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Funny Unicorn Jokes
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What do you call a unicorn that's had its horn removed. Eunuchorn

Score: 106

My dad is like a unicorn He's never here. :(

Score: 61

The other day my friend told me I was delusional... ...I nearly fell off of my unicorn.

Score: 52

I went to get my unicorn neutered... Now it's a eunuchorn.


Score: 48

A unicorn without testicles is called a eunuchorn

Score: 38

What do you call a unicorn that's had its horn removed? A eunuchorn.

Score: 27

A hunter went out on a hunting trip. He took his sons cigarettes by mistake. He had an excellent day. He shot 2 bucks, a boar, a black bear, and a unicorn.

Score: 23

Dave and John have a conversation Dave: Are you a virgin

John: I was, until yesterday

Dave: I don't believe you

John: No, seriously, ask your sister

Dave: I don't have a sister

John: You will in 9 months.
*flies away snickering on his magic unicorn*

Score: 13

what's the difference between a unicorn and a girlfriend? i am 8 times more likely to find a unicorn

Score: 11

What do you call a Unicorn with his horn cut off? a Eunuch-horn! :D

Score: 10

What do you call a unicorn who's had it's horn removed? A eunuchcorn.

Score: 10

What's the difference between a head of lettuce and a unicorn? One is a funny beast, and the other is a bunny feast!

Score: 9

A Republican, a Democrat, a Communist, a priest, a rabbi, an Imam, an African, a Caucasian, an Asian, a horse, a giraffe, an elephant, a fairy, an elf, and an unicorn walk into a bar... The bar tender looks up

"What is this? A joke?"

Score: 8

A mailman, a boy, and a unicorn walk into a bar. The woman gets a concussion, some stitches, and a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder.

Score: 6

What has one horn and isn't magic? A dead unicorn.

Score: 6

Why didn’t the narwhal invite the unicorn to his party? He wanted to keep it real

Score: 6

What do you call a unicorn with no horn? A eunuch

Score: 6

What do you call a castrated unicorn? A eunuch-orn

Score: 5

NOAH'S DIARY: Day 42... NOAH'S DIARY: Day 42
Dragon steak for lunch, and Unicorn pie for dinner.

Score: 4

What do you call a gelded unicorn? A Eunuch-corn

Score: 4

A priest, a nun, a giraffe, a telepathic unicorn, 21 pilots, Pennywise the clown, a ninja and Donald Trump walk into a bar. The bartender, struggling to open the champagne, says ...yeah I don't know how I'm going to pull this one off.

Score: 4

The other day, I was questioning the state of my sanity... ... but the unicorn and the gummy bear told me I was okay.

Score: 4

What do you call a piece of corn all by itself? A Unicorn.

Score: 3

What do you call a unicorn who got a flu shot? An immunicorn

Score: 3

Why did the 2-Horned Unicorn keep getting sent home from work? Excessive Horniness is inappropriate in the workplace

Score: 3

What do you get if you remove the horn from a unicorn? A eunuch

Score: 3

Whats the difference between a generous scottish man and a unicorn Nothing, Theyre both fictional characters

Score: 3

What do you call a vegetable in college? A unicorn

Score: 3

How do you catch a unicorn? Unique up on it.

Score: 3

What do you call a unicorn gelding? Eunuchorn

Score: 2

What do you call an academic institute concerning vegetables that only offers their services to mythological creatures? A Unicorn

Score: 1

I once attended a lecture on psychedelic drugs It was about punchline expectations. According to the unicorn, anyway.

Score: 1

My dad told me this one: "what do you call a baby unicorn?" "A unikernel"

Also I've never met my dad.

Score: 1

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