Naruto Jokes

At the beginning of Naruto, the three main characters existed in a 'love square'. Naruto loves Sakura, Sakura loves Sasuke, Sasuke loves nobody, and nobody loves Naruto.

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Funny Naruto Jokes
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What's the difference between Naruto and Bleach? No one ever told me to drink Naruto

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Did you hear what happened to the lady that binge watched naruto for 3 days staight when she saw there was more after episode 220? Shippuden her pants.

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How is Naruto like a Twinkie? It's all fluff and filler

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If the Naruto runner isnt in rewind, 420 BILLION DISLIKES

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What did Naruto do when the Hokage died? Bereave it!

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People who use sign language are the modern day Naruto Fastest way to stop an argument between a bunch of deaf people?

Just switch off the lights.

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A man typed the name of the new Japanese Emperor into his iPhone, but the autocorrect mistakenly changed it to Emperor Naruto.

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