Fortnite Jokes

"Fortnite" is a terrible name for a game. It's too weak.

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A Vegan, a Crossfitter and a Fortnite player walked into a bar I only know because they told everyone twice within 5 minutes.

Score: 274

School dances this year are going to be like Fortnite lobbies... Lots of stupid dance moves and unnecessary shooting

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I heard that Fortnite put a limit of three outfits for players in Isreal. Jews aren't allowed to have four skins.

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Funny Fortnite Jokes
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Endgame spoiler! Roses are red

Thor is fat

God of thunder plays fortnite and roasts children on voice chat.

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Guys I had a nightmare I dreamed that my Fortnite account got deleted.

I was really scared for a second that I played Fortnite.

Score: 102

I finally decided to play Fortnite. It's fun, but it gets boring after a couple of weeks

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No wonder fortnite is so popular among school children Who doesn’t love hopping off the bus and shooting everybody in sight?

Score: 55

What do fortnite players and olive oil have in common? They’re both extra virgin

Score: 52

There’s a reason why students are forbidden to play Fortnite during school It would be really hard to tell where all the gunshots are coming from

Score: 45

What’s the deal with this new thing called Fortnite? Saw it a couple of weeks ago

Score: 30

Why is the game called "Fortnite"? Because it's only fun for about two weeks.

Score: 29

What do you call it when you play Fortnite during the day-time? A sad depraved existence

Score: 26

If a vegan does crossfit and doesn't like Fortnite... ...which do they tell you about first?

Score: 25

I found the real life inspiration for the island from Fortnite! The Virgin Islands

Score: 22

A dentist shoots a kid doing a fortnite dance. "You're bleeding because you were flossing"

Score: 22

Me and my friend were playing fortnite I said, “let’s make this interesting”

So we stopped playing fortnite

Score: 18

What does fortnite and Vietnam have in common Bushcamping

Score: 17

Whats the sequel to fortnite? Month.

Score: 11

Trump should build his wall out of Fortnite... Nobody seems to be able to get over it.

Score: 9

I tried for two weeks to get into this game... But the Fortnite just wasn't worth it.

Score: 9

I stumbled upon an Islamic Fortnite Youtuber... His name was Allah-A

Score: 9

I don't have a problem with kids being obsessed with fortnite. After all, they must have great hygiene... Considering how much they floss

Score: 8

You know what they call Fortnite in America? They call it a quarter battle with cheese.

Score: 8

Why don't anti-vaxxers play Fortnite? They're too afraid to get shot.

Score: 7

What do you call Fortnite with cows? A cattle royale.

Score: 7

What would happen if we took all possible school shooters and put them in one school? Literally Fortnite

Score: 6

Why is Fortnite a bad name for a game? It is too weak

Score: 5

So I booted up Fortnite twice simultaneously, and it turned into a zombie survival game It was 28 Days Later

Score: 5

Buzzfeed is like Fortnite It's retarded

Score: 5

I like playing fortnite with my girlfriend because I got 2 chug jugs from 1 chest

Score: 3

I dreamt that my Fortnite account got deleted I was really scared for a second that I played Fortnite

Score: 3

What do you call a 21 year old fortnite player in a wheelchair? Virgin mobile.

Score: 2

Fortnite is a beautiful game, very competitive That's all the joke

Score: 1

Fortnite's Cinematic Universe Fortnite just inadvertently made the 2019 remake of "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead"

Score: 1

What's common between Fortnite and American schools? You get out of school bus and start shooting others.

Score: 1

You know what they cal a fortnite with cheese in paris Battle royale with cheese

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