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Funniest Down Syndrome Jokes

Albert Einstein owed the inspiration for one of his best ideas to his cousin who had Down Syndrome... he had a special relative, you see?

Funny Down Syndrome Jokes

I named my dog Syndrome.. So when he's Misbehaving I yell "Down Syndrome"


I joined a forum for people with Down syndrome. Comments are disabled.

At a Down Syndrome disco... ...Do you think they have a slow dance?

When I get a dog I am going to name it syndrome Because when he jumps up on me I can shout "Down syndrome"

What do you say to a handicapped dog? Down Syndrome, down!

What do you call a midget with Down Syndrome? you call him a little slow

A football team should setup a charity that gives presents to children with Down Syndrome ...and call it Touch Downs.

What do you call someone with Down Syndrome who likes to smoke weed ? A baked potato

I have a dog named Syndrome. But it gets kinda awkward when he jumps on someone and I have to shout out, DOWN SYNDROME!

I want to get a dog and name it Syndrome. So that every time he gets on my couch, I can yell "DOWN SYNDROME"

What do you call a kid with down syndrome when he's high? A baked potato.[](/changeling)

So my cousin has bieber fever... Or as it's medically known, Down Syndrome.

When I get a dog, I'm going to call him Syndrome. Down Syndrome!

Teenage twin boys in a "special needs" class were suspended for online gambling while at school... Turns out they have DoubleDown syndrome.

Have you heard about the new test to detect down syndrome? 24 and me.

What do you call a kid with Down Syndrome who's late to school? Retardy

They say good things come in threes... Try telling that to someone with
Down Syndrome

What’s the only test a person with Down syndrome does well on? A DNA test, they get a 47 out of 46.

A man with Down syndrome walks in to a bar The barman says ' hey! Why the Mong face?'

Why do you never see a black person with Down Syndrome? God doesn't punish anyone twice.

A good name for a dog is Syndrome. Then when he tries to attack someone you can yell “Down Syndrome!”

I named my dog Syndrome So every time he jumps on people I can shout: "Down Syndrome!"

When I was a kid they put me in a special education class because I wouldn't stop dancing at school. They said I had Get Down Syndrome.

My newborn nephew entered the world with the innate ability to dance. They ran tests and found that he got the ability by being born with an extra chromosome. The doctors are calling it... "Get down syndrome"

What do you call it when someone likes to dance but has an extra chromosome? Get down syndrome.

Why do kids with down syndrome wear shorts? Because they have bad genes.

What do you call a nice down syndrome person? Sweet potato.

What do you call a kid with no arms and legs and severe Down syndrome? Names

I once joined a forum for people with down syndrome. The comments were disabled

I had a hyper dog called Syndrome Every time someone came round my house he used to jump around them. Then I have to say "Down Syndrome!"

I named my dog syndrome So I could say "Down Syndrome!"

What's a down syndrome's kids favorite thing to do at prom? Slow Dancing.

I just touched a person with down syndrome. Then I shouted; "touchdown!"

What did the kid with Down syndrome get on his test? 47/46

What do you call a person with down syndrome that smokes weed? A baked potato.

What do you call a Hitman with down syndrome? Agent 47

What do you get after giving a joint to a down syndrome kid? A baked potato

Third times the charm... ...said god before he accidentally created down syndrome.

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New Down Syndrome Jokes

I saw this chinese kid that looked like he had down syndrome. So I asked his parents if hes fully retarded or just dim sum.

What do you call a rapper with Down Syndrome? 21 21 21 Savage

A down syndrome Goodwill employee drops a vase and it breaks. The manager screams "You re-re- -really dont have to wh-wh-worry about it. You are doing a f-f-f-fine job Chris!"

If people with down syndrome got an extra 21 chromosome.. Then, why isn’t it called up syndrome?

What do you call a pig with down syndrome? A hammy down

Ever wonder why World Down syndrome day falls on March 21st Because it's 321

a person with down syndrome gets his chromosome test results back "**above average**"

What did the kid with Down syndrome get on his birthday? An extra chromosome.

What is a Down Syndrome kid's favorite number? 321

If a kid with Down Syndrome gets Gonorrhea Is it called "Slow Clap"?

I'm going to name my dog "Syndrome". Whenever he jumps on someone, I can yell, "Down Syndrome!".

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Long Down Syndrome Jokes

Poor little Jimmy dies..

Jimmy was very excited about his first day of school. Jimmy has down syndrome.

Jimmy's mum gives him a kiss and waits outside their home for his bus to arrive. Jimmy's mum reminds Jimmy to just wave at the bus driver a smile saying, "Hey Mr. Bus Driver! Stop!". Jimmy nods, and patiently waits for the bus to come.

Shortly thereafter, the bus comes down the street toward them. Jimmy, remembering his mother's advice calls out "Mr. Bus Dwyver Stoooop!". But the bus goes right on by.

