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Funniest Politically Incorrect Jokes

Did you know it's now politically incorrect to say 'black paint'? Now you have to say "Jerome can you please paint the fence".

Funny Politically Incorrect Jokes

I believe, if you're in Special Ed, and you're late to class... ...it's politically incorrect to say you're tardy.

I recently Learned that it's politically incorrect to talk about taking part in a school shooting. Apparently the term 'School photos' is more acceptable.

It's now apparently politically incorrect to say "Black paint" Now you have to say "Tyrone can you please go paint the fence?".

I was talking to a girl about the establishment of the 4th Reich when a girl told me that I was being politically incorrect Apparently the proper term is "European Union"

What did Google say to the politically incorrect employee? I can help you search for a new job.

Trump is too politically incorrect, Hillary is too politically correct Yet they're both incorrect for politics

Among all the politically incorrect jokes on this sub, here’s my favorite: Benjamin Franklin was a great American President.

Did you know it's now politically incorrect to say 'black paint'? Now you have to say "Jamaal can you please paint the fence".

It's politically incorrect to say 'black paint' these days... You must say, "Jamal, would you mind painting the fence please?"

A Joke I made up when I was 7 years old (It's politically incorrect) Why did the lady tell her doctor she had breast cancer?

Because she wanted to get it off her chest.

As politically incorrect as it is to admit, there is a difference between men and women. A vast deferens.

What do you call it when Ant-Man makes a politically incorrect joke? A microaggression.

The President of Canada walks into a bar ... sorry, I shouldn't finish this joke. It's too politically incorrect.

I’m a huge fan of politically incorrect jokes. Listen to this absolute classic: “Abraham Lincoln was never president”!

So Jeremy Clarkson's politically incorrect jokes got him fired from the BBC. Great to see the institution which gave Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris jobs for decades is really going after the bad people society.

If a special ed kid is late for school Is it politically incorrect to give them a "Tardy" slip?

Why are perfect fifths now considered politically incorrect? Because the overtone window shifted.

Politically incorrect joke What did the computer geek say when he heard about the 'corona virus?'

"I better get an Anti - Virus or an internet security system on the WiFi network!"

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A politically incorrect joke about language

Investors want to make a holiday resort on an uninhabited island. They hire 3 experts to get life going there.

To the Frenchman they say, "you are in charge of cuisine".

To the German they say, "you are in charge of accommodation".

To the Finn they say, "you are in charge of supplies."

They come to survey in a while. The Frenchman has built a restaurant with excellent food. The German has built a fancy hotel. But the Finn is nowhere to be found. They ask the others but they don't know where he is either. So they go look for him and while walking in the woods the Finn suddenly jumps out from behind the tree and shouts, "SUPPLIES!"

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