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Guys I just recently bought a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus, my son dropped it and the screen shattered. Anyways I'm doing a giveaway! The kid is 8 years old, cute, thin and not really tall.

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How did Kevin Spacey find the little boy in all the Tall grass? Satisfying.

Score: 923

A physicist sees a person on the top of a very tall building. "Don't do it! You have so much potential!"

Score: 662

Men call short women "petite". What do women call short men? Um, yeh, they don't call.

Source: I'm not a tall man.

Score: 206

I recently bought a 256GB iPhone X, my son dropped it and the screen shattered. Anyway, I'm doing a giveaway. The kid is 8 years old, cute, thin and not very tall.

Score: 183

A tall guy walks into a bar that's what he gets for being tall

Score: 154

I asked a tall guy "how's the weather up there" He spat on me and told me it's raining

Score: 151

Ukrainian authorities are planning to turn the Chernobyl exclusion zone into an amusement park They say the only difference between it and Disneyland will be that the six foot tall mouse isn't a costume.

Score: 146

How did the priest find the little boy in the tall grass? Delightful

Score: 145

How did the hillbilly find the sheep in the tall grass? Satisfying

Score: 134

A physicist notices a man about to jump of a really tall building, he yells: DONT JUMP YOU HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL

Score: 127

I went to school with a very tall guy named Jimmy Glasscock. You could always see him coming.

Score: 110

I just purchased a new iPhone 7 Plus, and my son dropped it, So i’m giving it away. He’s 8 years old, tall and quite thin. Good with pets.

Score: 100

They always asked me if I play basketball because I was tall. They stopped asking me that when I asked them if they play mini golf.

Score: 85

The Ukrainian government is opening up a tourist attraction in Chernobyl. It will be like Disney World, except the six foot tall mouse is real.

Score: 67

What's 8 feet tall, covered in fur, and walks around the Himalayas undermining your arguments by attacking your character? The Adhomineminal Snowman

Score: 66

It doesn't matter if you're black, white, old, young, tall, short or even if you're from another country. It's what's INSIDE that counts! I love you refrigerator!

Score: 63

There's a type of mustard gas that stays near the ground and only kills people less than 4 feet tall. It's used in chemical dwarfare.

Score: 63

Why did Dave Grohl buy such a tall house? He wanted to make sure he was getting the best, the best, the best, the best-a view.

Score: 59

A man is standing on the top of a tall building about to commit suicide... ...when a physicist at the bottom shouts up, "Don't do it! You have so much potential!"

Score: 58

Being tall is an enormous responsibility Short people look up to you.

Score: 52

Did you know the Hover Dam was supposed to be twice as tall as it is now? After some re-evaluation, they thought it would be 2 dam high.

I’ll see myself out...

Score: 50

How do you knock out a Muslim who is over 6 foot tall? With a hijab

Score: 50

How did the Scotsman find the sheep in tall grass? Very satisfying.

Score: 46

How tall is the world smallest grandmother? One Nanameter.

Score: 45

How did the redneck find the sheep in the tall grass? Satisfying.

Score: 44

A man is standing on a tall ledge. A physicist yells from the street, "Don't jump! You have too much potential!"

Score: 43

Optimist: Glass half full Pessimist : Glass half empty

Engineer: Glass is too tall.

Score: 41

How does a Scotsman find a sheep in the tall grass? Very satisfying.

Retweaked joke:
How does a (insert nationality here) find a sheep in the tall grass?
Very (insert extremely lustful emotion here)!

Score: 40

What do tall people and black people have in common? They have no one to look up to.

Score: 15

Tall people and Short people should never date. Long distance relationships never work out.

Score: 7

My 6' tall female friend complains that she can't ever find pants long enough to fit. Try Amazon.com

Score: 6

A very tall and handsome man walks into a bar and suffers a mild concussion.

Score: 6

Why are tall trees so happy? They are high.

Score: 5

Why is it always a good idea to wear 'tall pants'? Because it's a practice of good high-jean!

Score: 5

If you're a tall person and someone asks you if you play basketball Ask them if they play mini golf

Score: 5

Did you know tall people are usually bad at math? ... cus it’s the little things that count

Score: 4

I bet all really tall people... are afraid of ducks.

Score: 3

Its easy to spot an American spy, just ask them how tall they are If they answer in feet you have your answer.

Score: 3

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My parents were both 4 feet tall... They struggled to put food on the table.

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I refuse to date tall people. Because I can’t handle my partner looking down on me.

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I was hanging off a tall scyscraper. I lost 25% of my grip and fell. Rip.

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It’s ok to make fun of tall people You’re literally punching up!

Score: 2

You know what’s cool about tall people? There always people you can look up to.

Score: 2

What do you call it when a tall person and a short person do 69? 6q

Score: 1

A man is approached at a hospital “How tall are you?”

“5’8”, doctor.”

“Oh, I’m very sorry; but I’m not the doctor. I’m the carpenter.”

Score: 3

Did you hear about the guy who says he saw a giraffe with a tail longer than it’s neck? I think he’s just telling tall tails

Score: 1

Sorry if it offends anyone but my black friend told me this special one. Why are black people so tall?

because their kneegrows

Score: 3

What do you call your tall husband? A daddy long legs

Score: 2

What do you call a bird that sits atop a tall metal tower A crane

Score: 1

An under-appreciated benefit of being 6 ft tall Not a lot of people look down on you

Score: 1

A tall man taught me how to lay tents. Although he left before I got to show him what I learnt, It was still lay tent learning.

Score: 1

I think tall people are the best role models I know I’ll always look up to them

Score: 3

I heard that the cat with the worlds longest tail is 7 feet... But I think that’s just a tall tail.

Score: 1

How does the Scitsman find his sheep in the tall grass? Very satisfying.

Score: 0

Its better to have loved a short girl and lost than never to have loved a tall

Score: 2

How do you tell a tall person on the internet? Don't worry, they'll bring it up no matter the context.

Score: 2

Tall people are less tired than small ones Because they are longer in bed.

Score: 1

Tall people are so rude. It's like they're always looking down on you.

Score: 2

When I get Starbucks in the morning, I always ask for a Norwegian. It's a tall blonde.

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