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Most people are shocked when they find out... ...how incompetent I am as an electrician.

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How do you tell the difference between an electrician and an electrical engineer? Ask them to pronounce the word, "unionized".

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Electrician gets home late... Electrician didn't get home until after 2am. His wife asked "Wire you insulate?" He replied, "Watts it to you, I'm ohm, aren't I?"

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Many people are shocked when they find out.. That I’m a horrible electrician.

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Many people are shocked... ...when they find out I'm a horrible electrician.

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Funny Electrician Jokes
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An electrician didn't get home until after 2 a.m. His wife asked, "Wire you insulate?"

He replied, "Watts it to you? I'm ohm, aren't I?"

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What do you call when you cross a detective with an electrician Sherlock Ohms

(sorry if this is repost, I thought of it in class)

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I'm a bad electrician And when people find out, they're so shocked.

Score: 67

Most people are shocked when they find out how bad an electrician I am.

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Jimmy, the electrician's son was grounded by his parents... I heard his parents say he had no potential

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An electrician was shocked by a live wire when he was asked why... He said he couldn't resist.

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At night court, a man was brought in and set before the judge. The judge said, "State your name, occupation, and
the charge."
The defendant said, "I'm Sparks, I'm an electrician,
charged with
The judge winced and said, "Bailiff! Put
this man in a dry

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I freaked out the electrician by opening the door naked. I couldn’t tell what gave him a bigger shock – whether the fact that I was naked, or that I got into his house.

Score: 33

Mom says it's just a phase.. ..but I really want to become an electrician.

Score: 32

What is black and is stuck to a ceiling? A not very good electrician...

Score: 27

What's the difference between an electrician and a chemist? The electrician likes his work to be unionized, while the chemist likes his work to be unionized.

Score: 26

An electrician comes home late Wife: "Wire you insulate?"

Electrician: "Watts it to you, I'm ohm ain't I?"

Score: 26

When people find out I am not a very good electrician, they are usually shocked.

Score: 25

An electrician comes home at 2 am.... His wife asks, "wire you insulate?"

He replies, "watt's the problem, I'm ohm aren't I?"

Score: 22

An electrician was working at an apartment when he got electrocuted. He died before he even knew watts up.

Score: 19

What do you say when you break up with an electrician? Watt is love?

Baby don't hertz me.

Don't hertz me.



Score: 18

I used to date an electrician... Boy, she could really light up a room!

Score: 16

Today I found out that the electrician didn't connect the protective grounding system at my home. I was shocked.

Score: 16

Today i discovered my electrician was unqualified I was shocked

Score: 16

What's the difference between an Electrician and someone who's high? The electrician knows where the ground is.

Score: 15

What does an electrician say when he's confused? Watt?!

Score: 14

What is black and smokes and is attached to electrical wires? A bad electrician

Score: 14

What does an electrician say while meditating? Ohm... Ohm...

Score: 13

I'm pretty sure my electrician supports LGBT rights. Just the other day I heard him talking about his transister.

Score: 12

What do you say to an electrician who isn't on time? Wire you insulate?

Score: 9

What's black, burnt and hanging from the ceiling? A blonde electrician

Score: 8

My frugal neighbor doesn't want to pay for an electrician to re-wire his house so he's going to try and do it himself. "How hard can it be?" he said. I think he's in for a shock.

Score: 8

What is black and stuck to the ceiling? A crappy electrician

Score: 6

Why didn't the electrician get shocked? They were unionized.

Score: 5

An electrician's son removed one wire from each of his father's power plugs. His father asks him furiously: Why did you do that? What's wrong with you?

Son: Nothing, dad. It's just a phase.

Father: You're grounded.

Score: 4

An electrician goes to a fortune teller. When he arrives, the fortune teller says
"Look into this crystal ball and you will see how you die". When the electrician looks into the ball, he couldn't believe what he saw. He was shocked.

Score: 4

What happens when a Buzzfeed writer becomes an electrician with no experience? What comes next will shock you

Score: 4

While working on the house, I realized that I am a terrible electrician even with small projects Everyone was shocked by what I did to the light switch.

Score: 3

What's the electrician's favorite band? AC/DC.

Score: 3

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People mostly get shocked when they find out.... I'm a bad electrician

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An electrician goes home after a party... His wife shouts “Wire insulate?!”

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I just called an electrician and told him I need 15,000$ worth of repairs. Needless to say, he was ecstatic.

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A professional electrician hurt himself on the job... He must've been shocked!

Score: 2

A Mexican electrician accidentally touched a live wire. He suffered a Corona discharge.

Score: 3

What does an electrician call their OTP in fanfiction? A power coupling.

Score: 1

A French man and an Irish man walk into a bar. The French guy asks his friend: "say, how many Americans does it take to change a lightbulb?".

The Irish replies: "how would I know? I'm neither an electrician nor an anthropologist!"

Score: 3

Did you hear about the electrician whose boss told him to put new wire throughout the whole house? He refused.

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What do you call when you cross a detective with an electrician Sherlock Ohms

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A modest electrician... ...once saw a few naked wires, he immediately lowered his gaze.

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What did one ethuastic Electrician say to the other sad Electrician? Don't feel bad, YOU CONDUIT!!!

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