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Funny Big Head Jokes

"Mom, my colleagues at school say I have a big head..." "They are all lying, son, don't listen to them." said his mom. Then she asked, "Can you bring me 2 kg of potatoes, please?"

"But how do I carry them?", asked the kid.

His mom answered, "Use your cap!"

So I heard Justin Bieber was hung... Kind of explains why he has a big head.

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Long Big Head Jokes

A Farm Boy gets bullied for having a big head...

The son says, "Mom, all the kids at school say I have a big head. Its really upsetting."

The mother says, "Don't worry honey, your head isn't big at all. Now, go gather some potatoes."

"Mom, I don't have a bag for potatoes."

"Its okay son, just use your hat."

Putin and Medvedeev talking

- We need to change these time zones, they are giving me a big headache, says Putin
-Why? asks Medvedeev
-I'm calling Beijing to give my congrats for their national holiday and they tell me it's tomorrow. I call Warsaw to express my condolences for the airplane crash in Smolensk and they tell me the plane didn't take off yet!

The bully problem.

The kid comes home crying to his mommy.

"Mommy, some bad kids in school keep saying my head is big!".

Mom answers "next time it happens, run after them and give them some good punches!!!"

Next day, kiddo comes crying again. "Mommy, some bad kids in school called me big headed again!!". Enraged, mom asks "and did you run after them?"

And the kid responds, "yes, but they run into an alley!"

I don't like calling midgets 'little people' cause I dont think of people as little people.

I just think of everyone as the same, the midgets, the regular people.

We're all just people, even if some of us are short and have weird big heads.

by Norm Macdonald

A boy says to his mother:

"Mom, everybody calls me "big head" in school!"
"Don't worry, son. They call you that because they envy you. Now do me a favor. Go to the grocery store and bring me an watermelon and two pineapples."
The boy asks his mother:
"Should I bring a bag?"
"No need. You can use your hat."

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