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A Portuguese, a Greek, and a Spaniard go into a brothel. Who pays? Germany.

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I failed my final exam on Greek mythology. It's always been my Achilles elbow

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My friend says he has the body of a Greek God... I had to explain to him Buddha wasn't Greek

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I passed all my courses except for Greek mythology. It has always been my Achilles’ elbow.

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When I left school, I passed every one of my exams with the exception of Greek Mythology. It always was my achilles elbow.

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My girlfriend is absolutely beautiful. Body like a Greek statue... Completely pale, no arms.

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An ancient Greek walks into a tailors with a torn pair of pants: "Euripides?" Asks the tailor.

"Yeah, Eumenides?" Replies the man.

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My lack of knowledge of greek mythology is my one weakness. It's my Achilles elbow.

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There's a Greek myth about a stream whose water will attach itself to your skin for all eternity. The river sticks

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Who was the sexiest woman in Greek myth? Actually, it was Medusa. One look from her made guys rock hard.

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My girlfriend has the body of a Greek Godess; Imaginary

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My poor knowledge of Greek mythology Has been my Achilles elbow

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An Ancient Greek man walks into his tailor’s shop with some torn togas... Tailor: Euripides?

Man: Yeah, Eumenides?

EDIT: Yes, I know togas were worn by the Romans. Greeks wore an early version of the toga called the himation, but nobody would get that joke.

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An ancient Greek walks into his tailor's shop... ...with a pair of torn pants.

Euripides? Asked the tailor.

Eumenides? Replied the man.

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My poor knowledge of Greek mythology... Has always been my Achilles’ Elbow.

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What does a Greek say when he receives his salary? Danke schön.

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Have you heard of the Ancient Greek hero, Bophades? He was a lot like Achilles, he had only one weakness, but instead of his heel, it was his groin. You may have heard of Achilles’ heel but have you heard of Bophades’ nuts?

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A Greek, a Spaniard and a Portuguese all walk into a bar. Who pays? Germany.

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Do you know the Greek version of Monopoly? It's called Monopoulos and you just borrow all the money from the bank.
Everyone loses.

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An ancient Greek goes up to a tailor... The tailor asks the Greek: "Euripides?"
The Greek replies "Eumenides?"

Score: 64

TIL where the word 'politics' comes from 'Poly' is from the Greek meaning *many*, and 'tick' is from *a bunch of blood sucking parasites*

Score: 64

An Ancient Greek walks into a tailor... An Ancient Greek walks into a tailor with a torn chiton, asks the tailor, "Eumenides?"

The tailor responds, "Euripedes?"

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Polyamory is wrong! You can't mix Greek and Latin roots.
It's either Multiamory or Polyphilia.

Score: 54

People say I'm not good with Greek Mythology... I guess that it's my Achilles wrist.

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A Greek, an Irishman and a Portuguese spend the evening drinking in a bar. Who picks up the tab? The German.

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What's the motto of the Greek army? Never leave your buddy's behind.

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I ate some bad Greek food now I falafel.

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Why did Germany hold a ceremony for the Greek bankruptcy? They wanted to give credit where credit was due.

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My complete lack of knowledge about Greek mythology has always been my achilles elbow. thanks, Mike!

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I got some Greek yogurt today... ...but it just isn't working for me.

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Have y'all heard of the ancient Greek hero Bophades? He was a lot like Achilles, he had one weakness. Except it wasn't his heal, it was his groin. You may have heard the term Achilles heel, but have you heard of Bophades Nuts?

Score: 13

A Spanish, Greek and Portuguese man go to a bar. Who pays for the drinks? The German!

Score: 7

Knowledge of the greek mythology was always.... achilles elbow

Score: 7

In Greek culture what is the one traditional way they separate the men from the boys? They use a crowbar.

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I don't mean to brag, but my girlfriend has a body like a Greek statue.. completely pale, no arms .

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A Greek, Spaniard and a Portuguese all go into a brothel, who pays? Germany.

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My Latin/Greek teacher always gets the English and Greek 'U' mixed up oopsilon

Score: 3

I've always wanted to improve my knowledge of Greek Mythology.... It's been my achilles elbow for quite some time.

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What's the name of the famous Greek necrophiliac? Nick Porkakarkus

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The Greek Mythology course I'm taking is totally ruining my G.P.A. I guess you could call it my Achilles' aorta.

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My lack of knowledge in Greek mythology has always been my Achilles elbow

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The other day, I was told "you cant make a British joke about Greek mythology" I told him "Pollux to that"

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Why do those greek statues have such big wangs? Ah man :(

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What do you call the first ever envelope posted by a Greek man? Alpha mail

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Why did the New Zealand dairy Make the Greek dairy go out of business. Their cows were feta.

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Ancient Greek philosophy joke It turns out that Diogenes did find one honest person, but this person told Diogenes "quit wasting your time and get a job." and Diogenes didn't want to hear the truth any more than anybody else does.

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I was reading a FB comment thread, and suddenly someone said "I DEMAND TO READ THE ANCIENT GREEK COMEDY 'THE FROGS.'" I was like, well, that Aeschylated quickly.

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I was going to buy a greek yogurt today, every little helps. Come on guys, lets pull together.

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How do you say 'Germany' in greek? Germoney

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