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Funny League Of Legends Jokes
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What did the gamer say when his girlfriend asked what World of Warcraft and League of Legends were? "Wow, lol"

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Why are Americans so bad at League of Legends? because they can't protect their towers

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Why is America bad at League of Legends? Because we can’t defend towers

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Why do the french hate League of Legends? They have to wait 20 minutes before surrendering

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Why are Americans so bad at League of Legends? Because they cant defend the towers

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The most toxic substances known to mankind. 1. Arsenic
2. Cyanide
3. Polonium
4. Mercury
5. The League of Legends community

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Why are Helium, Curium and Barium called the medical elements? Because if you can't Helium or Curium, you Barium.
(Heard it from Heimerdinger, League of Legends)

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You play League of Legends AND World of Warcraft?? Wow, Lol.

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There are people out there who don't know what World of Warcraft and League of Legends are WoW, LoL

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My school did a performance called League of Legends. It was a play on wards.

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Why are Americans so bad at League of Legends? They can't defend their towers.

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Why can't League of Legends players donate blood? They have too much salt.

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Why are Americans bad at League of Legends? Cause they can't protect their towers.

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Why are Americans so bad at MOBA games (League of Legends, Dota, Heroes of the storm, etc.)? They can't defend towers.

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Did you hear that Nightblue3 and Eminem played League of Legends together yesterday? Eminem got one shot

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Whats the difference between a diamond player and a master player in League of Legends? About 1400 dollars

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Why is Donald Trump not a fan of League of Legends? Because there's too much Faker news.

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What do you call people who design icons in League of Legends? Lolicons.

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Why are Americans bad at League Of Legends? Because they cannot defend the towers.

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How much money does the Government pay people with autistic disorder? Enough to buy a computer that can play League of Legends.

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Why are League of Legends players the most skeptical people on Earth? Because they take everything with a grain of salt.

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What's the difference between In-n-Out Burger french fries and League of Legends? I can control my salt intake at In-n-out.

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What is the saltiest region in League of Legends??? Na

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I learned never to play League of Legends with an Englishman Because Heathrow

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I can't have teamwork at League of Legends because... the only people listening to my calls are the NSA.

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I made my summoner name 'jokeaboutaredditmoderator' on League of Legends The enemy team kept deleting me

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Why are Americans bad at league of legends? Because they can’t defend their towers.

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TBS is going to air CS:GO next year. What should TNT host? League of Legends.

Because they know drama.

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