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My grandfather personally killed 30 German aviators during WW2 He was the shittiest mechanic the luftwaffe had.

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Funny Ww2 Jokes
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Why do the french have windows at the rear end of their tanks during WW2? So they can see the battlefield

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My grandpa destroyed 38 planes in WW2, killed 58 Germans. Literally the worst mechanic of the Luftwaffe

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My grandad killed 50 German pilots in WW2 He wasn't a very skilled mechanic.

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Selling a french WW2 rifle Never fired, only dropped once.

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I have a French WW2 rifle for sale Never been fired, only dropped once.

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My grand father fought in WW2. Whenever I bring it up, he says he never wants to talk about it again. What a sore loser

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So a French WW2 rifle came up for sale at an auction, the description read... French rifle, never used, dropped once.

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Why did Germany lose WW2? Three Reichs and you're out

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Why did it take so long for Americans to beat Germany in WW2? They weren't Russian.

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Selling French WW2 Rifle in great condition. It has never been fired only dropped once.

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During WW2 my grandad downed over 35 German planes... He still holds the record as the worst mechanic in Luftwaffe history.

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Post-WW2 Soviet joke \- Who is your mother?

\- Our great Soviet state!

\- Who is your father?

\- Our dear comrade Stalin!

\- What's your dream?

\- Becoming an orphan!

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My grandad was responsible for 28 downed german planes in WW2. Still to this day holds the record as the worst mechanic the Luftwaffe ever had.

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What do you call a blind German man in ww2 A not see

(From my German dad)

Or would this be better in dad jokes

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The fascist, the coward, and the yellow monkey were what the US call their enemy in WW2... ... now that is what they call their president.

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My grandfather was treated very badly by the Germans in WW2. Passed over for promotion time and time again.

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Why didn't the Soviet Union join WW2 until 1941? They were using Stalin-tactics

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What do you call a German stealth WW2 submarine? A not see you boat.

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My grandfather lost his tongue during WW2 He never talks about it.

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That Military Documentary series on Japan in WW2 was really good... ...Unfortunately it never survived past the Pilot episode.

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My grandfather served in WW2 during the liberation of France One day I asked him “ Did you ever kill anybody?”.

He goes silent, looked me deep in the eyes and said “probably, I was the cook”

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How did the Scandinavian countries communicate during WW2? Norse code

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How did Germany raise its GDP pc. during WW2? Reduce the capita

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What's Long and Hard and full of seamen? The Pacific theatre of WW2!

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What does an American ww2 veteran say when you ask him if he wants some tea? Sherman tanks!

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My grandfather was his army battalion's mime during WW2. He doesn't like to talk about it.

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Did you know that a hand sanitizer is much more effective than the allies in WW2? A hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of the germs in only 15 seconds.

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My great grandfather sunk 5 U-boats in ww2 Easily the worst captain the kriegsmarine had

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Japan was devastated when the US bombed them in WW2 But everything is Okay-nowa

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In history class we got to read on a WW2 topic of our choice. I chose the Manhattan Project. I heard it was the bomb.

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WW2 Joke So, two Germans walk into a B.A.R

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My grandfather was responsible for 35 downed german planes in Ww2 still to this date holds the record as the worst mechanic the Luftwaffe ever had.

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My great grandfather fell in a battle during ww2 But he stood up

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In WW2 Germany and Japan worked on a tank together They called it the Japanzer

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A German airman on the air forces during WW2 If you see a white plane, it's American; if it's black it's RAF (Royal Air Force). If you see no planes at all, that's the Luftwaffe.

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What was the German Army's favorite breakfast during WW2? Luft-waffles.

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What do you call a basketball playing WW2 war veteran Dunk-Kirk

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What did German troops play during WW2? Nazee!

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