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Funniest Buzzfeed Jokes

How many BuzzFeed workers does it take to turn on an electric chair? Thirteen. But number nine will shock you.

Score: 17182

How many Buzzfeed writers does it take to start an electric chair? 13, but #9 will shock you!

Score: 6061

I was changing some fuses at Buzzfeed... ... Number 14 shocked me.

Score: 2289

Why was Buzzfeed's editor found dead in the bathroom? Because number two shocked him.

Score: 1691
Funny Buzzfeed Jokes
Score: 1198

A Buzzfeed writer walks into a bar... You won't BELIEVE what they asked for!

Score: 695

A BuzzFeed writer walks into a bar... 95% of americans were shocked to find out what happened next.

Score: 259

Why was a Buzzfeed editor found dead in a bathroom? Number 2 shocked him.

Score: 254

How many Buzzfeed writers does it take to change a lightbulb? 13\. Number 9 will shock you!

Score: 150

2 buzzfeed writers walked into a bar What happened next will blow your minds!

Score: 122

I saw a Buzzfeed article about the top 10 ways to execute someone. Number 3 will shock you.

Score: 117

Three guys are on a boat with four cigarettes, but they don't have any matches or lighters. What do they do? They throw one cigarette overboard and the entire boat becomes a cigarette lighter.

*Stolen from BuzzFeed, but I thought it was hilarious.*

Score: 111

Buzzfeed That’s it. That’s the joke.

Score: 68

Buzzfeed must have been born between May 22nd and June 22nd... Because it’s definitely a Cancer

Score: 37

I was changing the 15 fuses at the Buzzfeed HQ building Number 5 shocked me.

Score: 35

A Buzzfeed writer walked into a bar... You won’t BELIEVE what they asked for!

Score: 22

I just sat down to write a joke about my ADHD. Oh wait, a Buzzfeed quiz.

Score: 21

Why was Buzzfeed's chief editor found dead in the bathroom? He couldn't believe number two would shock him.

Score: 20

How does a Buzzfeed writer catch fish? Clickbait.

Score: 19

What do you call someone who works for buzzfeed? A cancer cell

Score: 16

Buzzfeed did a top 10 list of power measurements You'll never believe Watt's number 6

Score: 15

I read a Buzzfeed article called "The Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Explosive Diarrhea".... number 2 surprised me.

Score: 15

Did you hear about the BuzzFeed employee who peed on an exposed wire? Number 1 shocked him.

Score: 14

A funny joke about journalism Buzzfeed

Score: 13

How many Buzzfeed writers would use a taser on you? We asked 20 of them, and number seven may shock you.

Score: 9

This guy went for an interview with Buzzfeed What happened next will shock you

Score: 8

I can't wait to read the BuzzFeed article on "20 Things You Will Love about Stranger Things" Eleven will blow your mind!!!

Score: 8

A bee, a fly, and a mosquito signed up for a website that sometimes stings, usually stinks, and mostly sucks. What website is this? BuzzFeed

Score: 8

How many Buzzfeed workers does it take to form a firing squad? 10. But number 5 will blow your mind!

Score: 8

A buzzfeed writer and a terrorist walked into a bar What happened next will blow your mind!

Score: 8

BuzzFeed's "Ten ways to tell if someone is a terrorist" #6 will blow your mind!

Score: 7

Three buzzfeed writers walk into a bar You won't believe what happens next!

Score: 6

How to write for Buzzfeed: 1) Go to Reddit



Score: 6

Buzzfeed is like Fortnite It's retarded

Score: 5

What is a bee’s favorite news source? CNN. They hate Buzzfeed too.

Score: 5

What if Muslims wrote BuzzFeed posts? 13 reasons to be a Jihadi, no.7 will blow your mind off!

Score: 5

Buzzfeed Friend: "Would you ever work for buzzfeed?"

Me: "No, sorry I don't support cancer"

Score: 4

What happens when a Buzzfeed writer becomes an electrician with no experience? What comes next will shock you

Score: 4

Buzzfeed Top 10 least conductive items! Number 6 won't shock you

Score: 3

How to write a Buzzfeed article: r/askreddit

Score: 2

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Most people hate buzzfeed, but I think it’s a wonderful organization I mean, they give disabled people the chance to have a job in journalism!

Score: 0

Did you read the (finally) interesting and original buzzfeed story? Neither has anyone.

Score: 1

A buzzfeed writer walked into a bar... You won't BELIEVE what he asked for!

Score: 1

Buzzfeed's latest article: "This man poked a wire in a power outlet and turned on the switch..." "What happens next will shock you!"

Score: 1

Buzzfeed is running out of employees. Employer: Give me 10 reasons why we should hire you.

Interviewed: Here's 10 reasons why you should hire me; #6 Will surprise you!

Score: 1

My boss caught me browsing the internet and you'll never believe what happened next. He praised me for taking initiative. I work at BuzzFeed.

Score: 1

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