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Funny Pollock Jokes

What do you get when you mix Ernest Hemingway and a shotgun? A new Jackson Pollock painting

So apparently the wave at baseball games have now been banned. Pollock drowned.

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Long Pollock Jokes

A Pollock walks over the Red Light District in Amsterdam when suddenly he notices a fine looking hooker looking at him.

He stops, bangs on the window and says,"So, what does this cost??!! ". And the hooker replies,"25 dollars!! ". And the Pollock said ,"Hmm, that's not a lot of money for insulated windows!!"

A priest, a rabbi and a Pollock

A priest, a rabbi and a Pollock are walking in the desert when they stumble upon a broken down Humvee. They begin to rummage for what they can use and soon, one at a time, emerge to announce what they had found.

The rabbi pops up and says, "Praise Yahweh! I have found water!" And with that he produces several canteens full of water.

The priest shouts out, "Hallelujah! I have found food!" And he himself produces several packs of food rations.

The Pollock doesn't make any announcements, but instead emerges from the vehicle carrying one of its doors on his shoulder.

The priest and the rabbi stare at him baffled, until one asks, "Why do you have that?"

"Simple." He replied. "You have food to eat, and you have water to drink, and I have a car door, so I can roll the window down and feel the breeze."

An American, Irishman and Pollock are up for execution...

The American is up against the firing squad first. "Ready...AIM..."

The American suddenly points and shouts "Terrorist!" The squad turns and the American gets away.

Next up is the Irishman. "Ready... Aim..."

"Sniper!" Shouts the Irishman. He gets away.

Finally the Pollock is next. The commander says to him. "Now we are sure the enemy is not in the area. So don't try what those two just did.

"Ready... AIM..."

Suddenly the Pollock points and shouts "...FIRE!"

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