Dnd Jokes

Funny Dnd Jokes

how many dnd players does it take to change a light bulb All of them, never split the party

DnD books:$20 Gas to go the store:$15

Realizing you have nothing to roll:diceless

A group of DnD players walk into a bar The bartender asks, “what’re you all in for?”

The group says “we’re hunting mimics”

The bartender laughed, the group laughed, the table laughed. They killed the table

Pre-2000s, gender was like flipping a coin. Now it's like rolling a DnD dice.

What is a dnd clerics favorite car manufacturer? Ford, because I’ve never seen a cleric without their focus.

Of all the DnD Classes, which class would be the best at making friends? The Necromancer.

Did you hear about the guy who had some great DnD rolls while on vacation? Rumor has it he had a loaded par-a-dise.

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