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If I spank Dwayne Johnson... does that mean I hit Rock bottom?

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I found a rock yesterday which measured 1760 yards in length. Must be some kind of milestone.

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What's the difference between a rock musician and a jazz musician? A rock musician plays 3 chords for 20,000 people, and a jazz musician plays 20,000 chords for 3 people

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If you ask me what my favorite rock band is and I'm being subjective, I'd say The Who. If I was being objective, I'd say it was The Whom.

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What is the name of a rock group that has four members yet none of them sing? Mount Rushmore

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What's the difference between a jazz guitarist and a rock guitarist? A rock guitarist plays 10 chords for 50,000 people, and a jazz guitarist plays 50,000 chords for 10 people.

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The salt packet says it was created from a 250 million year old Himalayan rock salt bed The label says the expiry date is June 2018.

I'm so glad they dug it up just in time

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Which rock group has 4 men that can't sing? Mount Rushmore

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I found a rock yesterday which measured 1760 yards in length… Must be some kind of milestone…

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My friend and I were hiking Me: "That's a huge rock over there!"

Him: "Boulder."

Me: **"That's a huge rock over there."**

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The principal at my school called me in to his office today. He said "I've just had a rock thrown through my window, are you responsible?" No, I'm irresponsible. That's why I threw it.

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Who was the sexiest woman in Greek myth? Actually, it was Medusa. One look from her made guys rock hard.

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what is a 4 person rock group that doesn't play music mount rushmore

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What's the difference between rock and jazz? Rock is playing three chords for a thousand people. Jazz is playing a thousand chords for three people.

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Medusa was the hottest woman ever. Every man who looked at her got rock hard.

Score: 230

That's a nice shamrock you've got there. It would be a shame if someone replaced the -rock with an e.

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Pickup line: Girl, is your name Medusa? Because you made me rock hard

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What rock group have four men that don't sing? Mount Rushmore.

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I went hiking today Me: That's a huge rock.

Friend: Boulder.

Me: **That's a huge rock.**

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How does a rock pee? He Dwaynes his Johnson

Score: 176

What rock group has 4 members that can't sing? Mount Rushmore

Score: 162

What rock group has 4 men that don't sing? Mount Rushmore

Score: 154

What rock group has 4 dudes that don't sing? Mount Rushmore

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I saw a rock the other day that has been painted on.. The words: Turn me Over ----->

I turn the rock over then it says:

"You just took orders from a rock

Are you stoned?"

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What does Kevin Hart have in common with Paul Walker? Being friends with the rock!

Wait, what did you think I was going to say?

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What's a rock group that has four men and none of them sing? Mount Rushmore

Score: 139

I like metal bands with female lead singers... Something about women screaming makes me rock hard.

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The difference between a rock band and a jazz group The rock band will play 3 chords in front of 1000 people.

The jazz group will play 1000 chords in front of 3 people.

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I got a new job at a quarry today, and the foreman was showing me around when I saw this huge rock. I told him, "Wow! That's a really big rock!"
"Boulder." He says.
**"WOW!!!! THATS A REALLY MASSIVE ROCK,"** I say while puffing my chest out.

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What kind of rock isn't really a rock? A shamrock.

Score: 12

My pet rock was crippled in an accident It's been hard on all of us

Score: 9

So I heard wind turbines enjoy listening to rock music.. Apparently they’re big heavy metal fans.

Score: 7

My pet rock just isn’t feeling well today. I think it’s stoned.

Score: 6

I’ve been working on a new trick for my magic act where I get rock hard without the audience realizing it. It’s called missed erection

Score: 6

A pair of twins were in a cake shop... They were looking for a birthday cake but just couldn’t decide on a topping.

Twin 1: “I want chocolate”

Twin 2: “I want skittles”

Twin 1: “How about we do Rock Paper Scissors?”

Twin 2: “Why would I want that on my cake?”

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What did the owner of the mining rig say to his workers after they blasted the rock and found gold underneath? Wow this really blew up! Thanks for the gold!

Score: 6

Whenever I get high with friends, my anxiety kicks in I hate rock climbing

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Somebody help me practice rock paper scissors, I suck. Ill go first. ROCK.

