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Funny Pi Day Jokes
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I don't understand why people are celebrating pi day. It's irrational.

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Happy Pi Day Me: I dreamed my teacher is making me read out endless values of π.

Psychiatrist: Is it recurring?

Me: Not as far as anyone can tell.

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I hate all these PI days jokes They go on forever.

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In honor of Pi Day: Who founded the round table? Sir Cumference

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What do you call a snake that is exactly 3.14 meters long? A π thon

Happy pi day. #dadjokes

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Who was the roundest night at King Arthur's table? Sir Cumference. He ate all the Pi.

(Sharing this in honour of national Pi day)

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Today is Pi Day Thanks, America! Now I know π=14.03

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BAD MATH JOKE TIME. For pi day, my friend was selling pies as a fundraiser, so because I love pie, I decided to buy two.

I went from 0 to 2π.

I went absolutely nowhere.

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I hate all these Pi Day jokes They go on forever.

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You know what they say about Pi Day... It really is an irrational holiday.

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In honor of Pi day I’m going to be irrational all day

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It may only look like 3.14 inches... But it will feel like it goes in forever.

Happy Pi day!

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I don’t get why people celebrate Pi day It’s irrational.

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Did you know that pi day is tomorrow? I didn't, because there have been 0 sines

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I made this 3.14 minutes before the day ended Too bad it wasn't my pi day

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Somebody asked if I could explain what Pi Day was again. I told him I didn't want to repeat myself.

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National Survey Reports Pi day as America's Third-Most Underrated Holiday To me it's a little bit more than that.

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C'mon, guys. Let's stop talking about pi day. Its getting irrational.

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LOOKING FOR awful pi jokes! Just found out my friend hates them. Please give me your worst pi day/pi jokes!

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As I sit here eating my Pi day pie, I'm looking forward to also celebrating Tau day. Then my desserts will have come full circle.

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Today is March 14th, pi day is cheat day! She still broke up with me though.

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It’s 3.14 AKA international PI Day They do know that 3.14 isn’t PI, neither is 3.140000... I guess since we irrationally do it every year, at least we’re going in circles 😉

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celebrating pi day isn't as fun as watching basketball I once watched a month full of march madness. From behind the arc I saw a three point won four.... won five games.

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Pi day may be irrational.... But at least it is real.

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What do you get when you cut a Jack O' Lantern by its diameter? Pumpkin pi.

Happy Pi Day, y'all!

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Let's give a circle of applause for Pi day No? Ok, sorry.

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Why do people get so excited on pi day? Who knows? Its completely irrational!

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Pi My teacher brought two pies to class for pi day so he had enough to go around

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They say today is Pi Day but for me it will always be cake day!

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