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If Trump wins Im leaving the country if Clinton wins Im leaving the country Not a political post, I just love to travel

Score: 2171

What does the Trump administration use instead of emails? Alternative fax.

Edit: This is not a political statement. I do not have an agenda. This is a bad pun for you guys to enjoy. Wake up sheeple!

Score: 1122
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Score: 758

I am absolutely afraid to make a political joke now. ^^it ^^^might ^^^^get ^^^^^elected.

Score: 604

I'd make a political joke but it would just end up being elected president Ba Dum Tss

Score: 453

I hate political jokes And it disgusts me that two are running for president.

Score: 263

I don't want to make a political joke It might get elected as president of the United States

Score: 209

If Trump wins the election, I'm leaving the country. If Clinton wins the election, I'm leaving the country.

This isn't a political post; I just want to travel.

Score: 197

What's the worst thing about a political joke? They usually get elected

Score: 180

If Donald Trump wins I'm going back to Africa For some political stability..

Score: 152

I hate all the political correctness these days, I can't even say "black paint" anymore. Now I have to say "Tyrone please paint the fence."

Score: 135

Political correctness gone mad. I can't even refer to my own child as my disabled son.

Apparently it's my "daughter."

Score: 115

Political Correctness has gone mad... You can't even say "Black paint" anymore, you have to say "Jamal would you please kindly help me paint my fence."

Score: 105

You know what the biggest problem with political jokes is? They get elected.

Score: 98

You guys want to hear another political joke? Neither do I.

Score: 93

Want to hear a joke about political correctness? \[This joke was removed due to offensive content\]

Score: 92

Why did the police chief tell his officers to show up 15 minutes early to the political demonstration? To beat the crowds.

Score: 85

With political correctness on the rise, you can't even say "Black Paint" You have to say "Tyrone, please paint my house"

Score: 66

The worst political jokes..... Are the ones that find themselves getting elected.

Score: 59

Black paint Political correctness has gone to far these days. You cant even say black paint any more, you have to say "Tyrone, please will you paint my house?"

Score: 59

People are so political these days... ...that you can't even say black paint. Instead, you have to say, "Daniel, please paint my fence".

Score: 50

Why did Moses vote for Al Gore? Because the last time he took political orders from a Bush, his country went mucking around in the Middle East for forty years.

Score: 49

I don't approve of political jokes I have seen too many of them get elected.

Score: 49

If Hillary wins I'm leaving the country if trump wins I'm leaving the country. Not a political repost I'm just getting deported

Score: 48

Political correctness has reached the level of absurdity For example, we can't say brown paint. Instead we should say "please paint that wall, Jose"

Score: 48

If Trump wins, I'm leaving the country. If Hillary wins, I'm leaving the country. This isn't a political joke, I just really wanna travel.

Score: 45

I'm not a fan of political jokes. I've seen too many get elected.

Score: 41

I don't like political jokes Too many of them get elected.

Score: 40

I enjoy political jokes... I just don't like when they get elected.

Score: 37

I just saved a bunch of money on Christmas presents.... By posting about my political views on Facebook.

Score: 37

Voting for Hillary because of her political experience is like... Hiring Hitler as a birthday magician because he made 6,000,000 people disappear.

Score: 34

"Y'know with all the civil unrest, political corruption, class divides, drug smuggling, gang wars, police brutality, gun violence, and poor education maybe building a wall to protect us from our southern neighbors isn't such a bad idea" \- Canada

Score: 29

I don't like political jokes They always get elected

Score: 20

The USA's political system You already read the joke. Go home.

Score: 13

The trouble with political jokes is that they sometimes get elected.

Score: 12

What’s the worst thing about political jokes? That sometimes they get elected.

Score: 11

With all the political correctness in our current era, we can no longer say "black paint", but instead "Tyrone, can you please paint the fence"

Score: 11

How do you call a circle jerk that got way out of hand? A political party

Score: 10

Political Correctness is out of hand You can't even say "black paint" anymore,
You have to say "Tyrone, please paint my fence."

