Dirtiest Jokes

I accidentally locked my keys in my car in front of an abortion clinic... They gave me the dirtiest look when I went in and asked to borrow a coathanger.

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Funny Dirtiest Jokes
Score: 12

What’s the dirtiest country? GERMany

Score: 9

What US city has the dirtiest frozen waffles? San Diego

Score: 8

What US city has the dirtiest waffles? San Diego

Score: 7

Dirtiest, raunchiest, most racist joke you've got: I'll start -

What do you do when you see a half dead native man crawling across your lawn?

Stop laughing and reload

Score: 4

what is your dirtiest joke ever What's the difference between a blonde and a 747?

Not everyone's been in a 747.

Score: 3

Dirtiest clean joke I know... What did the egg say to the boiling water....? It's gonna take a minute for me to get hard, I just came outta this chik! :p

Score: 3

What is the dirtiest day of the week? SaTURDay

Score: 2

What is the dirtiest word in geometry? Hypotenuse, because it is between two legs.

Score: 2

Dirtiest joke A white horse rolled in mud.

Cleaner version- I gave it a bath.

Score: 2

Which country is the dirtiest? Germany

Score: 2

I was counting the money in my wallet and I remembered my microbiologist friend saying that money is the dirtiest thing you can touch all day. Turns out I have $144 in cash, But I guess that’s just gross....

Score: 2

What are the two dirtiest farm animals? Brown chicken brown cow!

Score: 1

What was Shakespeare's dirtiest work? Bard in the Bush

Score: 1

What’s the dirtiest thing ever said on television GEE ward you were awfully rough on the beaver last night

Score: 1

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