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Nearly 200 million Chinese kids are back to school after COVID-19 crisis Unemployment strikes again

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Funny Back To School Jokes
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A new report states that paedophiles need re-educating. What a great idea, paedophiles going back to school.

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Where do galaxies go to college? University!

Happy 1st day back to school to many of you :)

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my wife tried to tell me that I'm in denial... So I told her to go back to school and learn geography because I'm standing nowhere near a river in Egypt

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A report has concluded that paedophiles should be re-educated. What a great idea, let's send paedophiles back to school.

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Where is it inappropriate to have a Back to School sale? A gun store.

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Back To School Sadness Well, I didn't plan on going to school today but, my gun jammed.

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Why did the corn maze go back to school? It was tired of working in a dead end field.

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My friend owns a store and he hadn't made any profit, even during the back to school season. Me- You should consider moving your store.

Friend- I cant!

Me- Why?

Friend- Coz its stationery.

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So my husband went back to school, said he’ll be a bachelor soon. I just can’t believe he’s leaving me

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What begins at the end and ends at the beginning? Back to school ads

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I was walking down the street one day and I passed the gun store. I walked in and everything was half off... I didn't know back to school sales had already started!

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All of Drakes girls are always takin his money and leavin To go back to school shopping

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To all the kids about to go back to school... HA HA

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Going back to school to get my degree in Islamic studies It's a field that's really blowing up.

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I was walking around town yesterday So I was walking around town yesterday and passed by a gun store. Intrigued I walked inside to find everything was 50% off. I didn't know that back to school sales had already started.

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I got an incredible price on a Rodney Dangerfield VHS tape Blockbuster was having a Back to School sale!

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I just turned 25 and I’m going back to school for the first time in years. It’s so much harder than I remember. They have cameras watching the playground now, and I’m legally supposed to be 50 feet away at all times.

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