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Funniest Buzzfeed Jokes

How many BuzzFeed workers does it take to turn on an electric chair? Thirteen. But number nine will shock you.

How many Buzzfeed writers does it take to start an electric chair? 13, but #9 will shock you!

Funny Buzzfeed Jokes

A Buzzfeed writer walks into a bar... You won't BELIEVE what they asked for!

A BuzzFeed writer walks into a bar... 95% of americans were shocked to find out what happened next.

Why was a Buzzfeed editor found dead in a bathroom? Number 2 shocked him.

How many Buzzfeed writers does it take to change a lightbulb? 13\. Number 9 will shock you!

How many buzzfeed employees does it take to change a lightbulb? 10, but number 5 will shock you!

2 buzzfeed writers walked into a bar What happened next will blow your minds!

I saw a Buzzfeed article about the top 10 ways to execute someone. Number 3 will shock you.

How many Buzzfeed employees does it take to change the light bulb? Nine. But number six will shock you.

How do you know if you’re smarter than a Buzzfeed reader? Click here to find out!

Buzzfeed must have been born between May 22nd and June 22nd... Because it’s definitely a Cancer

I was changing the 15 fuses at the Buzzfeed HQ building Number 5 shocked me.

A Buzzfeed writer walked into a bar... You won’t BELIEVE what they asked for!

I just sat down to write a joke about my ADHD. Oh wait, a Buzzfeed quiz.

How does a Buzzfeed writer catch fish? Clickbait.

Buzzfeed did a top 10 list of power measurements You'll never believe Watt's number 6

I read a Buzzfeed article called "The Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Explosive Diarrhea".... number 2 surprised me.

Did you hear about the BuzzFeed employee who peed on an exposed wire? Number 1 shocked him.

How many Buzzfeed writers would use a taser on you? We asked 20 of them, and number seven may shock you.

This guy went for an interview with Buzzfeed What happened next will shock you

How many Buzzfeed workers does it take to form a firing squad? 10. But number 5 will blow your mind!

I can't wait to read the BuzzFeed article on "20 Things You Will Love about Stranger Things" Eleven will blow your mind!!!

A buzzfeed writer and a terrorist walked into a bar What happened next will blow your mind!

"Fake News, inevitably, will be the end of us all!" - Napoleon Bonaparte after Buzzfeed posted an article titled "10 Shortest Dynasties (Literally)"

Three buzzfeed writers walk into a bar You won't believe what happens next!

What is a bee’s favorite news source? CNN. They hate Buzzfeed too.

What if Muslims wrote BuzzFeed posts? 13 reasons to be a Jihadi, no.7 will blow your mind off!

How many buzzfeed writers does it take to kill you? 13 but #9 will make you die of laughter!

Buzzfeed is like Fortnite It's retarded

Buzzfeed in 10 years... "Celebrity Deaths of 2016"

\#4,562 will shock you!

What happens when a Buzzfeed writer becomes an electrician with no experience? What comes next will shock you

Buzzfeed Top 10 least conductive items! Number 6 won't shock you

A buzzfeed journalist whispers something to Mike Pence at a press conference ...what happens next will shock you.

Why does BuzzFeed skip every other number when counting? They literally can't even.

A new bloodbank made for mosquitoes has been opened BuzzFeed is satisfied with the high amount of sales.

Did you read the (finally) interesting and original buzzfeed story? Neither has anyone.

What buzzfeed headliner do idiots click the most? Dumbass.

Buzzfeed is running out of employees. Employer: Give me 10 reasons why we should hire you.

Interviewed: Here's 10 reasons why you should hire me; #6 Will surprise you!

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New Buzzfeed Jokes

Did you hear about the cranial nerve BuzzFeed article? The title was, "Facts about the 12 cranial nerves, number 11 will really make your head spin!"

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are actually Buzzfeed fans. If not, then how do you explain this: 'Ten more reasons why I need somebody new'?

A buzzfeed writer walked into a bar... You won't BELIEVE what he asked for!

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Long Buzzfeed Jokes

An electrician went to the buzzfeed headquarters,

He was asked to come because a power box was malfunctioning, He went to the reception and told them that he was there to fix the problem ,he was told to wait a minute . So he sat down at the reception. He saw that most of the people working there were in their twenties. He then wondered how advanced the society had become and what he would have done if he was their age, after some time an employee came and then went with him to the malfunctioning box, the electrician then opened that box and saw that there were several wires connected all labeled with numbers for convinience. He then proceeded to open his toolbag and as he went on to inspect them , the employee who was watching him warned him "Careful, Number five will shock you" .

My friend was a violent serial killer...

Ended up getting caught some time back and sentenced to death by electric chair.
Fast-forward to day of execution.
Guard straps him in.

Guard: "Any last requests?"
Friend: "Remind me of buzzfeed clickbait articles 1 last time"
Guard: "The electric current is going to be started now, what happens next will shock you"

Former intelligence agent: "I have potentially explosive information on Trump's relationship with Russia."

Buzzfeed journalist: "Ok please go on."

Former intelligence agent: "I have information that a number of years ago, Donald Trump visits Russia."

Buzzfeed journalist: "Oh really? So then, what happens next?"

Former intelligence agent: "What happens next will shock you."

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