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Funny Laffy Taffy Jokes
Score: 122

I aspire to write jokes for laffy taffy. Q: What do you call a gullible vampire?

A: A sucker

Score: 67

Why did the skeleton not go to prom? He had no *body* to go with!!!

As told by a Professor, in a serious Aerospace class, reading off of Laffy Taffy.

Score: 24

The best joke I ever heard from a Laffy Taffy wrapper Why do kangaroos hate rainy days?
The kids have to play inside.

Score: 12

What is the definition of a farmer? Someone who is outstanding in his field.


Credit: Laffy Taffy

Score: 12

What did the hat say to the scarf? You hang around while I go on ahead.

Credit goes to a Laffy Taffy wrapper from some years ago.

Score: 8

My favorite from a Laffy Taffy wrapper: What do you call a twitching cow? Beef Jerky

Score: 6

This was my Laffy taffy joke I choked on it while I read this What Kind Of Tree Grows In Your Hand?
A palm tree!

Score: 5

What is a Mathematician's favorite thing to drink? Root beer.

(tbh: found on a Laffy taffy wrapper)

Score: 5

What runs around a soccer field but never moves? A fence.

Credit: Leftover Laffy Taffy from Halloween. #157 Julie D., Boise, ID

Score: 5

Why couldn't Mozart find his teacher? Because his teacher was Haydn.

(Stolen from laffy taffy)

Score: 4

What did one eye say to the other? Between us, something smells.

Courtesy of the laffy taffy in my candy bowl. Happy Haloween! :)

Score: 3

What's the best smelling insect? This was found on the back of my Laffy Taffy wrapper. The answer is deodor-ant.

Score: 3

What kind of clothes to clouds wear? THUNDERWEAR!!

Source: Laffy Taffy

Score: 2

[the worst Laffy Taffy joke i've ever read] What's yellow and wears a mask? The Lone Lemon

Score: 1

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