Computer Science Jokes

A mugger jumps out in front of a university student... ...and shouts "your money or your life!"

The student keeps walking, and says "Sorry mate, I'm a Computer Science student. I don't have either".

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Funny Computer Science Jokes
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Me: I'm so sorry, my dog ate my homework Computer Science Professor: Your dog ate your coding assignment?

**Awkward silence**

Me: It took him a couple bytes

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I don't like computer science jokes.. Not one bit

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There are 2 truly difficult problems in Computer Science 0: Naming things
1: Cache invalidation
2: Off by one errors

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What do you call it when computer science majors make fun of each other? Cyber boolean

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I majored in Politics, Computer Science, and Dance. Now I'm stuck writing Al Gore Rhythms.

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The girls in my computer science class are like the matrix All you see is a bunch of ones and zeroes

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Why did Steve Irwin fail his computer science class? String Arrays

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I would talk about computer science... But it makes my mother board

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Yesterday, my computer science teacher was teaching us about for-loops... ... he said it was a *for n* concept.

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Computer Science major walks into an English class The Professor says "Welcome to English 101".

The student panicks.

"What's wrong?" asks the Professor.

"I missed the first 4 English classes".

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I've decided I'm going to major in computer science and Japanese. I'm gonna master weeb design.

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Your computer science teaching momma is so fat... ... she can flatten a binary tree in O(1).

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A computer science teacher asks the class to turn to page 404. The students search feverishly, to no avail

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What do you call a nap in computer science class? A CS-ta

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I wanted to study Computer Science but then I stopped... Turns out its just a sudo science.

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My dog ate my computer science project "your dog ate your coding assignment?"

It took him a couple bytes

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How physicists see other sciences: Biology: squishy physics
Geology: slow physics
Computer Science: virtual physics
Psychology: people physics
Chemistry: impure physics
Math: physics minus the units

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Why isn't there any beautiful girl in computer science? Because they're all 0's and 1's

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Why did the transgender person fail computer science? Because they were non-binary

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A computer science major goes to his English professor and says "I've found a fault in the English language and I need an entomologist." "Don't you mean an etymologist?" the teacher asks.

"No," the student replies. "It's a bug, not a feature."

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Why didn't the client tip the server? Because they didn't have enough cache!

(Computer Science nerds unite! This is my original joke, I originally posted it on Imgflip last year with bad pun dog and it got a decent response.)

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Computer Science joke: After you've been bit 8 times by a mosquito does that been you have a mosquito byte? Not understanding this joke is what causes malaria.

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Why did the computer science student drop out? He just couldn't hack it.

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Why can a girl not get laid in the computer science field? the odds might be good. but the goods are odd

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My computer science professor was fired for giving a lecture in Octal My school has very strict policies regarding eight-speech.

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Every day at my 4 PM computer science class that the teacher is late to... "4:04 teacher not found"

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If you want to be a computer science major, all you have do is get sick. Before long you’ll be coughing and hacking.

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I don't care for computer science. Not one bit.

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