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At the end of the physics lecture, I asked my professor, “Can you tell me what happened before The Big Bang?” The professor replied, “Sorry. No Time.”

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Why is it best to teach physics on the edge of a cliff? (Original joke) Because that's where students have the most potential.

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Funny Physics Jokes
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My physics teacher said i have potential and then pushed me down the stairs

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How do women defy the laws of physics? The heavier they are, the easier to pick up!

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My physics teacher told me I had potential. Then he pushed me off the roof.

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What's the most terrifying word in nuclear physics ? Oops.

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I got caught cheating on my physics exam. Furious, my professor said to me "I hope you understand the gravity of the situation". But if I had known that, I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

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A joke from my old physics professor.. How Long is a battleship. True or false?

False. How Long is a man from China.

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Physics Joke A photon walks into a hotel and the bellman says "can I help you with your bags?" And the photon replies, "no it's ok, I'm traveling light."

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Women defy physics. The heavier they get, the easier they are to pick up.

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What did a physics teacher say to calm down a student who wanted to jump off the roof? Don't do that, you have so much potential!

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A physics student asked her professor to describe what happened right before the Big Bang... ....but the professor couldn't, because there was no time.

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The other day, my Physics teacher said I had so much potential... Then he pushed me out the window.

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My physics teacher asked me if I understood the chapter on linear motion. I said "yeah it's pretty straightforward"

Score: 93

My physics teacher told me I had a lot of potential... Then he pushed me off the roof

Score: 82

Did you hear about the physics student that committed suicide by jumping off a skyscraper? What a shame. He had so much potential.

Score: 75

How do fat women defy physics? Because the heavier they get, the easier they are to pick up.

Score: 73

A physics teacher is about to jump off a high bridge When a friend stops him saying, "Don't do it, you have so much potential."

Score: 69

Women defy the laws of physics... They are easier to pick up the heavier they get...

Score: 67

My physics professor told me I had potential Then he pushed me off the roof.

Score: 57

Breaking up is like physics ... She keeps saying that I have no energy.

I keep telling her that I have potential.

Score: 55

Wanna hear a physics pun? If an aircraft always takes off at an angle, doesn't that make it an inclined plane?

Score: 54

A Joke by my Physics Teacher A physicist sees a young man about to jump off the roof of his building.

Just before the man jumps, the physicist yells: "Don't do it! You have so much potential!"

Score: 52

I had a female Physics teacher in my school. One day, a guy asked her, "What is the unit of power?"

"That's watt", she said.

Score: 50

What’s the most terrifying word in nuclear physics? "Oops"

Score: 47

A physics student was standing on top of a building, threatening to jump I tried to talk him out of it, because he had so much potential.

Score: 43

I keep asking my physics teacher I keep asking my physics teacher "what is he unit for power?"

But he just keeps responding with "yes."

Score: 41

One More For All The Philosophy Majors Out There The Physics major asks: How does it work?

The Engineering major asks: How do you build it?

The Accounting major asks: How much will it cost?

The Philosophy major asks: Do you want fries with that?

Score: 39

My Physics teacher told me I had a lot of potential Then he pushed me off a roof as a class demonstration

Score: 38

After years of studying, a physics student comes rushing into Einstein's office shouting... "Professor, Professor, I think I finally understand your theory of Special Relativity!"

Einstein rolls his eyes

"It's about time!"

Score: 11

I did terribly in my quantum physics class, but still got an "A" and I also got an "F"
I'm not opening my report card.

Score: 4

This popped into my head in class the other day... Why do professors like stats and physics students?

Because they'll work for p naughts.

Score: 4

I thought of a great joke about physics but it would probably Bohr most of you..

Score: 3

My friend thinks the Canadian prime minister does not know quantum physics. I know it's trudeau.

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Where do physics teachers go on vacation Times square

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What did the physics teacher say to Luke Skywalker? Use the mass times acceleration!

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Astronomy Instructor: In modern physics Black holes matter ,,, Student shouts: All holes matter...!

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A student asked his physics instructor "How can you tell which numbers are prime?"

Physics instructor: "Oh that's easy! All odd numbers are prime."

Student: "what about 9?"

Physics instructor: "oh that's just experimental error!"

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I asked my physics instructor what would happen if the universe hit Absolute Zero. He told me that if the universe came to that point then we shouldn't worry, everything is going to be 0K.

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My physics teacher said that I'm going really bad at his class This made me really sad and now I'm in a moment of refraction

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