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Friend told me to stop filing taxes and go watch anime with him but this isn't even my final form.

How many anime characters does it take to change a light bulb? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z.

What do you get if you send an anime fan to one of Saturn’s moons? “Otaku on Titan”

Funny Anime Jokes

What do you call a drunk anime fan in the desert? A tumbleweeb.

What do you call a crying anime fan... a weeaboo-hoo

Where is one subreddit a person who visits anime conventions cannot post? Shower thoughts

What the difference between anime and hentai? The camera angle.

I don't believe in hitting my kids as punishment. So i send them to school wearing crocs and shirts with anime on it and let other kids beat them instead!

C.S.Lewis once wrote an anthology on anime culture... ...The Chronicles of Nani-a.

Q: What has more ships than the navy? A: Anime fanbases

What does an anime firetruck sound like? owo owo owo owo owo owo owo

How do anime fans afford their hobbies? They bring home 6 figures

What does anime and suicide have in common? Bleach

What do ISIS and anime fans have in common? They both get hot and bothered over cartoons.

I finally convinced mom to watch anime to prove it's not childish and immature at all. But it's weird to watch hentai with your parents.

Legs in Japanese cartoons are cool I just love anime shins.

Have you guys heard of that new anime about a jedi who grants wishes? Kawaii Gone Djinn

Normal wolves: Awooo! Anime wolves: Uwuuu!

TIFU by watching Anime on a non-English website Whoops, wrong dub

I made some toast to eat while watching my favorite anime But when I sat down I realized there wasn't even-jelly-on

What do sisters in anime ride? A nii-san..

In Anime it isn't called loosening.... It's an Attack on Tighten.

What do you call the ghost of an anime fan? A weeaboo

My School's Anime Club Started A Band To Play Reggae Weeby jammin'.

If an anime was based around the Ottoman Empire... It would be a literal Harem anime.

What do you call an anime fan blowing in the wind? A tumble weeb

How do anime fans diagnose health problens? WeebMD

What do you call an anime girl's dad? A Loli Pop

What do you call a ghost that likes anime A weea-boo

My life is like anime It's full of plot holes

I like cutting up broccoli because... It makes me feel like a giant, wielding a tiny anime sword, cutting down tiny trees..

What do a anime fan and a furry have in common? They both like dragon balls

What flavor does anime absolutely hate? Anything vanilla, apparently

What did the anime girl say to her crush? Notice me 0.05480366515

I'm a nerd and I just met the love of my life online. She's a girl gamer and wants to add me on fortnite, she watches all of the same anime shows as I do, and she says she'll give me a special surprise if I venmo her $30. I bet it's her fortnite username!!!

My favorite anime character liam ni-san

I saw an anime character propose. Yeah I saw him get on his Japaknees.

What's an anime character's favorite type of candy? A NEKO waffer

What is the anime watcher's favorite number 10 pi

New Anime Jokes

Valid arguments are like anime openings There’s always a but(t).

Why do anime fans hate electronica? The can’t stand DUBstep

I have a question for you anime fans. Is fansub the opposite of fandom?

Fun fact about bleach Bleach is the only Anime that you can drink.

Wrote a rap song about anime Smoke Weeb Everyday

What's an anime with adultery? Cory in the Spouse

Why could the programmer only pop one anime from the stack? Getting more WIFO will destroy your LIFO.

Long Anime Jokes

Bad and Funny Anime Jokes

So I tried to make Goku my password but it said it was too weak.

Saitama used to work as a train conducter it was going good until he had punch a ticket.

How many Dragonball characters does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one but it'll take 10 episodes.

What does imouto ride? A Niisan

My Mexican friend is really into Mech anime I guess you could say he's Mechsican.

What does Light and a Lift have in common? They're both L evader

Sadly these jokes aren't half as good as Marco's.

I suppose you could say Marco is all right.

When Sakura think she'll be useful.

What's Gohan's favorite instrument? A Picolo

An Irishman, a Japanese, a Mexican and an American are climbing Mt. Everest...

When they reached the peak, the Irishman said, "We should throw the most common thing from our own country down the mountain." With that, the Irishman took a potato from his pocket and tossed it down the mountain.
Then it was the Japanese man's turn. He said, "In Japan, we have lots and lots of anime." He took out a collection of anime DVDs from his backpack and threw it down the mountain.
Then it was the Mexican's turn, but before he could say anything, the American said, "Immigrants are the most common thing in my country." Then he pushed the Mexican down the mountain.