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Funny Mushroom Jokes
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Why don't fairies live under toadstools? Because there's not mushroom!

Score: 514

So a mushroom walks into a bar. Bartender says "We don't serve mushrooms here. You're always ruining jokes." The mushroom says "Come on. I'm a nice guy."

Score: 267

What did the claustrophobic fungi say to his friends? There's not mushroom in here

Score: 176

How much room is needed for fungi to grow? As mushroom as possible

Score: 163

How much space do you need for a fungi to grow? As mushroom as possible.

Score: 123

How much room is needed for a fungi to grow? As mushroom as possible.

Score: 103

I can't put anymore toppings on my pizza... There's not mushroom

Score: 72

In Soviet Russia policeman questioning a man: *This body is your mother in law, yes?*


*How did she die?*

**Mushroom poisoning**

*But why does she have 26 stab wounds?*

**She was refusing to eat them**

Score: 62

Why did the mushroom go to the party? 'Cos he's a fungi!

Why didn't he get in?

There wasn't mushroom!

Score: 60

How much room does fungi need to grow? As mushroom as possible.

Score: 59

How much room do you need to grow fungus? As mushroom as possible.

Score: 52

What kinda room has no doors and no windows? A mushroom.

Score: 26

So broccoli was having a conversation with some of his friends... The broccoli said: "I look like a tree!"

The mushroom said: "I look like an umbrella!"

The walnut said: "I look like a brain!"

The banana said: "Can we please change the subject?"

Score: 25

So----A mushroom walks into a bar the bartender says, "Hey! no mushrooms. Get out." The mushroom says, "Hey, what's the matter? I'm a fun guy."

Score: 20

What do you call a mushroom with a 12 inch stalk? A fungi to go out with

Score: 19

Why does the mushroom always get invited to the party? Because he's a fungi!

Score: 19

A mushroom walks into a bar... The bartender says, "We don't serve vegetables!"

The mushroom responds, "But I'm a fungi!!"

Score: 18

Every cloud has a silver lining... ... unless it's a mushroom cloud. Then it's likely strontium.

Score: 18

Classic Why'd the mushroom go to the party?

Cause he's a fungi!

Why'd the fungi leave the party?

Cause there wasn't mushroom!

Score: 17

Why wouldn't the frog lend his hammer to the mushroom? Because it's a toad's tool.

Score: 16

How much room does a fungi need to grow? As *Mushroom* as possible!

Score: 16

My first wife died... after eating a poisoned mushroom!

My second wife died of a poisoned mushroom!

My third wife died of a crushed skull.

She wouldn't eat the mushroom!

Score: 14

My wife went mushroom hunting all day and found nothing. I'm offering morel support.

Score: 14

Why was the mushroom the life of the party? Because he was giving out free cocaine

Score: 14

A mushroom walks into a bar and sidles up to a stool. Bartender: “You’ll need to leave. We don’t serve your kind here.”

Mushroom: “Why not? I’m a . . . fun-gi.”

Score: 13

Why was the mushroom invited to the party Because he's a fungi *bdum tsssss*

Score: 13

Why did I invite a mushroom to my cake day party? Because he was a fungi

Score: 13

Why did the girl invite the mushroom to the school dance? Because he was a Fun-gi

Score: 12

Mario games are unforgiving... ... there's not mushroom for error

Score: 12

How much room do you need to grow a fungus? As a mushroom as possible

Score: 12

What is a mushroom in a tent? A Campingon.

Score: 8

Hey, you see that mushroom over there? You should date him, he's a Fungi

Score: 8

What did the vegans say when they were captured and put into a small space? Kelp! Lettuce leaf! There isn’t mushroom in here...

Score: 7

Why is the fungus such a hypocrite? because it doesn't have mushroom to talk.

Score: 7

People often make fun of me for having a mushroom as a friend, their loss though... He's a fungi

Score: 6

How much room does it take for fungi to grow? As Mushroom as possible!


Not Mine!

Score: 4

Did you hear about the new mushroom comedian? Yeah he’s a pretty fun guy.

Score: 3

Why do fungi grow together? Because they don’t have ...mushroom.

Score: 3

Once a nuclear bomb was dropped on Ethiopia. 1 million people died from the explosion, 2 million died running towards the mushroom.

Score: 3

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New Mushroom Jokes

A mushroom finds a boy Mushroom:so I met this guy

Caterpillar:is he nice

Well he’s nice and he’s a real fun-gi

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Why couldn’t the mushroom move? It had osteosporeosis

Score: 2

My two wives died tragically First one ate poisonous mushroom

Second one died of fractured skull


…She wouldn't eat her mushroom.

Score: 2

Just bought myself a new pair of headphones which have a weird fault. In the left ear it’s saying “chicken and mushroom” and in the other ear it keeps repeating “steak and onion.” That’ll be the last time I buy anything from Pioneer.

Score: 2

Luigi, using a revive mushroom, beat Mario to saving Princess Peach. I guess you could say Mario got 1upped.

Score: 1

I had fun playing with Mr. Mushroom yesterday He was a fun gi

Score: 2

A young couple goes cloudwatching The girl points a cloud, and she says, "Oh! I see a giraffe!"

The boy points at another, "Yeah? I see a mushroom!"


Score: 2

How much room do you need to grow a fungus? As mushroom as possible.

Score: 2

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