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Funny Spongebob Jokes

Spongebob was the most unrealistic kid's show A teenager in a minimum wage job owning a house and car. Pfft

If SpongeBob is absorbent and lives in bikini bottom then I'm pretty sure that makes him a tampon

This is so true Even though Spongebob is the main character…

Patrick is the star.

(Told by a 7 year old reading me a joke off of her SpongeBob Gogurt) "What is Plankton's grandma's favorite type of pudding?" "Not labeled for individual sale!!!!!"

Why is Spongebob the main character When Patrick is clearly the star?

Why is the show called SpongeBob when... Patrick is the star. Hurr durr. Tee-hee.

What do SpongeBob and LeBron James have in common? They both hit the deck and flop like a fish.

Spongebob might be the main character But Patrick is the real star.

Spongebob might be the main character.... but Patrick is the star.

Why is Spongebob the main character? Isn't Patrick the Star?

A cinema sold out for the Spongebob film in 4D Everybody drowned in the cinema

Where should Spongebob fans go in the hospital? The Squid-ward

Why can't Spongebob make the honor roll? Because he's a C sponge!

You either die as SpongeBob Or live long enough to see yourself become a Squidward .

What would you call it if SpongeBob ran for governer? A goobernatorial election.

Why couldn't Spongebob get a mortgage? Because his house was underwater.

What do you call a snail on a ship? A snailor

(My nephew is watching Spongebob please send help my brain cells are leaving one by one)

Why is Spongebob the main character... ...when Patrick's the star?

What would you call Usain Bolt if he was a spongebob squarepants fan? The cash slinging dasher

Call my getaway driver spongebob Because he never miss a shift

Damn girl are you David Hasselhoff? Because I wanna ride you like Spongebob and Patrick getting the crown to Bikini Bottom from Shell City to save the day and Mr. Krabs

SpongeBob Wait, I just realised something. SpongeBob lives in bikini bottom, and he's absorbent: oh no...

Why is Spongebob the main character....? When Patrick's clearly the star!

You see that episode of Spongebob where Sandy got pregnant? He misunderstood when she said she had a sponge in her.

My kid just asked me 'Why doesn't Spongebob have his own day like his friend does?' Saint Patrick's Day.......

Why is spongebob Asian? Because he’s yellow and can’t drive

Why does Spongebob own such a huge piano? Because he lives in a pineapple under the C.

Why don't horse stables have windows Cause qho has ever heard of stable windows.
(this joke is from an old point & click spongebob game)

Why is Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants named after a squid and not an octopus? Because to do so would just be awkward.

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Long Spongebob Jokes

I went diving with a bunch of laundry.

It was wrapped in a waterproof bag. I went in to gaze at the beautiful sealife. When I went back to the surface I noticed some of my clothes were missing.

Let's see I had 8 shirts, 2 socks, and 9 pants prior to diving and now I have 8 shirts, 2 socks, and 3 pants.

My friend asked me

Did you see SpongeBob SquarePants?

All aspects of life are contests.

Politics is a contest of morality where you vote with your opinion.

Economics is a contest of value where you vote with your wallet.


Evolution is a contest of beauty where you vote with your genitals.

Only Patrick and Spongebob are above it all.

Blind Man Woes

A blind man walking down the street on his way home passes a fish market. He stopped in front front of it, took a deep breath and said "Whooo, good morning ladies!"

PS- I'm rather new to posting, especially on this subforum so I'm not certain if this is a repost. If it is... I'm sorry. I just remember hearing something like this from a spongebob video and wanted to share.

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