St Patrick's Day Jokes

What's the difference between St Patrick's day and Martin Luther King day? Everyone wants to be Irish on St Patrick's day..

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What's the difference between Martin Luther King Jr Day and St Patrick's Day? On St Patrick's Day everyone wants to be Irish.

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In honour of St Patrick's day, can you guess my Irish name? Pat MiGroin.

Yeah, my grandpa just told me that one...some visual images cannot be unseen.

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A joke for St Patrick's Day. "An Irishman walks out of a bar." Well, theoretically, it could happen...

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What's the difference between mlk day and st. Patrick's day? Everyone WANTS to be irish on st Patrick's day.

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What's the difference between MLK day and St Patrick's day? Nobody minds being Irish for one day!!!!

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What's the difference between St Patrick's Day and Cinco De Mayo? Everyone is proud to be Irish on St Paddy's day

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Remember it's St Patrick's day today, try and stand out from the crowd... ... wear all orange, it's also an Irish color

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I'm so proud of my mother-in-law We were sitting down to our St Patrick's day dinner. And I announced, "I took extra pickles, so Dill with it." I thought I was clever but she did me one better. She smiled sweetly and said, "That's ok. Today I'm Dublin everything!"

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Funny St Patrick's Day Jokes
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