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Funny Mushroom Jokes
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Why don't fairies live under toadstools? Because there's not mushroom!

Score: 514

So a mushroom walks into a bar. Bartender says "We don't serve mushrooms here. You're always ruining jokes." The mushroom says "Come on. I'm a nice guy."

Score: 267

What did the claustrophobic fungi say to his friends? There's not mushroom in here

Score: 176

How much room is needed for fungi to grow? As mushroom as possible

Score: 163

How much space do you need for a fungi to grow? As mushroom as possible.

Score: 123

How much room is needed for a fungi to grow? As mushroom as possible.

Score: 103

I can't put anymore toppings on my pizza... There's not mushroom

Score: 72

In Soviet Russia policeman questioning a man: *This body is your mother in law, yes?*


*How did she die?*

**Mushroom poisoning**

*But why does she have 26 stab wounds?*

**She was refusing to eat them**

Score: 62

Why did the mushroom go to the party? 'Cos he's a fungi!

Why didn't he get in?

There wasn't mushroom!

Score: 60

How much room does fungi need to grow? As mushroom as possible.

Score: 59

How much room do you need to grow fungus? As mushroom as possible.

Score: 52

What kinda room has no doors and no windows? A mushroom.

Score: 26

So broccoli was having a conversation with some of his friends... The broccoli said: "I look like a tree!"

The mushroom said: "I look like an umbrella!"

The walnut said: "I look like a brain!"

The banana said: "Can we please change the subject?"

Score: 25

So----A mushroom walks into a bar the bartender says, "Hey! no mushrooms. Get out." The mushroom says, "Hey, what's the matter? I'm a fun guy."

Score: 20

What do you call a mushroom with a 12 inch stalk? A fungi to go out with

Score: 19

Why does the mushroom always get invited to the party? Because he's a fungi!

Score: 19

A mushroom walks into a bar... The bartender says, "We don't serve vegetables!"

The mushroom responds, "But I'm a fungi!!"

Score: 18

Every cloud has a silver lining... ... unless it's a mushroom cloud. Then it's likely strontium.

Score: 18

Classic Why'd the mushroom go to the party?

Cause he's a fungi!

Why'd the fungi leave the party?

Cause there wasn't mushroom!

Score: 17

Why wouldn't the frog lend his hammer to the mushroom? Because it's a toad's tool.

Score: 16

How much room does a fungi need to grow? As *Mushroom* as possible!

Score: 16

My first wife died... after eating a poisoned mushroom!

My second wife died of a poisoned mushroom!

My third wife died of a crushed skull.

She wouldn't eat the mushroom!

Score: 14

My wife went mushroom hunting all day and found nothing. I'm offering morel support.

Score: 14

Why was the mushroom the life of the party? Because he was giving out free cocaine

Score: 14

A mushroom walks into a bar and sidles up to a stool. Bartender: “You’ll need to leave. We don’t serve your kind here.”

Mushroom: “Why not? I’m a . . . fun-gi.”

Score: 13

Why was the mushroom invited to the party Because he's a fungi *bdum tsssss*

Score: 13

Why did I invite a mushroom to my cake day party? Because he was a fungi

Score: 13

Why did the girl invite the mushroom to the school dance? Because he was a Fun-gi

Score: 12

Mario games are unforgiving... ... there's not mushroom for error

Score: 12

What is a mushroom in a tent? A Campingon.

Score: 8

Did you hear about the mushroom hunter who was terrible at finding edible mushrooms, so would resort to stealing them from the baskets of other hunters? He had no morel compass.

Score: 8

What did the vegans say when they were captured and put into a small space? Kelp! Lettuce leaf! There isn’t mushroom in here...

Score: 7

People often make fun of me for having a mushroom as a friend, their loss though... He's a fungi

Score: 6

Why is the mushroom so fun at parties? He's a fungi.

Score: 5

How much room does it take for fungi to grow? As Mushroom as possible!


Not Mine!

Score: 4

What did the mushroom say when it needed more time? Amanita minute.

Score: 4

Why did the thief Rob a mushroom store? Because he had no morels.

Score: 4

Did you hear about the new mushroom comedian? Yeah he’s a pretty fun guy.

Score: 3

Why do fungi grow together? Because they don’t have ...mushroom.

Score: 3

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New Mushroom Jokes

A mushroom finds a boy Mushroom:so I met this guy

Caterpillar:is he nice

Well he’s nice and he’s a real fun-gi

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Once a nuclear bomb was dropped on Ethiopia. 1 million people died from the explosion, 2 million died running towards the mushroom.

Score: 3

Why won't a truffle and a portobello mushroom take strawberry to the bar? Why won't a truffle and a portobello mushroom take strawberry to the bar?




Because strawberry is not fun guy!

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Why couldn’t the mushroom move? It had osteosporeosis

Score: 2

Boy mushroom says to girl mushroom, “We should go out sometime...” I’m a fun guy.

Score: 2

Why do all the vegetables like the mushroom the best? Because he's a fungi

Score: 3

Luigi, using a revive mushroom, beat Mario to saving Princess Peach. I guess you could say Mario got 1upped.

Score: 1

I had fun playing with Mr. Mushroom yesterday He was a fun gi

Score: 2

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