgender people? Trans fats.

Why don’t you ever see any Transgender parents? Because they’re Trans-Parent.

What do you call a group of transgender superheroes? Ex-Men

Why can't you see a transgender who's a dad? Because he's a transparent.

Apologies if I could've worded it different.

My son came out to me as a transgender Guess i'm transparent now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why did the transgender couple break up? One cheated on the other while they were abroad.

A transgender person has a child Now he's transparent.

What’s a transgender person’s favorite occupation? Mailwomen

Why couldn't a transgender man see his mom and dad after he came out to his family? Because they became transparents

What's the definition of irony? (This happened to me today) Asked a transgender co-worker why he won't upgrade from Windows 7 to 10.

He said he didn't like change.

What did the transgender woman tell their doctor when they wanted to detransition? Remember me.

Marvel Cinematic Universe just announced their newest addition to their 2015 film that will be released in 2019 starring a transgender hero. Auntman

Marvel is going introduce a transgender super hero next year. She's an ex-man.

What’s the difference between LSD sold by an overweight transgender person and a food that raises bad cholesterol? Nothing. They’re both **trans fatty acid**.

I don't understand Christianity's problem with LGBTQ people. Transgender women made me believe in Adam's apple.

What do you call transgender robots? T R A N S F O R M E R S

What do you call a team of transgender superheroes? The Ex-men

What's it called when a transgender person hooks up with an Asian? A Trans Pacific Partnership

What do you call a transgender whale? Maby Dik

Why dont you ever see any transgender moms? Because they are transparent!

(Thought of this one myself, pretty proud)

A transgender person with kids would be invisible Because they'd be transparent

All those transgender "males" offended by my quotations.... Really need to grow a pair.

What do you call two transgender midgets making out? Micro transaction

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New Transgender Jokes

What medical procedure involves transgender gang members uniting as one? A blood transfusion

Daniel Radcliffe has joined the criticism of J K Rowling over her remarks about transgender issues. I'd call it a witch-hunt, but he identifies as a wizard.

What are protests by transgender little people called? Microtransactions

What do you call a transgender person from Pennsylvania? Pennsylvanian.

my son just told me he is a transgender I literally fainted to the background and realized:

Knowing that her son will understand, a mom finally decided to tell her son that she is transgender Guess she was transparent

All transgender women are.... eX-Men

What do you call a pre op transgender A translater

Finally coming out as transgender was the hardest decision of my life... It both literally and figuratively took balls to go through with it..

A man is receiving his test results from a transgender doctor "Is it okay if I just tell it to you straight?"

"I know I probably have aids, you can m'am"

"No, it's can sir"

What do you call a group of transgender superheroes? The X-Men

All transgender women are mutants Because they’re X-men

What do a Wolverine and a transgender woman have in common? They are both ex-men

An MTF transgender person comes out to her father. Her dad says “I have no son!”

She thanks him for supporting her.

Being transgender is so expensive. Everything I do is a transaction.

How are transgender people and tomatoes alike? Everyone argues about what they really are!

What public bathroom does a Transgender person go into? The disability bathroom

Before you cry offensive I just came out as trans and this happened to me and I thought it was hilarious

Why didnt the transgender squirrel survive winter? It lost all of its nuts.

I want to be transgender But I dont have the balls to transition.

If someone is transgender and they do something... does that make it a transaction?

My transgender friend just came back from studying internationally! He was a broad

What do you call a transgender car A Convertible

Why was the transgender deer standing in line at a bakery? She heard she could buy some donuts.

Why isn't there any transgender person in matrix ? Most of them are non-binary.

What do you call a transgender gardener? A trans-planter

My son asked me for help with paying for his transgender surgery. I was initially kind of on the fence and anxious... I ultimately told him I would help but stressed to him that he realize that this kind of transaction takes balls.

Why don’t black transgender kids have a dad? Because he’s a transparent.

A transgender had a kid, and as soon as his son was born, nobody ever saw him again. He became trans-parent.

Why did the transgender person fail computer science? Because they were non-binary

What do you call a group of transgender women? X-Men

What do you call a transgender person who works for the royal mail? Post-man

I have a transgender friend who used to be an atheist. They are a she now, but they were a heathen.

What do you call a transgender grim reaper? A death trap.

If you're transgender and have a child, do you become invisible?

What does a transgender and a new animal species have in common? You don’t know what to call it

What do you call a transgender T-Rex? A trannysouraus!!

What’s the difference between the second stage of a transgender woman’s life and an extendable staircase? One is the form her, one is the ladder.

Why are women athletes so upset about losing to transgender females? Hormones

My dad My obese father is going through with his transgender surgery this afternoon.

Afterwards, he'll be a fat her.

Sry if it's a repost, just thought of it today.

What did one man say when he found out his friend was a transgender man? "You think you know a guy!"

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Long Transgender Jokes

A transgender walks into a bar

A man is sitting in his usual bar, enjoying a drink, when another man enters and takes a seat next to him. After a few uncertain glances, he realizes the man is actually a woman he used to know. He reintroduces himself, and they get to catching up. The man is quite intrigued with the concept of transsexual procedures and they have a long, engaging conversation about how different life must now be for the transgender man. After nearly an hour, he bids his farewell, and leaves the cisgender man back to himself. At this point, the bartender mentions how nice it can be to run into old friends, and then asks if they had just disconnected or if he had been on a trip. The man replies, "something like that, he was a broad for a while"

The World's Most Politically Correct Joke


A Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, a Mormon, a Sikh, a Hare Krishna, a Buddhist, a Pagan, an Atheist, a 3rd wave feminist, a non-binary gender neutral otherkin, a transgender Black Lives Matter activist, a Jehovah's Witness and a Muslim walk into a bar that only serves gluten free, dairy free, eco friendly, carbon neutral, halal, kosher, non GM, fair trade, free range, vegan, recycled water.

Nobody said or did anything and an acceptable time was had by all.

A man is buying a bull

A man is looking at bulls to buy and the salesman walks up to him

"What are ya looking for sir?"

The man replies with "I want to buy a bull, hopefully cheap"

The salesman leads the man over to a strange looking bull, the strangest part, however, was it was missing all its legs

The salesman tells the man he can have this one for free

The man asks "why? he seems like a perfectly good bull."

The salesman tells him "hes free of charge!"

Edit: changed shes to hes because someone assumed that the bull wasnt transgender

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