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My Wife wore a "Vaccines cause autism" shirt She was insulted, punched and spit on

Not to imagine what would have happened if she left the house!

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Do you know why more vaccinated than unvaccinated children have autism? Because you have to be alive to be autistic

Score: 564
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Vaccinated children have a higher chance of getting autism. After all, you have to be alive to get autism.

Score: 192

"Mom, why didn't you vaccinate me?" "I didn't want you to get autism, honey."

"Thanks mom. I could have not survived having autism and polio at the same time."

Score: 97

Why are vaccinated kids more likely to have autism? Because the ones that aren't vaccinated are dead.

Score: 94

People give anti-vaxxers a hard time, but they gave us one important thing... A control group for our studies confirming that vaccines do not cause autism.

Score: 74

I installed anti-virus on my PC Now the damned thing has autism.

Score: 67

Vaccinated kids are more likely to have autism Because they're still alive.

Score: 65

What do you call a stick with autism? Autistic

Score: 53

Vaccinated kids are much more likely to have autism Because the ones that aren’t vaccinated are dead.

Score: 49

Unvaccinated children DO have a lower rate of autism. Because they're dead.

Score: 40

Did you hear some people are saying listening to Queen causes autism? Apparently it's because of the unusually high Mercury content.

Score: 37

Anti vaccinated kids show no sign of autism Because autism isn’t detected until age 3

Score: 20

Why is World Autism Day after April Fools’ Day? Because it takes longer for them to get the joke.

Score: 18

Why is autism less frequently diagnosed in non vaccinated kids? You gotta be alive to have autism.

Score: 18

Unvaccinated children are less likely to have autism Because they’re more likely to be dead

Score: 16

If I had a vaccine for every bullshit news article that's been spread about by stay at home moms on Facebook I would have autism.

Score: 15

So an anti-vaxxer tells me that vaccines cause autism. So I reply "Oh, so you've gotten vaccinated, then?"

~~Sorry if it's a terrible joke.~~
No regrets

Score: 14

My blonde wife is staunchly opposed to my kids having a vacation. She’s convinced they cause autism.

Score: 10

Many top scientists are on the autism spectrum.. And that means that autism causes vaccines.

Score: 9

You know kids that get vaccinated are more likely to have autism It’s because there still alive

Score: 9

I'm an anti vaccine activist, and didn't vaccinate my children. They're all dead, but at least they don't have autism!

Score: 7

You know, I heard listening to Queen has been scientifically proven to give people autism. Apparently because of the unusually high Mercury content.

Score: 7

A new study came out today showing that kids who are NOT vaccinated are actually more likely to have autism. Turns out autism is hereditary.

Score: 7

I was just told I've been diagnosed with autism I'm not sure how to react to that

Score: 7

All of the parents who claim that vaccines cause autism have nothing to be afraid of. You can't get autism twice.

Score: 7

What do you call a puppy with autism? aww-tistic

Score: 6

I vaccinated my brother a year ago, but it didn’t work... Still doesn’t have autism.

Score: 6

You know about that rumor, that vaccines cause autism? I predict it'll die off in around three years or so.

Score: 6

It’s proven that vaccinated kids are more likely to get autism Because the ones that are unvaccinated are dead.

Score: 6

It has been proven that anti vaxers have a lower chance of autism Unfortunately the main side effect is death

Score: 4

Why are vaccinated children most likley to get autism? Because all the unvaccinated ones are dead!

Score: 4

Concerning Michael Flynn The real question on republicans minds right now: what happens to the validity of Flynn's testimony when he gets autism after receiving immunity?

Score: 4

I didn't vaccinate any of my kids and none of them got autism. None of them lived past the age of 2, but that's beside the point.

Score: 4

Did you know that it’s been proven vaccinated kids are more likely to have autism Because the ones that aren’t vaccinated are dead

Score: 3

What’s worse than a child with autism? A parent who’d prefer a dead child over an autistic one.


Score: 2

There was a 6th grader who transferred to my school and had green legs and autism. He was put into a special knees class.

Score: 2

Not getting vaccinated can help you not get autism Because you don’t show signs till 12-18 months of age

Score: 2

Everybody in my family has a disorder. My mom's depressed, my dad has ADHD, and my brother has autism. There's nothing wrong with me though. I'm perfect.

Score: 2

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It's proven that vaccined kids are more likely to have autism than the non-vaccinated ones. A dead person can't have autism.

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It’s been proven that kids who are vaccinated are more likely to have autism Because the ones that aren’t vaccinated are already dead

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A new study shows anti vaxed kids never get autism. They die before signs could show.

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They were right the whole time. It turns out that un-vaccinated children actually are less likely to develop autism Because they're more likely to be dead.

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