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Obama smoked weed growing up, and now look where he is today Unemployed with two kids and recently evicted

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How do you get Donald Trump to change a lightbulb? You tell him Barack Obama installed it.

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Why did Obama get two terms? Because black men always get a longer sentence

Score: 1888

Hillary Clinton lost last time to the first African American president, Barack Obama. Why will she lose this one to Donald Trump? Because orange is the new black.

Score: 935

Why did Obama serve two terms? Because blacks always get a longer sentence

Score: 900

What did Melania Trump say to her speech writer? Thanks, Obama.

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America is racist When Barack Obama gives his speech, he stands behind a bulletproof glass . That shows how racist America still is.

Just because he's black, doesn't mean he's going to shoot anyone

Thanks Frankie Boyle

Score: 710

How did Barack propose to Michelle? He got down on one knee and said, "I don't wanna be Obama self."

Score: 649

Where does Obama keep his armies? In the Baracks.

Score: 602

Barack Obama is having a race with Joe Biden around the white house. After finishing the race Obama says "Whew, just under 10 minutes. Did I break the record?"

Biden replies "No, Bush did 9:11."

Score: 563

What is a government mandate? When Obama and Biden go out to dinner together.

Score: 535

What did Barack say to Michele when he asked her to marry him? I don't wanna be Obama self.

Score: 429

Obama and Trump are running laps around the White House... Obama and Trump are running laps around the White House, after three laps Trump excitedly yells "10 minutes exactly, well that has to be a new record!".

Obama says "I don't think so, Bush did 9:11".

Score: 425

They said "orange is the new black"... ...but I didn't realise they meant Trump would replace Obama.

Score: 358

Obvious media bias Michelle Obama gives a speech when her husband is being nominated, and the media is generally positive. Melania Trump gives the exact same speech, and the media pretends it's some kind of scandal.

Score: 332

BREAKING: Barack Obama just elected President of the US - Sent from Internet Explorer

Score: 301

What does Donald Trump tell Barack Obama supporters? Orange Is The New Black

Score: 248

It's interesting how different a US president looks at the end of their presidency. Obama had gray hair. Bush had a bunch of wrinkles.. At the end of JFKs presidency, half of his head was missing.

Score: 234

Why did the Jew vote for Obama? Because he promised change.

Score: 218

Dear President Obama, I've got a joke for you... I texted it to Angela Merkel. Did you... *get it*?

Score: 211

The fact that president Obama needs four inches of bullet proof glass at every public speaking event, is proof that racism is still alive Just because he's black doesn't mean he's going to shoot everyone.

Score: 200

What was the codename for the transition from Obama to Trump? Orange is the new black

Score: 195

What did Barack Obama say to Michelle when he proposed to her? I don't want to be Obama self.

Score: 181

If Donald trump takes over the presidency after Obama I guess you could say orange really is the new black

Score: 174

If Donald Trump replaces Obama.... ...Does that mean Orange is the new Black?

Score: 154

On the bright side... We can look forward to four more years of Michelle Obama speeches from our First Lady.

Score: 154

What did Barack Obama said to Michelle when he proposed? "I don't want to be Obama-self"

Score: 135

Obama smoked weed growing up and look where he is today Unemployed, with two kids and recently evicted

Score: 134

I don't see why Obama gave all his speeches behind bulletproof glass.. I know he's black and all but I doubt he'd actually shoot anyone.

Score: 124

If Donald Trump replaces Barack Obama in the White House Does that mean that orange is the new black?

Score: 70

Obama used the race card. Hillary used the woman card. America used the Trump card.

Score: 32

My Dad got a Chia Obama head a couple of years ago. The box said he would grow an afro, but nothing changed.

Score: 24

Why did Obama serve 2 terms? Because blacks always get a longer sentence.

Score: 22

Did you read the joke Hillary emailed to Obama? [deleted]

Score: 22

If Trump replaces Obama in the white house, then we can all say... Orange is the new Black.

Thanks, ~~I'll see myself out.~~ Apparently, I don't need to.

Score: 21

What did Hillary say when she bumped into Barack Obama at the White House? Pardon me.

Score: 14

Obama proved a black man can even be president.. And that no matter how high up a black man gets he can't get out of government housing!

Score: 8

What do you call it when President Obama What do you call it when President Obama and Joe Biden talk shop over a nice dinner?

A government man-date.

Boom. I'll be here all night.

Score: 8

Yo momma so poor...[original] she vote for Obama cos she want change

ahhh thank you ill be here all week

Score: 6

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Obama said in an interview that Putin had asked him "How is Joe?" to which he responded "Biden?" then Russian President replied "Joe Mama"

Score: 3

America under Barrack's presidency... ...was an Obama-nation.

Score: 1

After the middle eastern people met obama, they were soon tired and bored. He kept droning on.

Score: 0

What do you get when you cross Obama, Bruce Lee, and the Irish? Barack O’Lee

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First there was Obama care, then there is Trump care Now can we get some healthcare?

Score: 3

I’m glad Obama killed Osama Bin Laden Before Trump could become friends with him.

Score: 6

What did Obama say when Michelle left him “How could you leave Obama self”

Score: 2

What did Obama say when Michael left him “How could you leave me Obama self”

Score: 1

Why isn't Dora allowed to explore Syria? Because Obama told her "no Boots on the ground!"

Score: 1

Why did it always take so long for President Obama to get into the presidential limo? The driver got scared and kept pressing the door lock button when he saw him approach.

Score: 2

In 2016, Obama left Trump and Hillary as the 2 choices for president. Thanks, Obama.

Score: 5

Michelle Obama's saying "when they go low, we go high" really doesn't work When you're trying to fight a horde of angry little midgets

Score: 1

Why did Obama win the presidential race? Because Kenyan’s usually win in the long run.

Score: 1

Trump and Obama are taking a jog... Trump and Obama are taking a jog around the White House. When they finish, they look at the time on their stopwatches.

"Phew, just under 10 minutes!" Says Obama.

Trump says - "shame, Bush managed to do 9:11"

Score: 3

What do Stephen Curry and Obama have in common? They like to drop it from a distance.

Score: 1

The NRA showed Trump and Obama the newest NRA advertisement and asked what they thought. At the same time, Trump and Obama sternly said... "Stick to your guns."

Score: 1

What did Barrack say when he was all alone? [1/2 OC] Here I am Obama self...
Like a crab in Michelle.

Score: 1

Obama was the Antichrist & Trump is a facist dictator Either America has grown more tolerant or liberals don't believe in the Antichrist.

Score: 0

So I heard Donald Trump announced Melania will be giving a speech... ... glad to hear Michelle Obama will have writing work after leaving the White House.

Score: 1

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are running for president in 2020 Honestly...

It's black and white

Score: 1

Do you think Obama's going to deal with Russia while he's still in office? Nah, I think he's Biden his time.

Score: 1

Trump had a very calm considerate speech for the election Can we confirm Michelle Obama did not write it?

Score: 1

What's it called when Obama and Paul Ryan meet up for dinner? A government mandate.

Score: 1

Obama's slogan for his 2nd term campaign announced: Once you go black, you never go back

Score: 1

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