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It's my cake day today, so I'll give you one of my favourite jokes. What do you call an Irish man bouncing off the walls?

Rick O Shea

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A boy was born of an Indian, Chinese, Irish, and Italian grandmother... They couldn't settle on a name, until it hit them!

They named him Ravi O. Lee


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Why are Irish bankers so successful? Because their capital's always Dublin.

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Why are the Irish so rich? Their capital is always Dublin. Hehe

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Why are there no Irish lawyers? They can't pass the bar.

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How many shots can an Irish man handle? about 10 rounds.

Edit: (Mayweather vs McGregor)

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I can make you speak Irish Say "Whale oil beef hooked" quickly

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What is the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral? There's one less drunk at the funeral.

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What is the difference between an irish wedding and an irish funeral? One fewer drunk person.

Edit: Fewer, not less

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Why do the Irish only put 239 beans in their soup? Because one more and they would get too farty

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What’s the difference between an irish wedding and an irish funeral? There‘s one less drunk.

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An Irish guy walks out of a bar... I mean, it could happen.

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What do you call three Irish lumberjacks? Tree fellers
Edit: Wooo gold!

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The Irish must have lost so much money last night due to betting. They'll be asking to rejoin the United Kingdom later today.

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What's more Irish than eating potatoes? Not eating potatoes.

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What's more Irish than potatoes? No potatoes.

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Two Irish men walk out of a bar Yes, it happens

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What's the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral? One less drinker

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At an Irish wedding reception someone yelled: "Would all the married men please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth living"

The bartender was nearly crushed to death.

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What's the difference between Saint Patrick's Day and Martin Luther King Day? Everyone wants to be Irish on Saint Patrick's Day.

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Why does Irish chili only have 239 beans? Because anymore and it'd be too farty.

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Why are there no Irish lawyers? You ever seen an Irishman pass a bar?

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What´s the difference between an irish funeral and an irish wedding? At the funeral one person isnt drinking

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I had a 7 course Irish dinner last night A 6 pack of Guinness and a potato

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Did you know that Irish only put 239 beans in their chili?? If they added just one more, it would be too-farty!

Score: 164

Why are there only 239 beans in Irish stew? Because one more, and it'd be too farty.

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What's Irish and stays out on your deck? Paddy O'furniture

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What's the difference between an Irish funeral and an Irish wedding? One less drunk...

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What do you call an Irish woman with one leg shorter than the other? Ilene.

What do you call a Japanese woman with the same affliction?


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An Irish Mexican teenager starts a job as a builder.. Only one hour into his first job he tries to hammer a nail with a screwdriver. The boss spots this and walks over to let him know he's doing it wrong. "You've got a lot to learn young Paddy Juan".

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My DNA results came back 39% German, 27% Irish, 19% Beagle and 15% Pug. Turns out my dog licked my sample.

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What's Irish and comes out in summer? Paddy O'Furniture

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What do you call a fat Irish werewolf? O'beast

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What's the difference between Martin Luther King Jr Day and St Patrick's Day? On St Patrick's Day everyone wants to be Irish.

Score: 17

What's the difference between a irish wedding and an irish funeral? One person isn't drinking.

Score: 8

What’s the difference between St. Patrick’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day? On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone wishes they were Irish.

Score: 7

What happened to the Irish construction worker? He got hammered.

Score: 5

What do you call an Irish snake in Lord of the Rings? Legolas

Score: 4

Why are Irish businesspeople so successful? Because their capital is doublin’.

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What do the Irish call the only crocodile at the Dublin Zoo? Croc o’ d’ Isle

Score: 1

What do you call the Irish presidents plane Èire force one

Score: 2

What do the Irish have instead of Netflix & Chill? Meet & Potatoes

Score: 1

What liquer do most asian people like to hate? Baileys Irish ... Cream

Score: 0

What do you get when you cross Obama, Bruce Lee, and the Irish? Barack O’Lee

Score: 0

What did the Irish fraudsters call their band? Shamrock.

Score: 3

A Scottish man, an Irish man, and a English man are all in a hot air balloon. Somehow

Score: 3

A Scottish man, an English man and an Irish man tell some jokes in a pub... Everyone gets arrested for racism.

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What's the Name of the new irish NBA Rookie ? LePrechaun.

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An St Patties day Jon What’s the difference between st Patrick’s day, and MLK jr day????

On st Patrick’s day, everyone wishes they were Irish ☘️

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A 14 year old Irish boy asked his grandfather for $10 Grandfather: “What do you need it for?”

Boy: “I want to get a guinea pig”

Grandfather: “Here’s 20$, go get yourself a nice Irish girl”

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An Irish man, a woman, and PETA walk into a bar. Whoops, sorry the joke already got stolen and euthanized by PETA.

Score: 3

6 Irish set menu 5 glasses of beer and one bread .

Score: 1

What do you call a meeting of short sickly Irish men Leper Con

Score: 2

Since I was a kid I always wanted to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But I guess that is just something Irish for.

EDIT: I just thought of this randomly. I'm sorry this is a horrible joke.

Score: 3

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