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If Facebook buys Gmail, instead of 'mark as read' the feature will be called, 'Mark has read'.

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This week in DC, Mark Zuckerberg is currently doing the hardest thing imaginable. He’s explaining Facebook to old people.

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Funny Facebook Jokes
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Your parents in 1996: "Don't trust ANYBODY on the internet!" Your parents today: "Freedom Eagle dot facebook says Hillary invented AIDS."

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The misuse of users' Facebook data has caused Mark Zuckerberg significant emotional distress. He asks that you respect his privacy during this challenging time.

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I just installed a new app on my phone that lets me know which of my friends are racist. It's called 'Facebook'

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Mark Zuckerberg says he wears a grey t-shirt everyday because he doesn't want to waste time on things that don't matter. He runs Facebook.

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Yesterday my brother uploaded a status on Facebook. He wrote in his facebook status "I love my girlfriend <3"

I knew that he liked them young but this is getting out of hand.

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Why does Donald trump use twitter instead of Facebook? Because he has followers, not friends.

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Just found an app that tells you which of your family members and friends are racist. It's called Facebook.

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Why does Voldemort use Twitter but not Facebook? He only has followers, not friends.

Score: 542

Just found this cool new app that tells you which family members are racist... Its called Facebook

Score: 541

Tinder is for rookies Go to Facebook Marketplace and search for wedding dresses. It'll show you recently divorced females in your area. From there you can filter by size.

Score: 401

A vegan friend's status said if we had to kill... A vegan friend's status said if we had to kill our own food, we wouldn't eat meat.

I think if he had to build his own computer he'd wouldn't whine on Facebook.

Score: 314

My ex updated her status on Facebook to standing on the edge of a cliff. So I poked her

Score: 253

My daughter asked me what "fap fap fap" means... I think I should stop commenting on her Facebook pictures.

Score: 229

Facebook is set to release its own webmail client... ...emails will be flagged as "Mark has read"

Score: 223

My girlfriend just sent me a Facebook message saying: My girlfriend just sent me a Facebook message saying:


Does anybody know what ‘ternative’ means?

Score: 217

I was at an important job interview today, when they asked me if I was on Facebook… "Sorry, no. I'm not." I replied.





"Look, just put your phone away, will you!?"

Score: 202

Me- "Do you know in middle east most of married girls can't even vote on Facebook opinion poll". Friend- "That's not true, there is no such law anywhere in middle east".
Me- "Yeah, but you need to be above 13 to use Facebook".

Score: 152

Just tried to change my password to.. Just tried to change my password to.. 'The_Last_Jedi,' but Facebook wouldn't let me. Said there are too many useless characters.

Score: 143

If Facebook buys Gmail.... If Facebook buys Gmail then the 'mark as seen' option would be changed to 'Mark has seen'.

Score: 139

New fast and the Furious movie should be called... 'Fast 10: Your Seat belts' Source: Wife's Facebook... made me chuckle.

Score: 119

Earlier today I saw the Facebook group 'kids vs cancer' Well, it turns out writing "my money is on cancer every time" is one way to get quite a bit of hate mail.

Score: 114

Facebook is like jail You have a profile picture, you sit around all day writing on walls, and you get poked by guys you don't really know

Score: 103

If it wasn't for my wife, I'd probably be writing depressive Facebook messages all day. But she changed my password.

Score: 94

One day Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will merge. It will be called YouTwitFace.

Score: 82

Guys that try and pick up girls on Facebook are pathetic.. Girls, if you agree message me your number so we can talk about it.

Score: 80

There's an website you can use to see if your family is racist. It's called Facebook

Score: 75

Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. What a bunch of morons. They could've just downloaded it for free.

Score: 71

What spoils quicker than unrefridgerated meat? The Walking Dead's facebook page.

Score: 16

Facebook and basic cable Reading Facebook feels like I'm watching basic cable in a hotel: All I want is Comedy Central, but all I can find is the Food Network, workout infomercials and Fox News.

Score: 11

Facebook says: I know everyone. Google says: I know everything. The "Internet" says: Ya'll are nothing without me. Electricity says: Not this game again...

Score: 10

At my age now, people say facebook is a great way to connect with old friends Well at my age if i wanted to connect with old friends i would need a Ouija board.

Score: 5

What do you call Post Malone when he's on Facebook by himself? Post Alone.

Score: 4

How do old people stay in ouch with their deceased friends? Through social mediums.

(Read this on Facebook. Take no credit, but I don't remember who said it.)

Score: 2

2016 has been a bad year: my attorney sued me for assault, my health-club canceled my membership for non-payment. On the plus side, my social media presence increased! So 2016: Hit attorney, deleted gym...but Facebook up!

Score: 2

Sarah, i understand that you are a feminist... ...but you can't end your prayer with "awomen" instead of "amen"
credits to an anonymous facebook post of which i was too lazy to read the name

Score: 2

My girlfriend is very upset at me for not making a girlfriends day post about her on Facebook. But not as mad as my wife would be if she saw me post about my girlfriend on Facebook so it all works out.

Score: 2

The guy I hate in my class threw a pen at the back of hy head... ...and yelled ''Headshot!''

I picked the dictionary that was on my desk, turned around and threw it at his face, right before yelling ''FACEBOOK!''

Score: 2

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Toddlers use crayons to write on walls, teenagers scribble with spray paint, young adults tag friends facebook walls, and... ... cynical adults leave curmudgeon commentary on other social medias !!!

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whats the best way of seeking yr wifes attention at home? send her a message on facebook

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What is it called when your grandma becomes an irritating facebook woman? Sharon is Karen

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Facebook has promised to protect users from future data misuse. Meanwhile, Darth Vader is teaching CPR.

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How do you get all the white girls on Facebook to die? Tell a funny joke.

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If Memes Were Horses 4chan would give birth to it.

Reddit would kill it.

9Gag would hump its dead body.

Facebook would dig up its corpse and attempt to turn its remains into Frankenstein.

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I can't wish my mom a Happy Mothers Day because she doesn't have Facebook. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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