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You have to take these modern homeopathic health fads with a pinch of salt. Preferably Himalayan pink rock salt, due to its high mineral content and detoxifying effects.

Score: 5

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What do you call the sound of tumbling stone? Rock and roll.

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Unsure if I should be proud of my wife for her mishap while bungie-jumping She hit rock bottom but at least she bounced right back

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GameStop recently claimed that it’s actually pronounced GamesTop I think it’s ironic since their company is already rock bottom

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If rock bands were our military Foo Fighters would be protecting us from foo’s on the ground while the Stone Temple Pilots are protecting the skies

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What did the stoner say to the boulder? Rock on.

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For a Rock album to be truly great, it has to have at least one track without words. It is instrumental.

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How do you make a Rock dance? Add ing to it

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Who was the most famous rock artist in Italy? Michaelangelo!

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Tyrion and Jamie Lannister just started their own band They play Casterly Rock

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Some people didn’t remember the plot of the short story The Lottery (By Shirley Jackson) But when they did, it hit them like a rock.

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Arab's are Queen fans Homesexuality : \*exists\*
Arab countries: we will we will ROCK you....

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How does the Rock take a pee? Dwayne his Johnson

Score: 2

I’m going to open a night club for senior citizens. The Soft Rock Cafe

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My construction worker friend says he has stopped getting morning wood. He says he has a rock tile dysfunction.

Score: 2

I entered a Twisted Sister lookalike contest and came in last place I won a rock

Score: 4

TIL: Rock band Saliva wrote a tribute song in memory of Kurt Cobain Click Click Boom

Score: 1

What kind of chair did Elvis Presley sit in? A rock-king chair

Score: 2

I left my girlfriend because I hated her rock climbing habit I wonder what she’s up to now

Score: 3

There was this rock trowing competition, it was the hardest one in town.

Score: 1

Why did Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson quit wwe for hollywood? Because at wwe, he was hitting Rock Bottom.

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Unfunny people don’t know they’re unfunny, dumb people don’t know they’re dumb and rocks don’t know they Rock.

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A classic nuts joke, with a twist. What do you get when you put nuts on a wall?


What do you get when you put nuts on your chest?


What do you get when you smoke a crack rock, and put nuts on somebodys window?

An errection.

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Why can’t cows go rock climbing? Because they lactose.

Score: 2

Brazil have started playing 'Rock & Roll football' They play with a rock solid defence, midfield and attack, and have Neymar rolling around on the ground.

Score: 2

I just started a rock and roll band, we're called 999 Megabytes. We haven't got a gig yet.

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Adam Sandler’s movies have really been going downhill lately In his most recent one he rubbed up against Rock’s bottom.

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What type of AIDS do Rock Stars get? BAND AIDS!

Score: 1

You gotta be careful around anyone these days... I was walking down the street at 7:30 yesterday and a guy pulled out a SCISSORS. Luckily I was agile enough to reach into my pocket and pull out a rock. Coz if I had pulled out paper, man I would have lost.

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What do rock stars do when their clothes catch fire? They stop, rock and roll

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I'm a geologist that specializes in the resonating frequencies of different minerals. I'm staging a rock concert later if you want to come.

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Scientists have discovered a new species of invertebrate living in Washington DC. It was already named, so all they had to do was write down *Republicanus paulryan*.

They then released it back to the rock it was found living under.

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Why couldn't the geologist part with her rock collection? It was sedimental.

Score: 3

What happened to density's child was really sad... They really hit rock bottom when buoyancy went solo.

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I say Sherlock, What kind of rock is that? It's sedimentary my dear Watson.

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What is the most popular playground equipment in Mexico? A rock climbing wall.

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Green day is playing on the only two alternative rock stations in my neighborhood... There is no alternative.

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What's Sisyphus' least favourite type of music? Rock and Roll.

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What did the geologist say about his rock collection? Isn't it gneiss?

Score: 2

What's the difference between a drummer in a rock'n'roll band and an extra large pizza? The extra large pizza can feed a family of four.

Score: 4

What was the geologists' favorite Musical genere? rock

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