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"You're telling me that I'm losing my job because Donald Trump won the election? WHY, BECAUSE I'M BLACK?!" "Mister President, we've been over this..."

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Breaking News: Bill Gates has agreed to pay for Trump's wall On the condition he gets to install windows.

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Why will the congress never impeach Trump? Because the republicans always insist on carrying a baby to full term.

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Steve Jobs would've been a better president than Trump. But I guess comparing apples to oranges is unfair.

EDIT: epic

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Why will congress never impeach Trump? Republicans always insist on carrying a baby to full term.

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Donald Trump was asked what the J in Donald J Trump stood for He said 'Genius'

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Steve Jobs would have made a better president than Donald Trump... But that’s comparing apples to oranges.

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Steve jobs would have been a better president than Donald Trump. But its a silly comparison really, its like comparing apples to oranges.

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When Trump borrows $1,000,000 from his dad it's a small loan But when he donates that much money to Texas, it's a yuuuge contribution

Edit: *Alleged* contribution of $1 million. Also, thank you kind gilder

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What do Apple and Donald Trump have in common? I would say that they both think de-porting is the answer when there's no more Jobs, but I shouldn't compare apples to oranges.

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The problem with Trump jokes: Republicans don't think they're funny, and Democrats don't think they're jokes.

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The Pentagon is changing the nuclear codes to over 140 characters So Trump can't tweet it

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Donald Trump - "I'm not orange!" "Impeach."

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Donald Trump has decided to take just $1 as his salary for the job of the President instead of the usual 400,000. That man would do just about anything to avoid paying the taxes.

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What do Donald Trump & the iPhone 7 have in common? They both think de-porting is the answer when there's no more Jobs.

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How much is Donald Trump's life insurance? Just one pence.

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If Donald Trump becomes President I'm going to Mexico. Not by choice though.

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Donald Trump was asked what the J stood for in Donald J Trump He said "Genius"

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If Trump played DnD, what weapon would he use? Fire staff

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If I were American, I'd vote Bernie... But I'm Russian, so I'm voting Trump

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Trump's wall will cost 21.6 billion, Nasa's budget is only 19 billion Probably because Mexico has more aliens

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After the UN summit, it was really shameful to see so many people basically openly mocking a mentally challenged child. Though to be fair, Trump probably had it coming.

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There's a term for Presidents like Trump. Probably not two terms, though...

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In breaking news, Trump's personal library has burned down The fire consumed both books and in a tragic twist he hadn't even finished coloring the second one

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Not everything Donald Trump says is stupid. The Chinese built a wall 2,000 years ago - and they still don't have any Mexicans!

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Why does Trump take Xanax? For Hispanic attacks

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Hitler died in 1945, Donald Trump was born in 1946... Coincidence? No.

Mystery? Maybe.

Hotel? Trivago.

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Donald Trump just turned 73 which makes him the first President whose age surpassed his IQ.

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What is the difference between Russia and reality? Trump had connections with Russia.

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Donald Trump is going to be president in 4 days. That..that's it...

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What do me and Donald Trump have in common? We'd both date his daughter if she wasn't his daughter.

Edit: Okay, this made it to the front page of the sub. I didn't expect this to be my top post of all time, thanks a lot /r/jokes

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Guys I think Trump's immigration policies just might work. China built a wall and they have like, no Mexicans.

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What did Donald Trump say after his attempt to hang himself failed? "Fake Noose!"

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Who would survive if Trump and Clinton both were stranded on a island? America

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What do Trump and his supporters NOT have in common? His supporters have a blind trust.

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Why is the congress never impeaching president Trump? because republicans insist on carrying a baby to its full term.

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My husband and I like to role play in bed... He's Donald Trump and I am an American with a pre-existing condition.

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Mexico's president says he will not go to the U.S. for a meeting with Trump The wall's not even finished and it kept a Mexican out!

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People should not move to Canada because of Trump They should go to Mexico, then at least there will be a wall between them and Trump.

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Trump wasn't lying about the coronavirus disappearing in April He simply forgot to say 2021.

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Trump and I take Xanax for different reasons. I take them for *my* panic attacks; he takes them for hispanic attacks.

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Barron Trump: "Dad, can you help me with my economics homework?" Donald: "no, son. It wouldn't be right."

Barron: "I know, but will you try it anyway?"

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Why is Donald Trump always in the comments? Because the real joke is always in the comments.

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I live in constant fear that Trump will deport my Latina mother-in-law Who lives at 324 3rd st. Los Angeles. She gets off at 6. We live in Mexico and she’ll come find us

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Trump can now claim he’s a Vietnam vet ...since he was shot down by North Korea in Hanoi

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An attendant to President Trump comes in and tells him "Sir, your commission has reported that three Brazilian illegals voted for Hillary." And so he yells "I knew it! Now how many is a 'brazilian'?"

