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Funny Coding Jokes

What is coding called on Tatooine? Jabbascript

What did the HTML coding dog say? Href Href!

Coding humor 99 silly bugs in the code
99 silly bugs
Pass one down
Patch it aroubd
127 silly bugs in the code!

My dog ate my coding homework. Took him a couple bytes.

Play on words Me: sorry, my dog ate my homework

Prof: your dog ate your coding assignment?



Me: yeah, it took him a few bytes

my dog... Me: I'm so sorry, my dog ate my homework

Comp Sci Professor: your dog ate your coding assignment?



Me: it took him a couple bytes

Me: My dog ate my homework Comp science professor: Your dog ate your coding assignment?


Comp science professor:

Me: It took him a couple of bytes..


Edit: this is not my joke lol

"My dog ate my homework" Prof - "Your dog ate your coding assignment?
Me -
Prof -
Me - It took him a couple of bytes.

My dog ate my computer science project "your dog ate your coding assignment?"

It took him a couple bytes

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I will <br> your heart

My dog ate my coding assignment. It took him a couple bytes.

A programmer starts coding something... And it works first try

I recently entered a computer coding competition. I took home the gold with 0th place!

You know you've been coding for too long when...;

Her: I love coding Me: U R 2 6 C i 1 2 4 Q

Her: i 1 2 1/2 6 w/ U, 2

A movie about the maximum function in coding and signal transformation applications in road planning: "Math.Max Fourier Road"

My dog just ate my coding homework It took him a couple bytes

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Did you hear about the parents that auctioned off the right to name their firstborn child?

They were expecting after trying to get pregnant for a long time. But when they tried to discuss what they should name the child, it was causing all kinds of arguments. They just couldn’t come to an agreement and there was a lot of tension between them. It got to the point where the wife was staying over at her parents' house every other evening.

About a month after the arguing started, the husband gets an idea. He immediately calls his wife to tell her. “Honey, I know this sounds crazy, but just hear me out for a second. What if we had an auction and sold the right to name our kid to the highest bidder?” She is hesitant at first, but, knowing they would never come to an agreement, she decides that this is actually a great solution.

They decided to go through with it. The husband has some experience coding and whips up a simple webpage where you can bid on this auction. If you win, you’ll have the right to name their kid, as long as it isn’t anything obscene. A local news station picks up the story and they become pretty well known locally.

So, it’s 8½ months into the pregnancy. The baby has been developing healthily and the auction is about to come to an end. When bidding finally closes, the winning bid is actually from a lip balm company named “Butter Lips.” The kid's full name is going to end up being “Butter Lips Bradley.”

It was finally time to deliver the baby. Labor went well, ending just under six hours. Two days later, they’re all rested up and ready to be released and head home. They wrap up the kid and drive back home from the hospital.

When they get home, they go to unwrap the baby, and, to the shock of all involved, it’s not their kid! “Man,” they said, “I can’t believe it’s not Butter!”

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - I've rewritten the military coding for letters. I would appreciate anybody suggestions or improvements here...

Lynch (all CIA guys' name)
Xystarch (look it up)

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