Camel Jokes

Where would you park your camel? The Camelot.

PS Booze helped with this and now I'm laughing alone in my apartment

Edit: Went to class, came back, saw this. Me and my cat are thoroughly pleased.

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So, a one-hump camel marries a two-hump camel, and they have a baby, but the baby didn't have a hump. So they named him Humphrey.

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Funny Camel Jokes
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What do you call a frozen camel? Lost

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When I was a kid a zookeeper caught me smoking a camel. I told him I'd kill a giraffe too if he didn't keep his mouth shut.

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What is brown, hairy, lives in the desert, has four legs, two humps, and is full of cement? A camel - I put in the cement just to make it harder.

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What do you call a camel with a flat back? Humphrey

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What do you call a humpless camel covered in plastic? Llamanated

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What do you call a Camel in a drought? A dry humper.

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Why are leggings and sand the same? They both get stuck in camel toe.

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What do you call a camel that hates cows? Drama-dairy.

Courtesy of my eight-year-old

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Someone told me i’m not very good at telling jokes. And then i said, thats not a camel, thats my wife!

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What do you call a camel that eats another camel? A camibal

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What do you call a camel with no humps??? Humphrey

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What do you call a camel with three humps? Humphrey

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At least he won't annoy his co-workers every week. What did the mother and father camel name their baby born without a hump?


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What do you call a camel with no hump? Humphrey.

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What does a camel do on a pudding? Walks through the dessert

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Whats he difference between a camel and a college student? Camel can go daaaays without drinking.

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Joke from my 4 yr old this morning... her: Knock knock!

me: Who's there?

her: Camel!

me: Camel who?

her: Silly, Camels don't say 'who' they say 'AAAHHHHHH!!!'

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What do you call a three-humped camel? Pregnant.

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What do you call a camel with only one hump? A canel

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What would you call a camel that has no hump? Humphrey.

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What do an Iranian Submarine and an Iranian Camel have in common? They're both full of Iranian seamen.

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What did the Indian man name his camel? Humpal Singh

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What do you call a dehydrated camel? A dry hump

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What do you call a camel with no humps? Humpfree! :P

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What's a Camel? A horse designed by committee.

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My 7yo loved the dinosaur joke so much he wanted to share his joke: What do you call a 3 humped camel?


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A camel Goes into the coffee shop The barista, about to add the sugar asks, "one lump or two?"

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What Do You Call a Green Camel In a Forest? Camelflage.

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Where did the camels park when they went to the Renaissance Festival? The camel lot.

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Why is it impossible to rape a camel? They humpback

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