Fathers Day Jokes

Since it’s Fathers Day, my wife asked if I could tell dad jokes all day tomorrow. I told her I don’t know anyone named Morrow.

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Funny Fathers Day Jokes
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I told my wife she had to buy me a fathers day present. I mean, why should I suffer just because she had a miscarrage?

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So I have a pretty good fathers day joke Can't wait to tell my dad when he finally brings the milk home

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Everyone keeps wishing a Happy Father's Day to "The Best Dad in the World." I'm flattered. But I hope everyone wishes their own dad a Happy Fathers Day as well.

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For fathers day, I bought my dad a $100 gift card to the Apple Store... He said "Thanks for the phone charger, son."

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Poor Caitlyn Jenner. She missed Mothers Day & Fathers Day.

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What did the Frenchman say when he got hit by an egg? Oeuf.

A dad joke for Australian fathers day!

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Happy Fathers Day! Me: Happy Fathers Day!

Pop: Thanks!

Me: I'll call you later.

Pop: Don't call me later, call me Dad :')


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How is my dad supposed to celebrate Fathers day When it's on a Sonday

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What is the most confusing day in Harlem Fathers day

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Palm Sunday For Dads ... Fathers Day,
For mothers ... Mothers Day,
For Lovers ... Valentines Day
For Wankers there is Palm Sunday

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Why did the starship captain buy a sub-lightspeed propulsion system that he didn't need? It was an impulse purchase.

For anyone who isn't aware, this is a star trek fathers day joke.

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For Fathers Day I took my Dad out. It only took seven bullets.

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I wanted eggs for breakfast but I was short in time. So I had to scramble.

Happy Fathers Day.

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What did the bull say to his son when he left for college? Bison.

Happy fathers day.

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What do you call Mass Confusion Fathers Day in Detroit

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TEENAGERS: Get something that will make your dad really happy this fathers day. A Flat.

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Happy fathers day says my ex

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In honor of Fathers Day, Im going to tell Dad Jokes...... Lets see if he laughs.

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(Fathers day joke) what makes a joke a dad joke? When the joke becomes a parent.

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Bought a litre of tip-ex today. Huge mistake.

(in honour of all the dads out there, happy fathers day - UK)

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Last September my wife asked me to put a load in the dishwasher. So long story short, happy fathers day to me.

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For grandfathers day I decided to take out my grandfather The coffin was a little heavy but we had a great time

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My sister wished me a happy fathers day... I was so scared and frightened that I froze for an entire minute.
She looked confused for a second then laughed, she apologised for mixing me up and my twin brother

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Whats the most deserted place on fathers day? The visitation ward.

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Just another fathers day joke Just wrote this to wish yall a happy fathers day,

The day when 80% of people dont know whom to wish, and the same day when 20% of the perppe are scared someone might come and wish them...

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Its fathers day so a kid asked his dad to tell dad jokes today The father said who is day?

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Found out I was dyslexic the hard way. Apparently the saying is actually “wrap it before you tap it”...happy fathers day!

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The Day Was Fathers Day, However nobody attended the celebration. Only Marvel Characters were invited

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