Score: 10

I won first place in a political correctness competition the weekend... Though to be fair, so did everyone else.

Score: 8

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a Not-So-Subtle Political joke Dear Americans, and other people of the Earth. I will now tell you a joke....


Electoral college.

Score: 0

News: Trump saves lives Of immigrants. By quarantining the USA.

(Just a satirical joke folks, not a political comment.)

Score: 1

The situation in Finland is constantly worsening Finland has recently undergone political and economical distress, and are willing to become a part of Russia. We will no longer be able to see the Finnish line.

Score: 0

What's electrical tapes favorite political hashtag? #Resist

Score: 0

What is the ultra conservative political party called in Jamaica? Rasta-far-right

Score: 1

Do you know the far right-wing green political party ? Their program : kill immigrants to make compost

Score: 1

Mary Poppins hates one political party from California in particular She thinks the upper Cali facist list is just freaking abnoxious

Score: 2

What's the greatest problem with political jokes? They get elected.

Score: 3

I feel like with all this political stuff going on, its become popular with a lot of people to be angry all the time. Some might say its all the rage.

Score: 4

A mugger jumps upon a College student and shouts "your money or your life!"... The student keeps walking, and says "Sorry my dear mate, I'm a Political Science student. I don't have either. Moreover you may give your money....

Score: 0

Political correctness has gone way too far. You can't even say black paint anymore. You have to say, "Hey Leroy, please paint this fence for me."

Score: 4

I'm going to combine my love for political activism with my love of archery so that I can stick it to the man from a distance

Score: 2

Why do hard cheeses tend to shy away from political discussion? They prefer to remain biparmesan

Score: 1

I don't approve of political jokes... I've seen way too many of them get elected.

Score: 5

A good one Political integrity

Score: 2

Gender is like American political parties There are 2 that actually matter, the rest no one takes seriously.

Score: 3

What do I hate more than political jokes? The people that they're about.

Score: 2

I saw Comedy Central launch a funny non-political TV show... Then I woke up

Score: 3

Games like LoL show an increasing fervor towards Hitler's political party It's proven that this type of games encourage the average consumer to act in a NaCl way.

Score: 2

The best part about getting a political science degree is you will always be able to find a job! At McDonalds

Score: 6

Steve Jobs and Trump had one thing in common, both hated the PC culture Political correctness and pancreatic cancer.

Score: 4

"Mr. Stalin, what's your hobby?" Stalin: My hobby?

Interviewer: Yes.

Stalin: Well, I collect political jokes.

Interviewer: How many have you collected?

Stalin: 2 and a half Gulags

Score: 4

What's the difference between a coffee and your political opinion? I asked for the coffee.

Score: 6

I hate political correctness. You can't even say "black paint" anymore. Instead you have to say "Leroy, would you please paint the fence?"

Score: 7

John McCain and Donald Trump should run together as President/Vice President Then we would finally get a political McDonalds.

Score: 7

Remember that political discussion where someone seriously considered the ideas of someone with a different opinion? Me neither.

Score: 4

I recently started an anarchist political group... ...but nobody who would obey the rules.

Score: 2

The acceptance speeches at this year's Acadamy Awards are expected to be very long and very, very political... ... better double down on TRUMPets in the orchestra pit.

Score: 0

The Soviet Union could have worked just fine, but the regime was dominated and swerved by political extremes Next time we should seize the trimmed means of production.

Score: 1

People want to boycott brands because of political and religious views I just want to be able to afford those brands.

Score: 2

If Vladimir Putin wanted to poison a Mexican political enemy, would he use pollonium... Or would he be too chicken?

Score: 1

Stalin's political career didn't really take off, until he played the trump card -Seize the means of reproduction!

Score: 3

What do you call it when Bill Clinton gets an erection? A political uprising.

Score: 4

What is the difference between North Korea and the USA? One political party.

Score: 1

Why do political yes-men use so much Raid? Because they're sycophants!

Score: 2

I'm so sick of political jokes... I've seen too many get elected.

Score: 2

What will Kayne West's political leaning be if he runs for President? West wing

Score: 1

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