The Scary Jokes

I've been reading so much about the scary trade disputes between the US and Canada, I see headlines when I blink... ...Frankly, I'm tariff-eyed.

Score: 19

Julius Caesar and Brutus Walk Into a Movie Theater Brutus looks at Caesar and says "Caesar, we should watch the movie sequel with the scary clown in it!"

Caesar ponders what Brutus is saying for a moment. "It Two, Brute?"

Score: 9

So I had this dream of eating a large marshmallow The scary part was when I woke up I found my pillow missing.

*Took this off an essay example thing we were given in English, thought it'd be pretty funny to post on here

Score: 4
Funny The Scary Jokes
Score: 3

What did the package say to the scary 18 wheeler? I'm not a freight.

Score: 3

Did you hear the scary story about a piercing gone wrong? It was eerie.

Score: 2

The scary thing about watch dogs 3 Is the fact it's accurate representation on britian

Score: 2

What's a pirate's least favorite letter? (ok, you really have to slur this to make it sound right)
The Scary Vee!

Score: 1

For men, Halloween isn't the scary times. But No Nut November is.

Score: 0

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