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Funniest Pokemon Jokes

In Pokemon, I never understood why bug types were supereffective against dark types. But then I thought about malaria in Africa and it all made sense.

Score: 1580

What’s a stalker and a Pokemon nerd got in common? They both hide in the bushes trying to get a Pikachu.

Score: 654

Why are Taylor Swift's songs always a hit? (WARNING POKEMON JOKE) Because swift never misses.

Score: 397

What did the Squirtle say to the Charmander? (X-post from /r/pokemon) Squirtle

Score: 310
Funny Pokemon Jokes
Score: 290

A Pokemon go user walks into a bar Because he was too busy looking at his phone to notice it

Score: 266

My wife said she would leave me if I didn't stop making Pokémon references... 'You need to make a choice' she said 'It's either me or the stupid pokémon references!'

'I understand', I replied, holding back tears. 'Sandra, I choose you!!!'

Score: 252

Don't be frightened if you see a Pokemon Go player outside your bathroom window. He's just trying to catch a pikachu.

Score: 209

What Pokémon would you catch in Rio De Janeiro? Zikachu.

Score: 182

This might be offensive, but what do you call a jewish pokémon trainer? Ash.

Score: 181

I wish I could date Pokemon GO's servers Because then she'd go down on me 5 times a day.

Score: 175

I've lost all my pokemon cards in a house fire... I've only got Ash now.

Score: 171

I just lost all my Pokemon cards in a house fire. I only have Ash now.

Score: 167

Pokémon Go is more popular than Tinder. Another app which requires you to swipe to find monsters in your surroundings.

Score: 167

Why do Pokémon have eyes? So they can pikachu

Score: 159

I don't need a girlfriend, I can just play Pokémon Go The servers go down on me every day

Score: 151

So I finally got Pokémon GO... I still haven't caught any Counter-Terrorists.

Score: 139

What do Pokemon Go and Tinder have in common? Both give you a good chance of catching something

Score: 131

My favorite pokemon joke What did pikachu say when ash fell off a cliff? Pikachu, that's all he can say.

Score: 118

Why is Pokemon quite realistic? Because in the games, Bug-types are effective against Dark-types. Just like malaria in Africa.

Score: 102

How do they play Pokemon Go in Gaza Strip? They grab a round rock from the ground and say: "Pick-a-jew"!

Score: 97

What do the Police and Pokémon have in common? They gotta catch 'Jamal

Score: 95

Now with all the kids outside, playing Pokémon..... Dads and moms can stay inside playing Pokémom.

Score: 86

A joke my 8 year old brother told me. G rating Why dont you take a pokemon to the bathroom.

Because it might pi-ka-chu

Score: 83

I tried to go into a restaurant playing Pokemon go. I couldn't get in though. The servers were too busy.

Score: 80

I can't find a single Ekans here in Ireland with Pokemon Go. Thanks, St Patrick

Score: 60

What do a peeping Tom and Pokemon fanboy have in common? Both hide in the bushes trying to get a Pikachu!

Score: 56

Dj Khaled is like a Pokemon All he does is shout his name

Score: 47

What does Pokemon and a prison break have in common? You gotta catch Jamal.

Score: 42

A Pokemon Go player walks into a bar. And a tree. And a wall. And into a lake.

Score: 40

A guy walks into a bar... his face gets bruised, his phone shatters on the concrete, and the Pokemon gets away.

Score: 37

What do you call a jewish Pokemon? A Circumscyther.

Score: 15

What do you call a sick Pokémon? Pikachoo

Score: 11

I thought I caught a snorlax on pokemon go turns out i was on tinder

Score: 11

What does Pokemon Go and a policeman have in common? You gotta catch Jamal

Score: 9

Which pokemon tells the most jokes about pokemon? Metapod

Score: 8

What do you call a Pokemon who is trying to quit smoking? Vaporeon

Score: 8

Why shouldn't you shower with a pokemon around? He might Pikachu!

Score: 7

I was told insence would help me catch Pokemon But no matter how many times I make out with my sister, I'm still not getting any Pokemon

Score: 6

Hey girl, do you play Pokemon GO? Because I wouldn't mind helping you hatch some of your eggs.

Score: 5

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New Pokemon Jokes

I am trying to become a good Pokemon Trainer. But my dad keeps releasing all the rats I catch

Score: 0

How do you get a pokemon erect. Pp up.

Score: 2

What Pokemon sneezes the most? Pika-choo

Score: 3

You know, Pokemon are ODDISH!!! But sea mammals are OTTER!!!!

Score: 2

I thought giving my GF a Pokémon would make her love me But she told me "I'm not gonna Raichu a love song"

Score: 3

I got a chance to play the new Pokemon game set in London but the pokemon only knew Acid Splash, Cut, and SelfDestruct

Score: 2

What did the trainer say to the pokemon that was dwelling on the past Sudowoodo could o'

Score: 2

Pokemon go in January is the worst Everyone is joining all the gyms

Score: 3

In America you peek at pokemon... ... in soviet Russia pokemon peekatchu

Score: 2

What's a stalkers favourite pokemon? Pikachu

Score: 2

How does an Italian pokemon say hello? ciaoazard

Score: 2

How to you call a jewish pokemon trainer? Ash

Score: 1

My friend asked me why I always use pokemon puns My only response was "Wynaut?"

Score: 3

Pokemon joke What Pokemon has a craving for inedible objects?


Score: 1

Which Pokemon will never give you up? A Rick Gastly!

Hey jokers, it's my first post here.

Score: 4

My favorite Pokemon is Weedle Cause Weedle get you high!

Score: 2

STDS are like Pokemon My dad gave me the best ones when I was 12

Score: 4

Why don't you ever shower with a Pokemon? They might Pikachu

Score: 5

What do you get from Pokemon getting bullied by people? Next-gen animal abuse

Score: 1

I like my women like I like my Pokemon Cards Sticky

Score: 2

If Ekans is snake backwards and Arbok is cobra backwards... Then what *were* the Pokemon developers thinking when they named one Muk.

Score: 4

What class did the Pokemon skip? GEO-DUDE!

Score: 2

What's Batman's favourite Pokémon? Cubone, because they both don't have parents :(

Score: 2

How do you get 200 Pikachu's on a train? You Pokémon

Score: 1

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum released a PSA that visitors were not allowed to play Pokemon GO! Because they didn't want people pretending to be Ash

Score: 5

An old woman just kept using all her pokemon up I guess that's just what happens when old women go through metapods.

Score: 2

A 30 year old man is playing the newest Pokémon game when he hears, "you shouldn't be playing that..." He quickly responded, "Forgive me, Father, but the 90s are over."

Score: 1

When it comes to making Pokemon puns you could say I'm Machamp

Score: 2

Went to the Olympics, played some Pokemon GO Found a Zikachu.

Score: 2

Ran into a Poké urologist today... He makes Pokémon go.

Score: 2

What pokemon spys on you while he has a cold? Peek achoo!

Score: 2

Hey girl, you ever played Pokemon Snap? 'cause I keep trying to get a Pikachu

Score: 1

Why should you never take a shower with a pokemon? Because it may Pikachu.

Score: 2

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