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Funniest Overwatch Jokes

All of the heroes of Overwatch have natural hair colors... Because heroes never dye.

Funny Overwatch Jokes

How do you draw an Overwatch character? You Tracer.

People on the Internet are like People in Overwatch They always take offence

I suggested to my WiFi that it should main Reinhardt on Overwatch It's great at tanking during pivotal moments.

I was playing Overwatch with just my D earlier. It's hard only moving right.

In the middle of a very important Overwatch meeting, Reinhardt abruptly gets up and leaves Another member asks him where he's going.

"I have been called. I must answer. Always."

"Who called?"


Senator Tim Kaine is basically an overwatch champion. even CNN refers to him as D-VA

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Long Overwatch Jokes

Girl breaks up

Girl: it's over
Boy: why!
Girl: you only talk about video games and I'm sick of it!
Boy: omg thats a crazy reason to fallout 4
Girl: it's over
Boy: this is a far cry from how I thought our date was going to go
Girl: bye!
Boy: hope I see you in a Fortnite?
Girl: it's over, bye!
Boy: can I still overwatch you?
Girl: we are over so why would I allow that!?
Boy: cos it's my call of duty

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