Childrens Jokes

Funny Childrens Jokes
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What has four legs and one arm? A pitbull terrier in a childrens' playground

Score: 51

What do you call a childrens book aimed at synaesthetes? Horton hears a hue.

Score: 15

I can’t believe the way they used the Childrens Health Insurance Program during the budget debate... It was like a bargaining CHIP.

Score: 7

What's the best about dead childrens jokes? They never get old.

Score: 5

What does a mother use to keep her childrens' toenails soft and smooth? A pedi-file

Score: 4

There is nothing nicer than hearing childrens screams coming from your basement It was so much fun turning off the power while my daughter and her friends were playing with a ouija board

Score: 3

I heard in the news that thay've found harmful materials in cosmetics and childrens crayons, but in the defense of the big corporations... They're doing asbestos they can.

Score: 2

Why will childrens programming never show ghostly pollinators? Because they are Boo Bees.

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