The same thing happened the next day, and the next. Jimmy's mother then suggests that perhaps the bus driver did not see or hear Jimmy, and to perhaps stand on the street to call out the next day.

Jimmy dutifully stands in the street as the bus comes toward him and yells "STOP MR BUS DWYVER STOP!". The bus runs Jimmy over and careens down the road leaving Jimmy's mother speechless.

When interviewed by the police, the most common question is "why??"

The bus driver, who seems particularly angry by the whole scenario, loudly responds "I thwort he wuss makings fun owv meeee!"

Dan the genie

A long long time ago, there was a genie. His name was Dan. Now even though Dan has been giving wishes to people who happens to finds the lamp that he is living in for thousands of years, but he himself alao has a wish. He wanted a son. For many reasons, including the complication of a genie's reproductive system, that was close to impossoble. Dan soon accepted his fate. That was not until one day, when a kid with down syndrome named Tony found his lamp. Tony comes from a humble family. He grew up knowing nothing but to love others as much as you can. For that is the only way we can make the life of others better. One day, Tony was playing hide and seek with his dad. And as his dad was counting down from 100, he wanted to find a place where his dad won't be able to find him. So he went to the backyard, leaped over the wooden fence and went up the small hill behind the house by himself. He found a really old tree at the top of the hill. The tree was so old that the root of the tree are overlapping and stacking on top of itself. Tony saw the gaps in between the overlapping of these roots, and so he carefully climbed into the gap and waited. Hours passes by but obviously there were no sign of his dad. Feeling tired, Tony decides that he has had enough, and would leave the gap to go home to his clueless father. However as he was climbing out of the gap, his feet hit something. When he turned around to take a look, he sees an old lamp. And so, like any normal person would do, he picks up the lamp to examine it. It was at this moment, Dan the genie was freed again. Dan saya to Tony "whatever wish you have, I can grant it!". Like a good kid, Tony answers "I want you to be happy". As Dan hears Tony says thar, his eyes begin to tear up. "Your wish has been granted" he replies to Tony. And just like that Dan has fulfiled his life long wish of having a son. Knowing nothing but granting wishes to people his whole life, Dan decides to name his son "Granted". For that was the word that brought people happiness when they met him, and that was also the word that brought him happiness when he met Tony. Tony, feeling happy about himself goes home to his dad. As he arrived home, his dad asks him "Where have you been? I've been looking for you the whole day!". Tony then confesses everything to his dad, everything about Dan and his son Granted. Obviously, his dad was skeptical. He really wanted to believe his son, but this story about a genie wanting a son was a bit far fetched. During dinner that night, like the good kid Tony is, he insisted on taking half of his dinner back up the hill for Dan's newborn son Granted. At first, the father is hesitant. But because Tony has never lied before in his life, and deep down the father really wanted to believe his son. And so the father helped Tony in packing half of his dinner and some of his toys. Just like that, Tony and his father went up the hill again. As they arrived at the old tree, they see the lamp is at the exact same place as where Tony left it. Tony's father feeling scared and excited at the same time, approached the lamp and picked it up. At that moment, not only Dan, but also his son Granted both came flying out of the lamp. Dan was grateful to be able to see Tony again. He greeted Tony as he introduced his dad. And vice versa, Dan introduced his son Granted to Tony's dad. After tasting the dinner and playing with the toys Tony brought him, Granted begins to wander what it would be like to live as a human boy, he wanted a taste of freedom. The four of them sat on top of the hill under the stars that night and chatted until the morning. Dan told Tony's dad and Tony about the life of a genie, while he told Dan and Granted about the life of a human. But everything comes to an end, Dan and Granted has to go back into the lamp, but before that he must grant Tony's dad a wish. Like father like son, he said "Since my son wished for your happiness, then I will also wish for your son Granted's happiness". Then suddenly Granted turned from a little genie into a little boy. He has recieved the freedom he has been wanting. Seeing this, Dan felt upset, as that means his son will one day die of old age, and he will return to the life of loneliness forever. But it was too late, Dan was sucked back into the lamp, leaving his Granted outside with Tony and his father. Realizing this, Tony attempts to rub on the lamp again to wish for Granted to be reunited with his fathee. Unfortunately, each person can only use the lamp once. And as Granted used to be a genie that lived, he also did not have the right to bring Dan out again for a wish. Feeling desperate and depressed about this tragedy he has caused with his good intention. He runs down the hill asking people for help. But after every person that he has told heard about the lamp, they either do not believe in him or would only wish for thing that fulfils their own selfish desires. As years goes by, Tony's father has passed away. Tony and Granted are also beginning to grow old. In the end, Tony and Granted finally died sitting beside the old tree and the lamp. And there was nothing Dan could do that could bring back the life of his son. Moral of the story: Never take things for Granted

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