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It turns out my high school Chemistry teacher was right.... Alcohol IS a solution.

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What did the scientist say when he found two isotopes of helium? HeHe...

Im making bad chemistry jokes coz all the good ones argon

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How do you tell the difference between a chemistry professor and a politician ? Just ask them to read this word: unionized.

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A chemistry lab is a lot like a party... Some people drop acid while others drop the base.

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I wanted to build my career on making chemistry jokes to cure my depression. Then I realized alcohol is a solution.

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That awkward moment when you tell a chemistry joke, and get no reaction. I guess all the good chemistry puns argon.

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Are you made from Na, selenium and xenon? Because you are sodium SeXe.

Edit: I have yet to zinc of another chemistry joke.

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My friends told me to stop making chemistry jokes, but then I told just one more I got no reaction, and now all my friends Argon

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My nutritionist told me to only eat foods if I could pronounce their ingredients I gained a lot of weight after taking organic chemistry.

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For our chemistry exam we had to write a thousand words on acid. Unfortunately my pen turned into a gorilla and the floor melted.

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Chemistry teacher: Did you know protons have mass? Student: I didn't even know protons were Catholic.

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So my friend asked me how often I make chemistry jokes. I replied "Periodically"

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I'd like to apologize for all of my terrible chemistry jokes. All of the good ones argon.

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How often do I make chemistry jokes? Periodically. I made one yesterday, but it had no reaction.

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How often can you joke about chemistry? periodically

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Chemistry jokes. Good or bad, it always gets a reaction out of you.

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I make bad chemistry jokes periodically

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I would make a chemistry joke, but seems like all the chemists here... ...Argon.

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Why don't people tell Chemistry jokes? Because they never get a reaction.

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I tell bad chemistry jokes because the good ones Argon

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Why do people consistently make bad chemistry jokes? Because all the good ones Argon.

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Chemistry Joke I hate telling noble gas jokes there’s never a reaction.

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I'd tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction.

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I was going to say a chemistry joke... But I was afraid I wouldn't get a reaction.

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I was going to tell you a tasteless chemistry joke But all the good ones argon

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My Chemistry teacher was right Alcohol IS a solution.

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My chemistry teacher asked me if I knew anything about sodium hypobromite. I replied, "NaBrO"

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I once told a chemistry joke There was no reaction

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The school counsellor told me that alcohol was never a solution. I said that my chemistry teacher would disagree.

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Two guys walk into a chemistry themed restaurant The first guy says “I’ll take an H2O”, second guy says “I’ll take an H2O too” and then he died.

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Chemistry Joke: What is "Me"+"U"... A rare gathering.

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Cracks chemistry joke No reaction

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I keep making awesome chemistry jokes to my class but I get no reaction...

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If you're ever having trouble with Chemistry, just remember... Bleach is a solution

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I was trying to come up with a Chemistry joke... But all the good ones Argon

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I was about to tell you guys a chemistry joke But all the good ones Argon

Score: 5

I was thinking of a chemistry joke But all the good ones Argon

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I would tell your a chemistry joke But all the good ones argon

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How can you tell if someone is a chemistry major? They have a mole on their body.

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New Chemistry Jokes

What is the best part about controversial chemistry jokes? They always get a reaction.

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I was gonna make a joke about chemistry But it wasn't really that funny

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What did the chemistry teacher say to his friend when they found a mineshaft? BrAu

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I told someone a chemistry joke earlier today. I can't remember what it was, but I got the reaction I was looking for.

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What did the dipole say to another? "Have you got a moment?"

(Needs big chemistry knowledge to understand this one)

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A Cheemistry teacher asks her students what is the greatest invention of Chemistry "Coffee" a student replies

"And why is that?" the teacher asks, a bit bewildered

"Because it allows me to survive your lessons"

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I was going to tell a really funny joke about Sodium hydride, but I'm really bad at Chemistry so... NaCl

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Hey Andrew, do you know any good Chemistry jokes? "Sodium, I Don't" said Andrew

The man replied, "Wait, did you just call me sodium?"

"No" Andrew said, "I meant, "Na, I don't"

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Reed Richards posses a mastery of mechanical, aerospace, electrical engineering, chemistry and biology But we all know why he's called Mr. Fantastick.

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A science teacher asked his class "Would you like to hear a Chemistry joke?" They said "Na"

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A physicist and a biologist had a bit of a relationship. But there wasn’t any chemistry.

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I didnt really like my science teacher There was no chemistry between us.

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All of the chemistry jokes on here are the same. Rhenium Phosphorus Oxygen Sulphur Tennessine

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My chemistry class had a party My teacher brought some avocados, about 6.022x10^23 of them, for the guaca-mole.

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I can never understand organic chemistry. It has alkynes of problems.

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My roommate is a chemistry major, and plays the organ.. One could say that he's an organic chemist.

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Did you hear about the hippy scientist? He only did organic chemistry

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I would submit a chemistry joke But all the chemistry jokes argon

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I would tell a good chemistry joke right now But all of the good ones argon

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