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For health reasons, my doctor says I should avoid trans fats I'm gonna miss tumblr

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My doctor advised me to stay away from trans fats. I guess I should really get off Tumblr

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My doctor told me to stay away from trans fats. Guess I can’t go on tumblr anymore.

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My doctor told me I should avoid trans fats So I've just deleted my Tumblr.

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Why is Tumblr so unhealthy? It's full of trans fats.

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According to my doctor it would be best for my health to stay away from trans fats I'm really gonna miss Tumblr.

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My doctor says I need to avoid trans fats I'm really going to miss Tumblr

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My doctor told me I need fewer trans fats in my life... Looks like it's time to delete Tumblr.

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What does Tumblr and KFC's chicken have in common? They both contain high amounts of trans fats.

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Why do tumblr users make for poor gunmen? They are afraid of triggers.

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My doctor said I should avoid trans fats So I stopped going on tumblr

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Why is Tumblr bad for you? Because it contains too much Transfat.

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My doctor recommended that I stay away from trans fats I should stop using recipes from tumblr.

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So I saw that Princess Diana is trending on tumblr. She's all over the dashboard!

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If Tumblr was edible It would have alot of trans fat

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My doctor told me to start avoiding trans fats So I stopped going on tumblr

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What do you call a crying glass of wine? Tumblr

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What is Kanye West's favourite kind of omelette? Omeletteyoufinish

-stolen from raininginreverse on tumblr.

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According to my doctor, it'd be healthiest to stay away from trans fats. I'm really going to miss tumblr.

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My doctor told me to remove trans fats... Who knew removing my tumblr app would get me back to proper health?

Score: 24

my doctor told me to eat more taco bell well actually he said “less mcdonalds” but i’m pretty sure i know what he meant

src: tumblr

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My doctor told me to avoid trans fats. I'm really gonna miss Tumblr.

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What do nutrition labels and tumblr have in common? They're both full of trans fats

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Many of my tumblr friends identify as otherkin. Be it wolfkin, eaglekin or yes even fantasykin. I myself identify as a jedi. So I'm forcekin.

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As per the doctor's recommendation, I have decided to rid my diet of trans fat. Goodbye Tumblr!

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Q: Why don't robots have brothers? A: Because they all have trans-sisters.

^^^thanks ^^^tumblr

Score: 14

What's the difference between tumblr and a gun? The gun has only one trigger

Score: 13

Leather armor is the best for sneaking. Its literally made of hide.

OG joke from Tumblr dont know from who

Score: 13

My doctor told me to stay away from transfats So I can't go on Tumblr

Score: 12

Apparently some people on Tumblr say they're sexually attracted to elements on the periodic table. That's not really my thing ... except for that time in college when I experimented with carbon dating.

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It makes sense that tumblr is against whites with dreadlocks After all, these are the *dreaded* white people they're always talking about.

Score: 3

OMG! Tumblr app actually works now! And the world was not prepared for the greatest April Fools prank of all time. Everyone from the US to Africa immediately grabbed their smartphones and futilely attempting to post a selfie to Tumblr.

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What did the tumblr user do when she got arthritis? Massage a knee.

Score: 2

Whats the difference between Tumblr and abortion? Planned Parenthood.

Score: 2

Why isn't Tumblr considered social media? Because everyone on there is just talking to themselves.

Score: 2

My doctor told me to stop having to much transfats Boy, I’m gonna miss Tumblr

Score: 2

What does Darth Vader identify as on Tumblr? Ana-kin

Score: 2

Why do people in tumblr walk around in odd numbers? Because they can't even

Score: 1

So a Tumblr user walks into a bar... and angrily writes a callout post on the rod that assaulted them.

Score: 1

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