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What is Donald Trump’s least favorite flavor of ice cream? Peach Mint.

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I think Trump should host the next major gymnastics tournament Everyone around him seems to flip.

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Neither President Obama nor President Trump has done anything for the people of Mississippi. For example, they still live there.

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The last four presidents of the USA each ran one mile. Trump made a time of 11:56

Clinton was slightly faster, timing at 11:31

Obama was very fast, he ran a 10:03

But Bush did 9:11

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TIL there is a cocktail named after Donald Trump Moscow Mule

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Donald Trump is an amazing real estate investor. His New York properties are so hot right now!

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I really hope this country doesn't slip into depression... Because if it does Trump will make sure it is the *Greatest* depression it has ever seen.

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A man wake up from a coma and see that Trump is president... ... he says "Wow this is a really elaborate April fool's joke".

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Whatever else he's done, Trump is serious about creating jobs. The White House is always hiring.

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Why does the Mexican Air Force stress out Donald Trump? Bc he can’t stand the sound of twenty Juan pilots.

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In 2016, Obama left Trump and Hillary as the 2 choices for president. Thanks, Obama.

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If Donald Trump talks about "fake news" during the State of the Union... Does that make it the State of the Onion

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What do atoms and President Trump have in common? They make up everything

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Trump is planning on shifting his efforts to build a wall along the east coast. He thinks it can keep Jose out.

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Well... there goes Ted's reputation Trump: No one embarrasses themselves on Twitter like I do

Ted Cruz: Hold my milk

Trump: Wait, this isn't milk...

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CNN reported Donald Trump's suicide today. He didn't really kill himself, it was fake noose.

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Trump is trying to solve global warming That's why he's trying to create a nuclear winter

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A white guy makes 400k a year but still lives in government housing... ...Trump really abuses the system.

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Trump and Pence go on a hunt. As they are walking through the woods, they see an elk foraging.

"Hey look, an elk!" says Pence.

"Fake moose" says Trump.

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What's the least favourite vegetable of the Trump administration? Leeks.

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So apparently Trump's policy on birth control is the same as his policy on climate change. pull out.

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What is trump's plan against global warming? Nuclear winter

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What is Putin's favorite instrument to play? Trump/Pence

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Why did an immigrant marry trump ? Because immigrants do the jobs that no American wants to do

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What did the White House staff do when President Trump broke the fax machine? They replaced it with an alternative fax machine.

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Trump proposed new regulations for the airline industry... Because even Hitler didn't remove passengers with reserved seats.

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I heard President Trump is a really good COD player. Apparently he can tomahawk from across the map on command.

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News Alert: Trump spending weekend working at the White House. April Fools

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Trump is like copper. He's better without oxygen.

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The Trump administration is just like NASA's Juno spacecraft both orbit around gas giants

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Man, Saturday Night Live has really been going after Donald Trump lately I guess it makes sense though, since Donald is such a sketchy guy

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Why was Donald Trump's top advisor pulled over on his way to the White House? He was rushin'.

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If I had a dollar for every racist thing Donald Trump has said... He'd be cutting my taxes.

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Donald Trump unveiled the name of his new healthcare plan today. It's called Don T. Care

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It makes sense that Trump is into golden showers Republicans love trickle down economics

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What does Donald Trump and a 12 year old have in common? They know a lot about hacking.

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Obama used the race card. Hillary used the woman card. America used the Trump card.

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Melania Trump and this sub are the same Both like to copy stuff and say them again

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If Trump divorces Melania while in office... Will she rule half the country?

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Trump is like Hurricane Matthew The media is talking about it nonstop. Nobody knows how bad it's going to be, but you can't help shake your head at the Floridan who ignores the warning.

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How will Donald Trump create 25 millions jobs? By having 25 million people move to Canada.

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If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton gets in a car crash who will survive? America.

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Clinton still leads Trump by 2! FBI Investigations.

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Donald Trump was just issued a notice by the IRS Ordering him toupee up.

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What do climate change scientists and Donald Trump have in common? Each is desperately hoping the other is a hoax.

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Did you hear Mexico agreed to help Donald Trump build his wall? They've gotta keep all those Americans out once Donald gets elected.

Sorry, super liberal grandpa told me this one on Father's day. Couldn't help but share.

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How will Donald Trump deport 12 million illegal immigrants? Juan by juan.

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Trump should have called his rally in Chicago a "job fair" non of the protesters would've been there

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How does Donald Trump plan on deporting all the illegal immigrants? Juan by Juan.

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Where is Donald Trump gonna put all of the illegal immigrants once he arrests them? Juantanamo

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Just had a trick or treater tell me "Vote for Trump" Might be the scariest thing I've heard all night

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What's the difference between a Donald Trump and Ellen Pao? Edit: Trump can ruin a business right.

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Chris Christie just entered the race! He's gonna shut down Trump like the George Washington Bridge :-D

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