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I invited my girlfriend to go to the gym with me and then I didn’t show. I hope she gets the message that we’re not working out.

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I joined a gym and said to the trainer, “I want to impress beautiful girls, which machine should I use?” He said, “Try the ATM outside”

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A 40 year old man asked the Trainer in the Gym, 'I want to Impress Beautiful Girls, which Machine should I use?' The Trainer replied, 'Outside the Gym, there is an ATM. Try that'

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This idiot on the treadmill at the gym. Just put a water bottle in the Pringles holder.

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I just joined a gym for religious minorities. Jehova's Fitness

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Why do some couples not go to the gym? Some relationships don't work out...

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I'm starting a gym where we bring exercise equipment right to your front door, whether you requested it or not. I'm calling it "Jehovah's Fitness"

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Why doesn’t where’s Waldo go to the gym Because no one can spot him

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Funny Gym Jokes
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I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym today That's 7 years in a row now

Score: 893

I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym today. That’s 7 years in a row now.

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It's now 7 months since I joined the gym and nothing has changed. Maybe it's time I go there personally and find out what's wrong.

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I don't know why I broke up with my girl at the gym... I guess we just weren't working out.

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I invited my girlfriend to go to the gym with me, then I didn't show... I hope she gets the message that we aren't working out.

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I was suspicious or my girlffriend cheating on me with this guy from her gym. So i pick up her phone at night when she's sleeping .. ...and drive to this dude's place on the other side of the town and go to stand on his porch to see if the wifi connects

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At the gym I walked into the gym and see a bunch of ladies working out, I ask the guy who is running the gym, “Sir, what machine should I use to impress the ladies?” He smiles says “Try the ATM in the lobby”.

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I just saw some idiot at the gym he put a water bottle in the Pringles holder on the treadmill.

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I asked my new friend to meet me at the gym, but they never showed up. I guess the two of us aren't going to work out.

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I invited my girlfriend to the gym and then I didn’t show.... I hope she gets the message that we aren’t working out,

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Child: Dad I want to be a plumber when I grow up Dad: That’s a very low goal. Have some ambition

Child: How about being a doctor?

Dad: That’s right!

Child: Or a teacher, a prison guard, a gym trainer....


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I started going to the gym a year ago and so far I lost 500 pounds! The only problem is I’m British...

Score: 339

I have Abs olutely wasted my gym membership.

Score: 332

The guys at the gym called me a fat loser ... It's really great how they notice my effort.

Score: 332

Two Canadian body builders were working out at the gym. After they were done, they sat together in the locker room.

One turned to the other and said, "I'm sore, eh?"

The other said, "What for?"

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I can't believe I forgot to go to the gym today. That's seven years in a row now.

Score: 299

I regret joining the gym recently.. leaving the EU would've been a more effective way to lose pounds

Score: 298

After years of hard work in the gym as a personal trainer I finally admitted I wasn’t strong enough and quit. I just handed in my too weak notice.

Score: 218

I’v been a gym member for 6 months without any progress... I think I need to go personally to see what ‘s going on

Score: 217

Why did the priest go to the gym? For muscle mass.

I thought of this one in the shower this morning.

Score: 191

Honestly, I don't mind leg day at the gym It's just the two days after that I can't stand

Score: 184

I told my girlfriend to meet me at the gym but I didn't go I hope she gets the message that we're not working out.

Score: 157

When I want to exercise, I wear my gym clothes... ...but when I want to wear something more formal, I wear my James clothes.

Score: 29

I said to the gym teacher: 'Can you teach me to do the splits?' He said: 'How flexible are you?'
I said: 'I can't make Tuesdays.'

Score: 21

Not every couple goes to the gym Because some relationships don't work out

Score: 20

I don't know why I broke up with the gym... ..I guess we just weren't working out.

Score: 18

Why I love working out at the gym I go to! There's this hot MILF always walking around checking me out.

I love home gyms.

Score: 11

What do you call Adolf Hitler's personal gym? The liftwaffe.

Score: 8

after 9 months of procrastination, of psyching myself up and never following through, last night i finally went to the gym to cancel that damned membership.

Score: 7

When i went to ask mom for gym money Me:Mom give me some money for the gym.

Mom:Will you become John Cena after going to gym?

Me:Am I becoming Einstein by going to school?

Score: 5

New Years resolution to recycle water I am putting a bucket in each shower and using the collected water in the clothes washer. I really don’t care what everyone else at the gym says.

Score: 5

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New Gym Jokes

Two Guys Are Changing At The Gym One is putting on a pair of lace knickers,

"Since when do you wear womens pants?"

"Since my wife found them in the glove compartment!"

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With so many people home from work and school and unable to use the gym... Nobody will be gaining the Freshman 15, but most of us will gain the Covid 19

Score: 1

My girlfriend got so upset at me for quitting gym in a month after paying the $500 annual fee I am glad she aint dating Mike Bloomberg

Score: 0

My girlfriend and I used to go to the gym together... ...but we didn't work out.

Score: 1

Taxi Driver first day in the gym When he gets asked, do you Lyft?

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It’s been 2 weeks and 6 months since I joined the gym and still no progress I’m going there in person tomorrow to see what’s really going on

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So a guy is in Gym class, he says he want's to go to Hogwarts. So he runs and jumps right into a wall yelling BRAIN DAMAGE!!!

He falls with this nose broken when a girl walks next to him and says the all is plaster.

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A man at the gym proposed to his girlfriend. She said no.

I guess it didn’t workout.

Score: 5

what was the short guy enthusiastically shouting when they were picking teams in gym class pygmy pygmy

Score: 2

Earlier today, I was at the swimming pool with my gym class. The teacher yelled at me for peeing in the pool, and I replied that everyone pees in the pool "Yeah, but not from the diving board" was his reply!

Score: 3

What do you call an all female workout center? An OB-GYM

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What is the difference between elementary school and gym? They count more in elementary school.

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The only machineI’m confident in using at the gym Is the vending machine

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My gym moved to a different floor. It took my fitness routine to a whole new level.

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Why didn't the little T-Rex go to the gym? He was a little dinosore

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What's worse than getting an erection at the gym and somebody noticing? Getting an erection at the gym and nobody noticing.

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r/fitness is just like the gym. Everyone subscribes, but no one actually spends anytime there.

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Please Give Generously to your High School Gym Program! Be an athletic supporter!

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I've been going to the gym for 10 years with no progress... Apparently, you have to actually exercise while you're there to see any results.

Score: 3

I was complaining about my lack of muscle growth to a buddy of mine in the gym... Me: I come here everyday, 3 hours each day and I look the same as I did 6 months ago.

Buddy: No whey!

Score: 4

Why did the squash go to the gym? Because she's getting ready for zucchini season

Score: 2

Two roosters are working out in a gym One of the roosters stops and starts to stare at something.

The other rooster asks "What you looking at?"

To which he replies with "Just chicken out that fit bird."

Score: 2

2016 has been a bad year: my attorney sued me for assault, my health-club canceled my membership for non-payment. On the plus side, my social media presence increased! So 2016: Hit attorney, deleted gym...but Facebook up!

Score: 2

I went to the gym and asked the guy there to teach me how to do the splits..... He said 'how flexible are you?'

I said 'I can't do Thursdays.'

Credit: Tommy Cooper

Score: 3

Gym class made me sweat a little bit. I'm salty about it.

Score: 1

What's the only thing working out at the gym? The business plan.

Score: 4

what did the canadian guy say after working out at a gym so much the machines broke? I'm sorey...

Score: 3

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