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Funny Hitler Jokes
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What's the difference between Hitler and Logan Paul? Hitler knew when to kill himself.

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People compare Trump and hitler all the time, but there is one major difference. Hitler was good at making speeches

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I'm sick of people comparing Trump to Hitler. Hitler wrote his own book.

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Girls use chemicals to remove polish and no one bats an eye But when hitler does it everyone loses their mind

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Use chemicals to remove polish and no one bats an eye Use chemicals to remove the Polish and you're literally Hitler.

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Trump is blaming Sanders for the violence at his rally... because you can't truly be Hitler until you blame a jew for all your problems.

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Apparently as a 4-year old, Hitler was saved from drowning in the river Inn by a local priest. Goes to show once more that a lot of problems would be solved if priests could just keep their hands off kids.

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What's Adolf Hitler's favourite computer game? Mein Kraft.

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What's the difference between Ellen Pao and Hitler? Hitler had supporters.

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My joke was removed for comparing Trump to Hitler Apparently it's against the rules to make personal attacks on someone even after they've been dead for over 70 years.

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What could the Boston Marathon bombers do that Hitler couldn't? End a race.

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How did Hitler keep his shoelaces from coming untied? Little knotsies.

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Hitler wasn't a very athletic man. He never even finished a single race.

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Hey, I'm not saying Hitler was a great guy. But he really saved the History channel.

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What's the difference between Usain Bolt and Hitler? Usain can finish a race

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Ruin a quote by attributing it to the wrong person "Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened." -Adolf Hitler, 1945

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What's the difference between a female farmer and Hitler's girlfriend? One bails her hay and the other heils her bae

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What is the difference between Usian Bolt and Hitler ? Usian Bolt can finish a race.

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What did the Boston Bombers do that Hitler couldn't? End a race.

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What video game would Adolf Hitler play? Mein Kraft.

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Worst joke I've ever heard What is the difference between Hitler and the Boston Bombers?

One of them actually ended a race.

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You'll never be able to go back in time and kill Hitler as a baby. You'd be way too short and weak.

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An Arab and a Jew stand in front of a Hitler statue. The Jew spits on the statue.
Arab: why did you do that?
Jew: because he killed half my people.

The Arab spits on the statue as well.
Jew: why did you do that?
Arab: because he didn't kill the other half.

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A girl uses chemicals to remove polish and no one looks twice And yet when Hitler tried it, everyone threw a fit

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Can we stop making Hitler jokes? It really takes me out of mein kampfort zone.

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How did Hitler like his orange juice? Concentrated.

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Anagram of "mother in law" Woman Hitler

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Why wasn't Hitler invited to the BBQ? Because he always burns the franks.

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What do Justin Bieber and Adolf Hitler have in common? Neither of them are musicians.

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What was Adolf Hitler's campaign slogan? *"Auschwitz the old, in with the Jews!"*

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Hitler was talking to one of his generals, Hitler: I want to kill 6 million jews and 5 clowns.

General: Why the 5 clowns?

Hitler: See? Nobody cares about ze jews!

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Girls use chemicals to remove polish on a daily and no one bats an eye... But when Hitler does it everyone loses their mind

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Hitler and Stalin are telling jokes to each other "Moscow" says Stalin;

"I don't get it" answers Hitler;

"Excactly - says Stalin - you'll never get it".

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Voting for Hillary because of her political experience is like... Hiring Hitler as a birthday magician because he made 6,000,000 people disappear.

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World War 2 fans have their own set of complaints.... "I can't believe Hitler blew an 11 country lead!"

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What do you call Adolf Hitler's personal gym? The liftwaffe.

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Hitler failed English class. He was an anti-semantic.

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History has been harsh on Hitler, but you've gotta give it to him ... ... he did kill Hitler.

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why did hitler fail his math exam he couldn't finish the final solution

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Why did Hitler like the letters abdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy? They are all not cs and not zs.

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What did Hitler say when his secretary started to flirt with him? "Stop! You're taking me out of mein kampfert zone!"

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What did Hitler say after being drunk for three days strait? I said GLASS of JUICE!!! Not GAS the JEWS!!!

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What is common between Hitler and Usian Bolt They both finished a race

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What did trump said when CNN called him worst than Hitler? To late for flattery

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who would win hitler or a millenial? none. they will both kill themselves

(im a millenial so don’t get offended)

I know a bad joke but it’s all I could come up with

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The Real reason Hitler took his life, He got his gas bill.

Score: 3

Why did Hitler drink milk for breakfast? He didn't like juice.

Score: 6

A joke about Hitler. (Offensive? Probably). So Hitler is a nice guy He just took the Jews on the Holocoaster

Score: 2

Hitler needed to watch his weight So he tried a Jews cleanse

Score: 2

I'll agree: Donald Trump isn't the same as Hitler... Hitler served in the army

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Why does Hitler only sing “__ this the ____ life?” on the first line of Bohemian Rhapsody? It’s because he wants to take out “Is real”

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What does hitler call doing his laundry? Purifying the jeans

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What video game did Hitler play before starting WWII? Mein Kraft

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On 30th April 1945, Hitler's wife went up to him and asked Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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Everybody is talking about how bad white people are now, but I think they should be praised for a super important thing. A white man killed Hitler.

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If Hitler was a tech nerd He would've written a book called my comp

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How old was Adolf Hitler when he started showing outward evil? NEIN!!!

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Me: I finally went back in time and killed Adolf Hitler! I’m going to be famous! Scientist: Who?

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Why did Hitler go from a painter to a massmurderer? He couldn't paint a good picture of himself

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Y’know, people are way to harsh on Hitler I mean he did kill the guy who started the Holocaust.

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I realized while seeing old photos that Hitlers wife never used to wear any jewelry. It's because Hitler didn't like JEWelry..

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Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Adolf Hitler are all running a race, who wins? Hitler, cause he’s the racist

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What is the highest thing hitler achieved in WW2 His gas bill

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No need to insult the Jewish Hitler already roasted them

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New research says Hitler didn't really want to kill the Jews. He just wanted America's support to pit them against the Palestinians.

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If hitler would be a football coach and his team lost what would he say Get to the showers

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Did you hear about the brand of brans that cause gase in Jewish people more then in others? it's called Heinz Hitler

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World War II was There were many heros in World War II... Like the guy who killed Hitler

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what is the difference between Hitler and KKK Hitler cooks with gas.

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What did Hitler name the Gas planet he discovered during World War 2. Jewpiter

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Why did Hitler lose his driving license? He was too hard on the gas.

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What was the name of Hitler's boat? Knot Sea

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What's the difference between Hitler and a runner? A runner can finish a race.

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Question - Why did Hitler kill his wife? Answer - She liked jewellery too much.

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What was Hitler's favorite bar? Bar Mitzvah

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Whyndid hitler never ever say thank you to anyone? Cause he spoke German.

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Use chemicals to remove nail polish and its fine But once you use chemicals to remove the Polish, you're suddenly Hitler.

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What is the difference between an Olympic runner and Hitler? An Olympic runner can finish a race.

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What's the difference difference between Hitler and a little kid? Hitler didn't get a medal for trying to finish a race.

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A feminist, a fat person and a Hitler walk into a bar... Feminism is bad.

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Who was Hitler's childhood hero? the white power ranger

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What do Hitler and Boston have in common? Neither can finish a race.

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Why did Hitler delay the invasion of Britain? The weather called for *Heil*

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Why did hitler get an A in chemistry? He always knew the final solution!

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What do you call it when Hitler pees? Führenating.

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